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by Sharon Rondeau

The Monroe County Sheriff's Department has been accused of mistreating inmates, operating a racketeering ring, and physically abusing citizens who were not resisting arrest

(Aug. 2, 2012) — On August 1, 2012, Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III received a letter from the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department stating that he can “make an appointment” to retrieve the equipment seized from his home on December 7, 2011, as a result of a search warrant signed by an unknown person.

At 14:40 on the recording embedded here, Assistant District Attorney Paul D. Rush says that Fitzpatrick’s computer and other equipment were taken to look for “communications” between Fitzpatrick and this writer pursuant to the “stolen documents” for which Fitzpatrick was indicted by an illegally-functioning grand jury in Monroe County, TN last March.

This writer can say with complete confidence that there are no emails on this topic from Fitzpatrick, and Fitzpatrick has said that he did not turn on his computer on the day that he picked up the documents in question from the table in the lower courtroom.  During the January 17, 2012 probable cause hearing, Detective Conway Mason had stated that the missing documents had been taken from the upper-level courtroom.  The Post & Email possesses a copy of the full recording of the hearing.

Laws passed by the Tennessee General Assembly in 1984 ordering the state’s trial courts to reorganize into districts but were never observed, and county grand juries and trial juries continue to be empaneled to decide the guilt or innocence of their fellow citizens.

Judge Walter C. Kurtz had ordered on July 2, 2012 that the Sheriff’s Department make Fitzpatrick’s equipment available to him within ten days of the order.

The text of the letter is dated July 31, 2012 and reads:

Dear Mr. Walter Fitzpatrick, III:

This letter is to advise you that you may make arrangements to pick up items that were seized from your residence during the execution of a search warrant.  Please contact this agency at 423-442-5002 or 423-442-3911 to make an appointment to receive the items.


The letter was signed by Detective Conway Mason on Monroe County Sheriff’s Department letterhead.  Mason had obtained the search and arrest warrants from the clerk’s office but will not say who signed them.

Fitzpatrick told The Post & Email that he will be interested in finding how much of his equipment is to be returned and in what condition.

We are told that donations are still needed for the justice fund established to assist Fitzpatrick in his own defense against the latest charge for which a trial date has been set for September 10.  For the past three years, Fitzpatrick has exposed corruption in Tennessee and the federal government, having been the first person to file a criminal complaint of treason against Barack Hussein Obama II.

Letter from Monroe County Bill Bivens' office stating that Fitzpatrick's equipment is available to be retrieved

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  1. All computer related equipment was confiscated including the cables, FAX, scanner, and printers.

    It will be interesting to see if the hard drive is intact or even installed. My bet is that the hard drive went to Quantico the next day and is still there.

  2. It’s about time they returned Walt’s equiptment and an appology has no place at this level of damage. At least Judge Kurtz is ordering the return of property. I think he has had to think a lot about what to do with this mess and the possible litigation invovled on both sides. Given the level of corruption we have seen in this ongoing Monroe corruption/coverup, it will be interesting to see how this man will handle this and if justice will be carried out. Walt should not have had to go through ANY of this if the system was working properly and people were doing their jobs by the written law, but hopefully the corruption and injustice will be seen and the right decisions will be made. Will the murder of Republican Commissioner Jim Miller be seen as further evidence adding to the corruption of officials there who have reportedly been involved in that case also? Time will tell.

  3. Taking physical possession of computers is simply KGB style harassment & intimidation. No reason for this action. If law enforcement has obtained a proper search warrant, the warrant will allow for the :HARD DRIVE: residing within the computer to be copied. Investigators can do this “on the spot” in less than 2 minutes with the proper (routine) device to copy all information on the hard drive. It is a simple process. Think about it !! All data resides on the Hard drive — there is no other digital information anywhere else in the PC. Why take the PC — just to be arrogant donkeys. (did they steal his printer also?)