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by OPOVV, ©2012, Presidential Candidate

How many Benedict Arnolds are employed within our government today?

(Aug. 3, 2012) — Even if we were the captains of our destiny, we couldn’t navigate our very own Ship of State alone. First of all, we’d need our First Mate, and that would be someone of the opposite sex, for in order for a species to survive, you first must be able to procreate. It is when the whole fabric of a society collapses that individuals claw to survive and don’t contemplate the repercussions of their actions. Over a period of time, what was once abnormal behavior is eventually accepted as the norm.  Just look at the dishonest members of our Congress turning their backs on the Oath they publicly took to uphold the values of our Constitution. Not so very long ago, the shenanigans perpetuated by Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid would have guaranteed them being tarred and feathered and run out of Dodge.

There are times when decorum is tossed aside for immediate individual survival, and there is no better example than of the mound of dead human bodies in the center of the gas chambers at the Nazi death camps of World War II: people would trample one another for that last gasp of fresh air: mothers would trample their children while, literally, clawing to the top of the pile to survive for a few more precious seconds.

In the history of the world, untold number of organisms have come and gone.  We humans have the ability to either prosper or perish; the choice is ours and ours alone. In the history of the human race, once-great civilizations are but distant artifacts in some seldom-viewed display case in the lower floors of a natural history museum. Taking the license to use the pronoun “we,” I’d have to say we’ve come a long way, but we have a long way to go. Luck has played an important part in our survival, not only against massive Ice Ages, when just about the whole earth froze and there might have been narrow pockets of inhabitable land at the equator, so widespread was the freeze; but in our choice of leaders as well. We were indeed fortunate that the USSR was led by Nikita Khrushchev and the US by JFK: had either country been led by someone else during the Cuban Missile Crisis, the outcome might very well have been nuclear suicide, certainly for the majority of the living things on the whole planet.

An Ebola in some distant village in Africa concerns us all, with air travel around the world possible in just a matter of hours.  A killing bug can infect the majority of us within a week. Imagine, if you will, had we humans had jet transportation during the time of the Black Plague.

I believe the human race, the “we,” are fast approaching another calamity in our long history. The enemy of today is ignorance, perhaps the most devastating condition humans can have, the most dangerous condition to find ourselves in: wallowing in a sea of denial, afraid to face facts, afraid to speak the truth. Even though we are aware of the facts, if we don’t act on our ability to stop the infestation, we doom ourselves, and the outcome may be unrecoverable.

For over 1,400 years a political philosophy has been hammering away at everything not them, destroying any concept of freedom in its path, so much that it is almost criminal to ignore the warning signs that confront us on a daily basis.  Yet Western Civilization is doing exactly that: completely ignoring the warning signs. If my next- door neighbor told me he was going to kill my wife and me and make my children in his image, he wouldn’t last as my next-door neighbor very long, now, would he? So why do we have a Muslim de facto president? Why is the Muslim Brotherhood in our country? Why has the government allowed even one Muslim within our borders, especially since 9-11?

I’ll tell you why in one word: ignorance. There’s no excuse to ignore the fake Birth Certificates, the false Social Security number, the false information of Obama’s Selective Service Registration. These frauds are felonious and should have been prosecuted by the DOJ and discussed on the floor of both congressional chambers. To even contemplate Obama’s name on the 2012 ballot is a treasonous act.

We need a leader who will take names and get the job done, and that job is none other than to protect and defend the US Constitution against ALL enemies, foreign and domestic. We must deport each and every illegal immigrant, all Muslims, abolish the private Federal Reserve Bank, kick the UN all the way to any Muslim country, and charge and court-martial the Joint Chiefs of Staff for allowing our military to be used as a tool by someone who isn’t even qualified to hold the office of president, or any government job, for that matter. Call ICE, have the bum Obama deported, and, while we’re at it, throw in his cabinet: traitors, one and all. Traitors. You know we’re at war, don’t you? We have the responsibility to fix what is wrong, not for us, but for the continued advancements of freedom for all the inhabitants on our home in the cosmos: our island earth.


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  1. Through my career of some 30+ years, I often dealt with Muslim’s authorities mostly with skeptics. When I first saw this traitor’s face speaking at the 2004 convention and with that Arabic name, I got a huge knot in my stomach telling my wife that the muzzies are marching on now in the U.S. as they been doing all over Europe. That knot in my stomach has been there since, growing, for 8+ years and now confirming my initial feelings/opinion. When seeing family & friends totally ignorant allowing our nation to be “fundamentally transformed” is beyond my imagination. We have sent letters to our three representatives in D.C. and to others. Only one answered, Mel Martinez, and sounded like it came directly from Jack Maskel’s memos!!!

