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by OPOVV, ©2012, Presidential Candidate

Do Americans have the will to reshape their nation into the vision of the Founders?

(Aug. 7, 2012) — Think of your world without the IRS, without tax forms, income tax, shelters, deductions. Now think of April 15th as just another day of the week, with no special significance.

Pretend that there are no illegal immigrants, and any immigrants that are within our borders are here legally and adhere to our laws, as we all are required to do, or suffer the consequences.

There’s no “Ground Zero” nonsense because there are no Muslims to attend the mosques, since there’s not one Muslim within the continental US or any of our territories. No more Ft. Hoods because there are no Muslims in our military.

That notorious “Muslim Admiration Society,” aka the United Nations, can squawk and make noise somewhere else from across the sea, for they’ve been kicked out of New York City when we relinquished our membership.

ALL imported goods shall have a tariff in an equitable manner so as not to give unfair advantage to countries who produce goods using slave labor, child labor, or which don’t adhere to the strict and stringent rules of public (global) safety put forth by the EPA. An American company, for instance, won’t be able to sell its goods here if they pollute in, say, Mexico, when it were banned from polluting in Flint, MI.

The US Navy shall enforce the rules and safety of the seas:  if you fish illegally, one of our subs will torpedo you. You want to play pirate? Our Special Op Teams will take you out. Our stealth attackers will have a job to do, and they’ll do it as trained. No more sitting around with their talents going to waste.

Congress shall be in charge of our money, not some “made-for-profit” private business called the “Federal Reserve Bank.”

Sorry, but no women in a combat unit and no gays in the military. The term “marriage” will mean between a man and a woman, and if gays wish to have a civil union, so be it.

If you collect welfare, there are rules and regulations to follow, the first of which is community service while you improve yourself through school or similar activities, on order to collect.

No more “anchor babies,” and that order shall be enforced 18 years ago from Jan. 20, 2013.

No separate rules, regulations or laws for public servants.

Reinstate the draft for ALL citizens. Model the Home Guard after the Swiss, where the weapons are kept at home and you drill at least once a month. Remember, freedom isn’t free.

Pattern our prisons after those in Japan: no more revolving door, parole boards and “three strikes and you’re out” nonsense.

Bring the education level to a high standard for all, and keep improving our young people’s chances of competing in a global market. No more affirmative action. A person shall be judged, hired, and receive a promotion based on merit, not some silly excuse like the pigment of one’s skin.

And so on, where reason and logic rule, where everyone, men AND women, are equal before our Constitution. We, as a nation, can achieve these goals.  After all, this is our country and we’ve certainly the right, and the obligation, to make it in our image: the Land of Opportunity.

It’s not going to happen, ANY OF IT, with either Romney or de facto Obama.






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  1. In My Dreams, the above could b e possible, however the first order of re construction would have be the firing and replacement of all 535 members of the Congress and subsequent trials for treason. Supreme court justices shall have no more life terms and have to re qualify for reinstatement every 4 years. One violation of the constitution and they are gone to the unemployment line with their law license revoked. Same goes for all the other judges who make rulings and decisions in violation of the constitution. Every candidate for Congress and the President & Vice president as well as any cabinet members and white house administration employees must be required to get a top level security clearance before even being considered eligible for office.
    Yep, In My Dreams !

  2. OPOVV’s Editorial does NOT Depict a “Dream” of what the Citizens should see in the future. IT DOES, however serve to accurately describe “America, the Republic and that for “Which She Stood” 140+
    years ago! Before the 41st. TRAITOR CONGRESS hatched this 1871 Illegal, DeFacto, U.S. Corporation in the “District of Criminals”, and destroyed our standing and made U.S. all into forever indebted “Corporate Strawmen”, to the 14th Amendment-(Illegal and NEVER Ratified)-to the Amending, Altering, Deleting, Inserting, and Destroying of “The Constitution of the United States of America” by those Progressive, Socialist, Communist that live in “Deep, Dark, Vampire Caves”, and have been Subverting and Destroying America for their “One World Agenda” with things such as “The Federal Reserve” the Commerce Clause, and much more!!
    “WHEN, in the Course of Human Events, it then becomes necessary for the People to Abolish or Change Government because to those ends, it NO Longer Serves the WILL of the People”-(paraphrased from the Declaration of Independence)-is some of the Instructions, Warnings, Admonishments and Instructions given to U.S. by the “Founding Fathers” in their attempt to instruct us in “Preserving, Protecting and Defending the Constitution of The United States of America from ALL Enemies Both Foreign and Domestic!” because as Franklin stated: “What you have here is a “REPUBLIC”, IF, IF, you can keep it!”
    WAKE UP, AMERICA~You are becoming “‘DA United SOCIALIST States ov AmeriKa!!”