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by Sharon Rondeau

An eligibility hearing regarding the placement of Obama's name on the Indiana ballot will be conducted on Wednesday morning at 10:00 a.m. in the Marion County Superior Court

(Aug. 8, 2012) — In an exclusive interview with Atty. Orly Taitz just minutes ago, The Post & Email learned that Taitz’s Petition for a Writ of Mandamus was allegedly “not received” by the Indiana court where a hearing is scheduled for Wednesday morning at 10:00 a.m.

However, Taitz has a certified mail receipt from the court showing that it was received, and her legal assistant has emailed it to her since Taitz’s discovery several hours ago.  “I have the proof,” Taitz said.

Taitz said that while her motion was reported to be missing, the Opposition brief from a Deputy Attorney General of Indiana “was right there.”  She asked, “How can there be an opposition with no motion? There was also a motion from somebody who wanted to be an intervenor, and that is not there.  There are a lot of problems,” Taitz told us.

Taitz did not receive a copy of the deputy attorney general’s opposition brief as normal protocol would dictate.  “I had to run to the office of the attorney general at the last minute.  I asked somebody to let me in the building, and I talked to a clerk, and I was finally able to get a copy of it.  You can see what is going on:  they’re pulling out all the stops to keep me from doing anything.”

She said she “didn’t know” if the judge would have a chance to read her motion before tomorrow morning’s hearing.

As the telephone call concluded, Taitz was writing a response to the Indiana deputy attorney general opposition.  “Things are constantly disappearing,” she said.

Taitz’s challenge to Obama’s name on the Indiana ballot arises from a statute which requires a candidate to file papers using the name appearing on the candidate’s birth certificate.  Taitz had told us previously that Obama filed in Indiana as “Barack Obama” when his long-form birth certificate, although labeled fraudulent by several experts and a team of investigators, bears the name “Barack Hussein Obama II.”


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  1. The courts and judiciary have become so politicized from top [Federal] to bottom [State] the whole system for seeking justice has become nothing more than a “sick joke.” Even those who can read at a high school level could uphold settled precedent.

    From my perspective, it is easy to see who to “pin the tail on” when it comes to the deterioration of our legal system and country – all those corrupt judges who daily violate their oaths of office in dereliction of their sworn duty.

    It’s the judges who should be the first in line tried for treason, and if found guilty, hung, should the country cease to exist under the Constitution.

  2. This isn’t surprising. Acts like this have been going on since Leo Donofrio filed his case in NJ 3+ years age. It REEKS and the courts should be ashamed! No justice means no Rule of Law which in turn, no Law will equal anarchy and chaos. Yeah Courts, way to go. (sarc on)

    Let’s see what happens in Texas with jbjd & co.Ought to be interesting.

  3. Fascinating also that Breitbart now says its reporter in Indonesia has concrete proof of Barack’s INDONESIAN CITIZENSHIP.

    Simultaneously, Obama’s old classmate at Columbia (who reports that he NEVER saw Soetoro there in any classes), Wayne Allyn Root, contends Barry was registered as an INDONESIAN student at that university.

    The Citizen Wells website was able to speak to Bill Snider who was a classmate of Barack’s at Occidental. He confirms that Barack was called “BARRY” by everyone and was also there on a “scholarship.”

    The Truth IS coming out. The groans and gnashing of teeth are already beginning.

  4. Look out! The Mystery Ghost Team of Bari Malik Shabazz is buzzing around that court building. Hillary, Pelosi, Obama and some others are pulling strings behind the curtains. I only see “curtains” for this criminal entourage using the usurper to get more theft and power while they can. If the Republicans pulled this garbage, the Dems would be sounding the trumpets. As always, it only shows how desperate they are to keep hiding the big secret of the usurper and to create constant diversion. It is sad to see Orly who has been wholeheartedly trying for several years along with Walt, Wood and Lakin to expose this entire sham and criminal extortion and CONSTITUTIONAL VIOLATION while the media and press have played along for 3 years now and totally ignored what has been going on for business as usual and to keep their paychecks rolling in while America slowly sinks into the sunset. TREASON, PERJURY AND ELECTION FRAUD for Bari, Dodd, Pelosi, Reid, Michelle, Biden, Axelrod, Holder, Weiner, Emmanuel and all the CRIMINAL ASSISTANTS that falsified Bari’s papers, obfuscated and violated Article 2 Constitutional Laws, Judicial members that assisted, etc. We all know what these charges are and what is required as punishment for lies, falsifying Federal Documents and DNC Election Papers “certifying” that Bari was “qualified” to be POTUS and that charming Nancy signed those papers to all 50 states KNOWING that they were “falsified” as Bari held “DUAL CITIZENSHIP” which violates Constitutional requirements for POTUS. Lets get Bari’s papers from Perkins Coie DNC Law Firm that has been paid over $3 million to hide Bari’s real identity at TAXPAYER’S expense.