  2. Meanwhile Bari Shabazz uses symbology to telegraph what he is doing.

    Economic chaos, Iran going nuclear and threatening to annihilate Israel, Social Security Fraud, open Constitutional disdain and now, from Drudge, we read this:

    “(Obama) plays 104th round of golf..”

    Sound innocuous?

    It isn’t!

    To those who love their Country, we see that we are in danger. Our stability, our rule of law, our security are vulnerable.

    In other words, by his actions Obama shows America and the world that he has left the gate of the chicken coop, surrounded by fox and wolves, open for a feeding frenzy to occur.

    He does NOT love golf.

    He uses a subtle, or not too subtle, psychological theater to illustrate that to which he cannot give voice. Via “golf” he feigns nonchalance.

    He 100% knows what a terrible economic and security mess he has led us into.

    More surely than not, it has all been accomplished with his conscious volition sugar-glazed with a thin veneer of taqiyyah.

  3. I’m with you both, Larry and OPOVV. I’ve been against this Treasonous fool for over 4 years. Now, every time I hear the RINO’s say Rubio for VP, I get sick. I do have hope for us all.

  4. Thank You, SIR: Again, “WE” are in total agreement and I again “Stand in Close-Ranks” with you and your statements.
    “DUTY, COUNTRY, HONOR”, “May GOD Bless America!” and like statements are NOT idle comment, nor taken lightly by either of us.
    “WE” are what we are and will continue to express the concerns we share for the “Republic” and the desire to have the Citizens and the Republic returned to that which She Once Was!!

  5. YOU Know, and I Know, and a few Million of U.S. Know~and unfortunately having that KNOW and a couple of Bucks will buy a cup of Coffee!!
    “WE the People”-(Sheeple)-anticipate a “LAWFUL, BUY?? the Book” Presidential Election??”-(I did NOT misspell BUY!)-GOOD LUCK with that~the E/O for “Civil Unrest” will more than likely be Initiated before Nov. 06 anyway, “RED FLAG” Ideas are as plentiful as “Fleas on your Dog! “WE” have spent the last 3.5 years fighting “Natural-Born Citizen”, and ALL of the rest of the questionable things WRONG with “O”, his “Presidency”-(USURPING)-and the “RINOS” are pushing Rubio and Jindhal as “QUALIFIED, Natural-Born” candidates for VP??!!
    The word IGNORANCE does not even begin to define this STUPIDITY and lack of common-sense or KNOW about Art.II of the Constitution, but MORE Importantly describes the BLATANT, IN YOUR FACE Attitudes of ALL of ALL of those in Government!!
    I could continue this “DIATRIBE” indefinitely in describing and quoting, and attempting to explain all of the items that were put-forth by the “Founding Fathers” as Warnings, Instructions, Admonishments to the Citizens? of the Republic in order to, “Preserve, Protect and Defend the Constitution of the United States of America from ALL Enemies Both Foreign and Domestic!”, but I have made my fingers bleed for 3.5+ years and evidence shows that “NOBODY CARES?!”
    Allow me to put it in context:
    The United States of America, her Constitution, and WHAT SHE STOOD FOR, are NOW HISTORY!!
    “WE the People”-(Sheeple)-have Allowed this 1871 Illegal, DeFacto Corporation of the “District of Columbia”, and ALL of the Government to cause rise of: ‘DA United SOCIALIST States ov AmeriKa!!”
    “Freedoms, Liberties and Pursuits of Happiness” are being replaced with SERFDOM, SERVITUDE, Socialism and Communism!
    GOD Tried, but NOBODY LISTENED!!

    1. An IMPORTANT message to our readers.
      Larry, aka meyerlm, graciously agreed to be my running mate, as the Vice-President of the United States, shortly after I announced my intentions of becoming the next legally qualified President. Larry and I share many deeply held principals, starting with our undying devotion for the Constitution, and also we don’t give a hoot about fame, notoriety, money, fortune or how we’re doing in the polls, any polls.
      WE DON’T CARE.
      We do care, however, about leaving the Freedoms our forefathers left us to the next generation. We grew-up in the time of the Civil Rights Movement and it burns us to no end why some of our fellow citizens willfully and without reservation want to give-up those hard won rights. Why would the followers and admirers of Dr. Martin (“Judge a man by the content of his character and not the color of his skin”) Luther King turn their backs on his legacy is beyond either of our understanding.
      We believe in the Second Amendment and, if elected, will vigorously push to have weapons for personal protection in the hands of qualified and vetted men AND women, that’s EVERY woman, thank you very much.