Fitzpatrick Back in Monroe County Jail

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AS OF 9:43 P.M. DECEMBER 7, 2011

by Sharon Rondeau

The first two Monroe County courthouses were destroyed by fire. The most recent was built in 1868.

(Dec. 8, 2011) — The Post & Email has confirmed with the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department that Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III was arrested at his home last night and returned to the Monroe County jail.

We spoke with Officer Grande, who was very professional and forthcoming with information regarding Fitzpatrick’s most recent arrest.  He stated that he saw no evidence of a physical struggle and that Fitzpatrick has been returned to Cell 9, where he spent most of his time before his release on December 3, 2011.

Additionally, the officer stated that someone had “made a mistake” in releasing Fitzpatrick on December 3, believing that he had “credit time” when he did not, and that Fitzpatrick actually “owed” 64 more days in jail as of last evening.   As of press time, the time “owed” is now 63 days, according to Grande.

We were told that Fitzpatrick had asked to return to Cell 9 and that there is one other male inmate there at the present time.

Grande reported that Fitzpatrick was charged with “destruction and/or tampering with government papers.”  When we asked if he knew what type of papers, Grande responded that they allegedly have to do with “the jury…they got him on camera picking up papers from the clerk’s desk with addresses and phone numbers.”

Grande stated that the judge issued a $1,000 bond for Fitzpatrick’s release on the new charge, but that he must serve the remaining 63 days before being eligible to post it.


Editor’s Note:  Detailed information about Monroe County’s history is here.


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