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by OPOVV, ©2012, Presidential Candidate

(Aug. 14, 2012) — Well, each passing day brings us closer to the end, when those saying “I told you so” won’t mean a thing, because it’ll be too late for us all. For the last 3 1/2 years I’ve been raising the alarm about the usurper who calls himself Obama and the systematic destruction of our Constitution, the weakening of our military, and the suicide of our morals, from women having multiple abortions, women having multiple children to glean additional welfare monies, same-sex “marriage” which is, by definition, physically impossible, and allowing millions of blatant lawbreakers to co-mingle with us law-abiding citizens, while these illegal immigrants are given full citizenship rights, privileges and welfare payments in the form of food, housing, medical and educational benefits.

Citizens of our country go to bed hungry, yet we give our sworn enemy billions in “Foreign Aid,” which is a paymaster’s catch phrase for arms procurement, mostly from American manufacturers.

Like many others, I have tried to explain, step by step, how and why there’s no national debt but there is, indeed, a National Fleece. Also, that the two major political parties are really just two sides of one party: the Federal Reserve Party.

I have attempted to patiently explain that Islam is the same political animal as a Totalitarian system of government, not a “religion,” and therefore does not warrant the same tax breaks as that which a logical and reasoning mature person would conclude.  Like many others, I have given warnings about these terror training camps throughout our land, called Islamvilles. I have told you about mosques being armories, the Muslim schools teaching “Hate the Infidels,” and that the only way for us to have a prayer’s chance of surviving would be to deport all Muslims and illegal immigrants.

This I have done, as have others, and more. I have registered with the Federal Election Board as a real, honest-to-goodness legal candidate for President to give my words more weight, more believability, more straight talk. And this is what I have said to you:

Without a shadow of a doubt, EVERYTHING ELSE HAS BEEN SLEIGHT-OF-HAND (“stimulus,” Fast and Furious, Obamacare, $900 million to Gaza, supporting Iran’s takeover of Egypt, Libya, Turkey, Syria, and so forth, CAIR, Muslim Brotherhood, Dream Act, Immigration Reform, and so on) to keep the LTC Terry Lakin Affair OUT OF SIGHT, OUT OF MIND.

When they brought LTC Lakin up on charges for demanding to KNOW WHETHER HIS COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF WAS QUALIFIED TO HOLD THE OFFICE OF PRESIDENT, he found himself in a Court Martial where he was NOT ALLOWED TO PRESENT A DEFENSE, because, the court said, “It would embarrass the President.”

First of all, if Obama isn’t qualified, then he’s not the president, okay? As it is, he’s a “de facto” president, meaning that, most likely, he ISN’T qualified because he hasn’t produced a valid Birth Certificate. Two Birth Certificates were produced, each one failing the believability test; in other words, Obama tried to push fakes on us, twice. Hello? Anybody home?

Meanwhile, the military just sat back and let the whole Court Martial of Lakin turn into a Kangaroo Court where Lakin was RAILROADED, lost his pension, kicked out of the military and spent six months in Leavenworth, all because “It would embarrass the President” to show his Birth Certificate.

LTC Terry Lakin should be re-instated in the Army, and EVERYONE involved in denying him his CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS should go straight to prison, and that includes the de facto president.

MY campaign is the Constitution and the Rule of Law and Common Sense. My focus has been, and will continue to be, the Birth Certificate, get Obama’s name OFF the ballot, and RESTORE LTC TERRY LAKIN back where he can do the most good for his country.

The Constitution took a mortal blow during the Lakin Affair. It’s up to us to set the record straight. No matter who you support as a candidate for President, they MUST be behind LTC LAKIN 110%. MUST BE.









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  1. I have a practice that I currently use. I don’t listen to any of the TV news broadcasts and I don’t buy or read newspapers. I do watch TV for the entertainment shows, but I tape them and watch later so that I can fast forward through the commercials, thereby using my purse strings as my weapon. If more people started using this tactic there might be some ramifications that are felt.

    I also have a do not watch list. Since certain actors fell they can tell me they are liberal democrats than I can say I wont be watching anymore of your shows or movies. (Tom Hanks, Steve Martin, Chris Rock, Susan Serandan, Jenifer Lopez, Daryl Hanna, Sean Penn and Barb Streisand just to name a few). I can’t exclude all actors because they don’t broadcast their affiliations, but when they do they hit my list and Hollywood is full of these nut jobs. They don’t get my support if I am able to prevent it.

