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by OPOVV, ©2012, Presidential Candidate

(Aug. 9, 2012) — Here’s one for you: you go to work and don’t do your job. Maybe you’re an airline pilot and you’re supposed to fly the passengers to Albuquerque, but you decide you’re due for an abalone steak and fly to San Francisco instead. Eventually you make it back to your home base and stop by operations to pick up your paycheck. Viola! You got a pay raise! Far-fetched? Not in the least; just look at our Joint Chiefs of Staff, our judges, members of Congress and many bankers and businesspeople around our country, taking stimulus money, payoffs and bribes, selling us all down the river and the heck with the consequences.

But what if there were consequences for breaking the law and for being a traitor? What if the consequences were so dire as to give people an added incentive to do the right thing, since respecting their Oath or following the law – at the very least, the moral law – hasn’t been enough for them. What if the punishment were more than a slap on the wrist?  What if the punishment fit the crime?

And what if the people, the taxpayers, the voters, the Patriots decided the punishment, since the courts have turned their backs on the Constitution and can no longer be trusted, nor expected, to uphold the laws of the land? Where does one turn in times of dire straits, when all avenues to justice have been systematically blocked by a corrupt administration, infecting every government department with their anti-America diarrhea of the mouth, supporting Occupiers by not arresting them for being a public menace, at the very least?

This government is not of the people, nor by the people. The Obama government is against the people, against the rule of law, and have systematically manufactured an economic crisis in order to usher in their New World Order nonsense via dictates from the UN.

Here’s a news flash for those who support Obama and the UN: NOTHING TRUMPS THE CONSTITUTION. Try as you may, and are, the simple fact of the matter is that the UN can go whistle Dixie in the dark, for all the good it will do them.

It’s been a frustrating experience for me, running for President without accepting any outside money or, truth be told, even any inside money. If you want someone who sells himself, stop reading. I got in on it to get on the televised debates so I could say “Birth Certificate, anyone?” and “The bum was never vetted, so his name, whatever that is, should not be on the next ballot.  Heck, it shouldn’t have ever been on the first one,” but I never got the invite, nor did I expect one. You see, the Democratic and Republican Parties are really just one party: the Federal Reserve Party, and since I’m trying my best to close them down, I wouldn’t expect to have been invited. But at least I gave it a shot.

The government is aiding and abetting illegal immigrants. People who are breaking the law are being helped as much as possible by government departments, so what does that make those government departments:  the DOJ and Homeland Security, for instance? By definition, if a person who breaks the law is a “lawbreaker,” then it follows that any entity that aids lawbreakers are lawbreakers themselves; therefore, the current DOJ and Homeland Security are rogue departments, operating outside the law and, therefore, any thing they say and do is unlawful.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and the words that accompany this photo are none other than seditionist behavior from a rogue government department. Here we are, 2012, and Islam’s war with Western Civilization is in full swing worldwide.  If ever a photo depicted IRONY, this is it.



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  1. It’s said one should never ask a question he doesn’t know the answer to. The consequence of violating the oath is judgement by God, for those who swear before him, or by fate for those who swear to the public. In reality they are the same since it will be the finger of his creation that touches those whom he calls to judgement for tempting him with fate, all in good time.

  2. I guess that this is a “As I See It!” post, please excuse me; I do NOT attempt to cause any consternation!
    A~There appears? to be enough evidences of Frauds, Felonies, Treason and Whatever else?, that this complete 1871 Illegal, DeFacto, U.S. CORP., “District of Criminals” Corporate CABAL that is RUINING and RULING America should, for ALL Intent and Purposes had Affidavits, Arrest Warrants, ACTUAL Arrests and Incarcerations for ALL!!
    B~For almost four years “WE the People” have been Victimized by 535 TRAITOR “People’s Representatives”, ALL of whom are GUILTY of Treason, Misprison of Treason,Complicity to DE-Fraud, Violations of FIDUCIARY Responsibilities, VIOLATION of the “Constitutional Oath”-(including Obama’s INCOMPLETE and Violate Oath given by Roberts)-and “High Crimes and Misdemeanors” of a magnitude that can NOT even be imagined!!
    C~The present CABAL is so far IN Violation of the Three Branch/Balance of Power Edicts put forth in the Constitution that the “CZARDOMSHIPS”-(NOT Approved by Congress, for what that is worth?)-and the Direct-Only by “The Executive? Departments have all but obliterated the construct of Government as put forth by the “Constitution and Founding Fathers!”
    D~For 140+ years the Progressive, Socialist, Communist members have survived in their “Deep, Dark, Vampire Caves”, Subverting, Altering, Deleting, Abolishing and Destroying the Constitution, the Republic and “That for Which SHE Stood!, that we are now embroiled in suffering the END-RESULT!!
    E~”History repeats itself”: That Rag-Tag bunch of “Citizen-Farmers that marched on Concord, and caused “The FIRST Shot, heard around the World!”, are unfortunately about to be “Called Upon, Again to stand up for “Freedom, Liberty and the Pursuits of Happiness” given to U.S. when our Republic was created!”
    F~What is Required unfortunately will NOT HAPPEN as long as we have a Military “Chain “O” Command” Subservant to the USURPER that now Illegally holds the title, “Commander-in-Chief” and continue to follow his “Hollow Commands!”
    “WE the People” are desperate need of an “Officer & Gentleman” who will take “The ONE Step Forward”, and provide the LEADERSHIP, Sincerity and Love for our Constitution, the Republic and ALL of the LAWFUL Inhabitants, Therein that would be required to steer the “Ship-of-State” back to it’s Original Course.
    SO FAR, there is NO ONE willing to “Stand for Freedom” and accept the responsibilities needed for this Endeavor?!
    Those of Military reading this “Diatribe” of mine are full aware of what I am voicing~NO Command, NO Communications, NO Infrastructure, NO LEADERSHIP-NO MISSION will be Completed~Period!!

    1. Pretty much hit the nail right on the head with this one! The consequences don’t mean anything when we have NO ONE willing to do anything about it!

      Heaven forbid this bozo get re-elected, I fear a Revolution will be forth coming of that happens and I’ll be there ready and willing. I took my oath to Protect the Constitution in 79 and hold that near & dear to my heart to this day. We the People need to gather together and march on DC and be heard!

  3. This Obama AD accusing Romney of murder is another lie of course, which proves that Obama (or whatever his real name may be?) cannot open his mouth without lying. With 8.3% unemployed that means that Bari Shabazz-Barry Soretoro-Barack Obama or whatever, could very well have 12.8 million unemployed people exposed to the same risk as displayed in his aforementioned ad. How many murders does that now equate to??? How stupid are we going to continue to be before arresting this fraudulent, lying, imposter?