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August 1, 2012

Who created this image and why?

Mr. Daniel Pfeiffer
White House Communications Director
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC  20500

Dear Mr. Pfeiffer:

Wisely, on Tuesday you chose to apologize to syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer, who on July 27 correctly stated that a bust of Sir Winston Churchill had been returned at Obama’s direction to the British Embassy in Washington, DC.  You had initially called his truthful assertion “ridiculous” and “100% false.”

It is of great concern to this editor that a “White House Communications Director” would not check his facts prior to publishing a scathing indictment against a writer who is well-known to source his statements thoroughly.  Early in 2009, there were numerous mainstream media reports of the Churchill likeness having been returned to the British Embassy and possibly to Great Britain.

I personally have reservations about the authenticity of the photo you presented to prove to Mr. Krauthammer that the bust had been relocated within the White House residence.  It appears highly unlikely that Pete Souza, a highly talented photojournalist and the official White House photographer, would take such an undignified, amateurish photo of two world leaders. Since you have admitted that you were incorrect in your assertions about the bust, might it also be prudent to investigate the origins of the photo?  To my knowledge, although dated July 2010, the photo has not been released before.  You probably are aware that anything can be created on a computer these days.

On April 27, 2011, you vouched for the long-form birth certificate image placed on the White House server and televised representing what Obama claims is his certified birth record.  Your photo appears on all of your White House blog entries, including your posting on the birth certificate image which has been declared “definitely forged” by a county sheriff’s office and adjunct investigative group.  On July 17, 2012, Sheriff Joe Arpaio called upon the U.S. Congress to continue the investigation his office had started last September.

Obama’s Social Security number was issued in the state of Connecticut to a person born in 1890, which means it is stolen.  It is common knowledge that Social Security numbers were historically assigned by “area numbers;” the Social Security Administration says so.  Obama’s Selective Service registration form has been deemed a forgery along with both “birth certificates” issued on the internet, of which a true paper copy with an official registrar’s seal and signature has never been released.

If you continue to affirm that a forgery is real, you could be named as a co-conspirator when the facts are all exposed, just as they were exposed during the Watergate investigation.  The American people know that your boss is a fraud and a criminal.  When will you realize it?

Your Wikipedia biography states that you are only 36 years old.  You have your whole life and career ahead of you if you make the right choices now.  Should you fail to rethink your statements and actions as you did yesterday when you apologized to Mr. Krauthammer, you could spend many years behind bars when all is said and done.

Whether or not Obama was born in Hawaii is no longer the question, but rather, the number of crimes he has committed to enter the White House, the people’s house.

The choice is yours, Mr. Pfeiffer.  You can perform some research and due diligence and discover what millions of Americans already have, or you can keep your head in the sand and be charged as an accomplice to fraud, forgery, and other crimes as a member of the most corrupt White House in United States history.

I hope you make the right decision.

Sincerely yours,

Sharon Rondeau, Editor
The Post & Email
P.O. Box 195
Stafford Springs, CT  06076


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  1. Dear Sharon,
    Don’t hold your breath. Unfortunately, Mr. Daniel Pfeiffer has neither the inclination nor the backbone to “Stand Tall”.
    I’m not saying that I have the wisdom of the ages, but if you’re reading this Dan, know that the human brain remembers the truth more than the lies. One of the most clever lines written for a song was by Pete Townshend for the song “Behind Blue Eyes”. It goes:
    “But my dreams, they aren’t as empty
    As my conscience seems to be”.
    If you, Dan Pfeiffer, continue to support a fraud, someone who clearly isn’t qualified to hold a government job, any government job, from President all the way down to a member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff who conspired to railroad LTC Terry Lakin, your sleep will trouble you all of your life.
    It ain’t worth it. All the money in the world couldn’t entice me to turn my back on our Constitution.
    You can leave your job. It just isn’t worth it, and if you do, if you get the gumption to “Stand Tall”, after I’m elected come around, maybe I’ll have a job for you, an HONEST job.
    Good letter, Sharon.

  2. What a great letter, Sharon! I wish Victoria had been here for that! My fear is that you just made it to the top of the kill list. Soetoro/Davis will be vanquished by God’s wrath, but I hope that happens first and I will pray for your safety. For if God be for us, who can prevail against us?
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: Thank you, Monica.

  3. Again, the Post & Email continues to present facts. I am amazed at the ego of such liars that support the liar-in-chief. Photos that are fake. Documents that are forged. ID’s that are fraudulent.

    To reiterate the 2nd largest story in American history is the abandonment of “Journalistic Creed” for major media and complicity to treason against we the people, and the USA. Of course “THE STORY” of ALL time is the impostor as putative president STILL occupying the Oval office with conspiratorial silence of media, CONgress, CIA, DHS, FBI, NSA, Secret Service, and all military officers of oath. It reveals in itself, the Constitution is dead. The commies have infiltrated the highest agencies, authorities, and branches of government to the demise of a free Republic.

  4. Great letter, but it begs the question; “If a tree is felled in the forrest and hammered into pulp, dried and adorned with mixtures of graphite, pigments and fixitives will the blind see the writings and take heed….?”