  2. Apart from Ltc. Terry Lakin there’s another Patriot plus Patriots, Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his investigators who have NO place to go with their findings. A treasonous media is silence likewise outlets like FAUX News!!!

  3. And the very sad and unbelievable truth is that while Lt. Col. Terry Lakin M.D. was languishing in jail since December of 2010 without pay; meanwhile Terrorist and mass murder Nidal Hasan has been rewarded by Obama by receiving his full pay after killing 13 American Citizens and wounding 29 others, since November 5th, 2009. When are we ever going to wake up and start punishing our evil and corrupt Politicians ???

  4. Right on, OPOVV another good article. It would take a book just to list all the wrongs this character, Obamalony, has done. Can you imagine these dumocrats actually call him president. He’s nothing less than a usurper, fraud, liar, cheat, thief and panderer. I can’t believe these congressmen haven’t investigated this by now. I think an investigation should also be done on Congress to determine why one wasn’t been done and punish the parties involved no matter if they are still in office or not.

    Restoring LT.Col. Terry Lakin back to his old status would be good, but I don’t think he would go back. Expunging his record of all charges and returning his rank, give him an Honorable Discharge and all the benefits he deserves, is what he probably wants now.

    This black hole propagated by the progressives for the last 100 years must be righted.

    A Special Prosecutor should be appointed for investigations into all groups and people just like the Nuremberg Trials after WWII with all probable charges be prosecuted.

    1. Dear Drew,
      No matter what it’ll take, stolen Social Security number, false information on the Selective Service Registration, two fake Birth Certificates, money laundering, multiple Social Security numbers, passport information not forthcoming, school records, and so on, something, or someone, will spill the beans and the House of Cards that Howard Dean, Pelosi, Hillary and all the others, including Shabeez/Obama/Soetoro built will come crashing down all around them and they’ll all be standing around, each pointing fingers every-which-way, while our military will sit idly by and blindly follow the dictates of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, who are all so far into the destruction of the Constitution that their Oath isn’t even remembered, much less honored.
      I point out Terry Lakin because it’s got EVERYTHING all wound-up in one neat package: crooked Joint Chiefs of Staff, crooked judges, silent Congress and absent media, notwithstanding the ever non-present nonexistent Birth Certificate. It’s ALL there. Break the Terry Lakin Affair wide-open, you’ve solved the puzzle.
      Thanks for your comment.

  5. “THE CALL to ARMS & DANGER”, falls on DEAF Ears, and those that lie to themselves and say, “IT can’t happen in America”, or “The Government wouldn’t do something like that”, or “NONE of this is True, it is just POLI-TIX as usual”, or any other statements of DENIAL, will become the FIRST to say, “I didn’t know that”, or “How could I have MISSED all of this?”, or other statements of AMAZEMENT as to WHAT has happened to “Our Republic, and That for Which She STOOD?!”, The Constitution, the THREE Branches of Government that guaranteed the “Balance of Power”-(the CZARDOMSHIPS that Usurped that Balance are STILL here!)-the “By Executive Order of the President”-(WHAT President, USURPER??)-Edicts and Illegal Directives, including the one for “QUELLING CIVIL UNREST”-(which thanks to the 535 TRAITOR “People’s Representatives??” and their NDAA is now the “Law of the Land!?”, and ONLY requires a telephone-call to INITIATE??
    There is NOT enough space on this Website that would allow me to “LIST all of the ATROCITIES initiated by this USURPER and his “Band of Thieves, Communists, Socialist, Progressive GOONS” that are the composition of this ILLEGAL Administration!!
    “WE the People”, who continue to ignore the Admonishments, Warnings and Instructions of the “Founding Fathers” are well on the way to losing the “Freedoms, Liberties and Pursuits of Happiness”, guaranteed by the Documents that CREATED this “Nation, Under GOD”, to the beginning of “‘DA Unites SOCIALIST States ov AmeriKa”, and the SERFDOM,SERVITUDE,NOTHINGNESS of COMMUNISM!!
    The Gentleman that wrote this Editorial, and I “Have a Vision of America”~REST ASSURED, it is FAR, FAR Away from what is the “Storm on the Horizon!!”