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by Sharon Rondeau

Will Judge Lamberth order Eric Holder to hand over the Fast & Furious documents to Rep. Darrell Issa?

(Aug. 12, 2012) — Rep. Darrell Issa, chairman of the House Oversight & Government Reform Committee, will reportedly file a civil lawsuit for contempt of Congress against putative Attorney General Eric Holder on Monday in U.S. District Court in Washington, DC, where Judge Royce Lamberth presides.

Lamberth did not act on a treason complaint filed against Obama in 2009 with American Grand Jury presentments charging Obama, Nancy Pelosi and the Democrat National Committee with fraud and treason.

Another charge of treason was filed by LCDR Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III because of Fast & Furious and again for Obama’s supplying of arms to Libya.  On June 19, Obama claimed executive privilege at Holder’s urging over the documents sought by the House committee, indicating that he had played a part in creating them.  Nixon had also invoked executive privilege but was eventually forced to turn over the tape recordings he had made of his conversations with Republican operatives in the Oval Office.

Some have called the Fast & Furious scandal “worse than Watergate.”

On June 20, the Oversight Committee had voted to cite Holder for contempt both civilly and criminally for withholding documents providing details of the Fast & Furious operation, begun in 2009 with money from the stimulus bill.  Holder’s Department of Justice stated that it would not prosecute the criminal charge.  On June 28, the full House of Representatives voted to uphold the citations, with some Democrats joining the Republicans in voting in favor.

The Obama regime Justice Department has been accused of selective prosecution before in the case of the New Black Panthers voter intimidation case.

The citation came after Holder had refused to turn over documentation relating to Fast & Furious, the gunwalking operation which ultimately killed a U.S. Border Patrol agent and ICE agent plus several hundred Mexicans after guns were allowed to fall into the hands of Mexican drug cartels and other criminals.  Republicans had announced plans to file the federal lawsuit earlier this month, just after Congress left for its August break.

Two subpoenas for information issued by the House committee last October were thwarted by Holder, leading to a standoff which resulted in the contempt findings on June 28.

Issa has reportedly compared the attempts to procure the Fast & Furious documents subpoenaed last fall to “the efforts to uncover Richard Nixon’s White House tapes during the Watergate investigation.”

The Post & Email observed last week that there appear to be parallels between the 1972-74 Watergate investigation and the Fast & Furious investigation, which began roughly two years ago.

The U.S. Senate conducted its own investigation into Fast & Furious led by Sen. Charles Grassley of Iowa and merged its results with Issa’s to produce an initial report on July 31.

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  1. Issa is a talented man and he likes his job. I don’t think they could have a better man in that position.the entire bari shabazz admin is a planned prestaged operation that has allowed them and their criminal associates to steal billions and packrat most of the money.we jave never seen theft at this level of planning at the top. We are all waiting to see if any prosecutions.will occur and how many of the criminal shabazz team will be called out. We will also experience if any of the justice system that we once trusted will ever function. Again and allow us all to see these people being indicted and prosecuted for the satisfactio of all those that have worked so hard to break through the illegal blocking of grand jury presentments and constitutional nullification.