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by Sharon Rondeau

(Aug. 12, 2012) — In recent days, Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III has spoken with two local reporters about the murder case of Jim Miller, the Monroe County Republican elections chairman who was brutally murdered on July 17, 2010.

Jessica Kennedy Powers has been in custody for nearly two years and is set to be tried for the murder beginning on Monday.  Many in the community have expressed doubt that Powers could have committed the crime alone.  Powers has said that she is “not a killer.”

On July 28, a hearing was held which Mark Boring, reporter for The Buzz, attended.  In a telephone conversation on Friday, Boring told Fitzpatrick that during the hearing, it was stated that the FBI interviewed Powers about an unsolved murder in the state of Indiana.  The latest article about the case appearing in The Buzz entitled “Judge to Rule on Miller Murder Confession. Prosecutors Say Kennedy-Powers’ Statements Freely Given” has been removed.  However, the Knoxville News Sentinel published an article with that theme on August 1, 2012.

Fitzpatrick had asked Boring the name of the FBI agent or agents who questioned Powers and if the interview took place about the Miller murder.  Boring did not have the names of the agents and told Fitzpatrick that they had met with her to discuss the Indiana case only.

The second reporter with whom Fitzpatrick spoke stated that he believes “something big is supposed to break” in regard to the Miller case.  The reporter told Fitzpatrick that “an alternate theory” raised in the courtroom on July 28 has not been pursued.  Fitzpatrick said that it is widely believed in the community that the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI) has failed to adequately investigate the evidence in the case.

On Friday, Fitzpatrick called the FBI and a duty agent returned his call.  Fitzpatrick said he told the duty agent that “Jim Miller was murdered for what he knew” and that Fitzpatrick was sure of the identities of those responsible.  In May, The Post & Email published Fitzpatrick’s report of what he believes occurred based on the account of a Monroe County jail inmate and eyewitness accounts of two observers of men disposing of evidence from a crime scene which was never investigated.

Fitzpatrick told The Post & Email that the duty agent asked him twice to say the names of the men he believes were the perpetrators of the murder.  Fitzpatrick has said that indications are that Monroe County government paid the men to commit the crime and then allowed them to go free.  Powers has reportedly named several other people as those who murdered Miller.

Senior Judge Walter C. Kurtz is set to preside over the Powers trial.  Kurtz is also the judge for the case brought against Fitzpatrick for “tampering with government records” set for trial on September 10.

Fitzpatrick believes that Miller was about to make public what he knew about corruption in Monroe County and that he was killed by “a government hit” aimed at deterring others from also coming forward.  Captain Michael Morgan, one of four sheriff’s deputies who arrested Fitzpatrick on October 27, 2010 after beating and tasering him and nearly removing his left ear, has not been seen in Monroe County in recent months, which Fitzpatrick called “terribly suspect” and “disconcerting.”  Fitzpatrick has reported that over the last 18 months, 11 members of the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department have left.

Fitzpatrick has labeled the sheriff’s department, judiciary and other government officials in Monroe County “a criminal syndicate.”  “Nobody is happy with the investigation.  Everybody close to this has been telling us that this thing has been badly handled,” Fitzpatrick said.

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  1. Looks just like the White House crew of all those Democrats that have bailed out since Bari usurped POTUS. Dodd, Weiner and many others have run out the back door earlier since the heat turned up over the last few years of Obamination. I’m sure all those good ole’ boys that pretended to be “sworn public trustees” were all in the local DNC syndicate hood in Monroe County that have recently “checked out of the area/job positions” there thinking they could run and hide. There used to be a “long arm of the law” as in “Beer For My Horses” that kind of describes all the above, lots of good words and descriptions in that song that seem to apply here. “Find a tall oak tree, to hang em’ high for all the people to see!”- “Whiskey for my men, beer for my horses!” somethin’ like that. Old Willy Nelson is awful’ convincing on that song, it just rings a good man’s heart! Wild West Justice IS needed here. Anybody got a hood to wear so I can volunteer for the man that pulls the release lever on that hangin’ scaffold in front of the Sheriff’s office??? Yeehaaaaaaw! Looks like smoke and mirrors is gettin’ thick again, there are going to be so many Democrats to investigate after this usurpation is over that we might just start another new dictionary listing of all the names. We all hope to see Nancy Princess Stretch Pelosi go first since she’s such a charmer and can take credit for falsifying the DNC papers to all 50 states that “certify” Obama’s “eligibility”! These investigations will go state and federal if the Constitution is reinstated and no longer nullified by Hillary and Team.

  2. The Jim Miller case involves corruption in east TN; why would the FBI not be involved since they are involved in other county and state unique issues in which they have no jurisdiction?

    FBI agents in GA and TN have acknowledged by their lack of denial, that the great “Monroe County Courthouse Takeover” of April 20th was an FBI false flag event. Darren Huff was set up as the trigger for this event but stopped the flag from falling with his good choices. The FBI ran this event, which was a Monroe County unique responsibility, for the sole purpose of creating an anti-patriot publicity sensation and for what now appears to be ulterior motives.

    The FBI and TBI, for that matter, were involved with corruption in Monroe County long before the April 20 issue was ever conceived by William Bryan. Jim Miller and April 20 promised to be dangerous exposure for those who were involved in the corruption and so the false flag was thrown for the April 20 event and Miller was murdered by contract.

    Local media has reported on the law enforcement “rings” who prey on the returning drug runners using the I75 interstate. They report that the various agencies fight over who will have the choice spots on the interstate. Is this also part of the greater corruption and can it run to the federal level?

    There are many unanswered issues concerning the FBI and corruption in east TN. Why, for instance, did the FBI do intimidation interviews with the April 20 attendees? What interest did they have in this local event, other than, perhaps it was not local and was tied to much bigger issues which needed to be quashed?

    How badly this has backfired for the FBI. The more they are reported to be involved, the more negative publicity they create against themselves. Local mainstream media is beginning to pay attention. How extensive is the corruption web? And are the spiders now beginning to be brought out into the light?