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by Sharon Rondeau

Obama will attend two fundraisers this evening in western Connecticut

(Aug. 6, 2012) — Obama is attending two evening fundraisers in Connecticut’s southwestern region near New York City, known as the “Gold Coast” and home to many of the state’s  wealthiest citizens.

A reception at the Stamford Marriott Hotel is $500 per person, for which all tickets were allegedly sold.

A dinner at a private home in Westport will cost donors $35,800 per person.  Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy has been invited to attend, and about 50 guests in total are expected.

The median sales price of a home in Westport is about $1,200,000.

The Sherwood Island State Forest was closed today to the public because of Obama’s visit, deemed a “special event.”

Connecticut House Minority Leader Lawrence Cafero, Jr. called the closing of the park “outrageous” and said that Obama was using the island as “a personal heliport.”

Romney has reportedly outraised Obama in Connecticut for the 2012 presidential election, but Democrats predict that Obama will repeat his win of 2008 in November.

Although claiming a Hawaii birth, Obama uses a Social Security number with a Connecticut prefix which the Social Security Administration calls the “area number,” which is assigned by “the geographical region” of the applicant’s given address.

A private investigator reported to the Social Security Administration that in researching Obama’s social security number for a client, she had found that it was “fraudulent.”  The private investigator, Susan Daniels, has filed a lawsuit to prevent Obama’s name from being placed on the Ohio ballot until his use of a Connecticut Social Security number can be investigated by the Secretary of State.  Last month, a sheriff in Arizona and his investigative team stated during a press conference that Obama’s long-form birth certificate presented to the public last year is also “definitely fraudulent.”

Obama reportedly leads Romney by eight points in Connecticut, a “surprisingly close” margin, although a second report with an unnamed source states that his lead is 12 points.  Last September, it was reported that Obama had a lead of only 2 points over Romney.

Connecticut Senator Richard Blumenthal said that Obama must fund-raise in “the Nutmeg State” because of “special interest” money which is being raised by Romney, stating that it was “unprecedented.”

The dinner at filmmaker Harvey Weinstein‘s home is open to “credentialed media.”  Weinstein also raised money for Obama last year at this time.

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  1. At the fundraiser Obama call Romney a “reverse Robin Hood,” stealing from the poor to give to the rich. Interestingly, the legendary Robin Hood hid from the corrupt Sheriff of Nottingham in Sherwood Forest, and Obama and his wealthy supporters close the Sherwood Island State park to accommodate their festivities.

  2. He (Mitt)doesn’t do it for various reasons. Little do people know of what powers are really working here within leadership of our agencies,CIA,FBI,DHS, CONgress, NSA, military commanders, keep close watch on USSR, China, Iran. The level of infiltration and treasonous operatives already in place and visible to you now portrayed as defenders of freedom are making huge strides to the take down of America. Hint- Why wouldn’t the CIA be interested in vetting a fraudulent putative president? Leon Panetta knows. So does Janet Napolitano, Tim Geithner, Kagan, Justice Roberts,etc. Double big hint-
    do you think Hilliary really lost the primary election and settled for Sec.of State?

  3. I can understand why Mr.Obama would avoid the question, but why oh why is Romney not responding to accusations about certain records of his with, ‘I’ll release anything and everything you care to see as soon as Mr. Obama releases his Hawaiian birth certificate micro-film records to be subjected to independent forensic analysis by experts…; as soon as Barack or Barry releases his passport records from his trip to Pakistan in 1981; as soon as Mr. Soetoro releases his college financial aid records from Occidental College, Columbia University and Harvard Law School as well as registration records from those institutions of higher learning which would show whether or not he had registered as a foreign student while attending or received financial support from Islamist elements; his Selective Service Registration records and all records held by the Social Security Office relating to him. Why does Romney not call Mr. Obama’s fraudulent, forging, usurping a__ out? Is he afraid of the “black-lash” that would take…that is taking…place in America if Congress and / or the Supreme Court were to order the arrest and incarceration of Mr. Barack ‘King Hussein’ Obama?
    Looks like ‘We the People’ are going to have to take care of this little problem ourselves. You think it can wait until November? Think again.