Fitzpatrick Meets with Local Tennessee Lawmakers


by Sharon Rondeau

Tennessee State Representative John Forgety, serving the 23rd District

(Jul. 28, 2012) — At a breakfast meeting held by State Representative John Forgety this morning, Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III informed Forgety and others in attendance of the 1984 laws passed by the Tennessee General Assembly which had ordered the redistricting of the state’s trial courts.

It was Fitzpatrick’s first meeting with Forgety, as Fitzpatrick recently moved to the district from Sweetwater.  Forgety spent 20 years in the Army National Guard, is a licensed auctioneer and real estate agent, and is campaigning for re-election in November.

Fitzpatrick asked Forgety for a business card but was told that he didn’t have one.  “On my second attempt to speak with him, I drove it home about what’s going on here,” Fitzpatrick said, referring to the judicial corruption on which The Post & Email has reported extensively over the last two years.

“He told me this morning that he didn’t know anything about problems with the judiciary,” Fitzpatrick said, and subsequently asked for a personal meeting with him.

“At this meeting, there were a whole bunch of people:  Scotty Mayfield, who is running for Congress; a woman named Jeri Bryant, who is one of the judges out of Monroe County, TN; and Dick Pelley, a professor at Tennessee Wesleyan College and a member of the city council.  He is the commander of the local American Legion, so I gave him a set of cards:  one of yours and one of mine.  I did not give any cards to Jeri Bryant or Scotty Mayfield.  Bryant is involved in my case; she’s the one who signed the search warrant for my house,” Fitzpatrick said.

Fitzpatrick reported that the chair of the local Republican Party was there as well as U.S. Rep. John Duncan.  “I’ve notified the Republican Party several times now about what’s going on, and there’s been no response,” Fitzpatrick said.

He met the county mayor and McMinn County Sheriff Joe Guy, whom Fitzpatrick asked to also meet with personally.

Tennessee State Senator Mike Bell, serving the Ninth District

Toward the end of the two-hour meeting, someone approached Fitzpatrick and said, “Hi, Walt, my name is Mike Bell.” Bell is the state senator from the ninth district. Fitzpatrick gave Bell two business cards and asked to meet with him.  Fitzpatrick had not known Bell would be there but had his three-ring binder with the state laws which laid out the redistricting plan in 1984.  “I know that you met with XXXX about a month ago, and you’ve been told about what’s been going on here with the judiciary, and I’m told that your response to Mr. XXXX’s report to you about these laws was that you didn’t believe him,” Fitzpatrick said.

Bell reportedly replied, “Well, XXXX didn’t have any proof.”  Fitzpatrick then responded, “So in front of witnesses, I opened up my binder and said, ‘Here’s the proof.’  I went through it page by page.  He started to respond, and I said, ‘Not here, not now;’ if you want to talk about this, at another time and place.  But here’s your proof.”

Bell then asked Fitzpatrick if Fitzpatrick could “send” him copies of the laws, to which Fitzpatrick replied, “I’m giving this package to you this morning.  Here, take them with you.”

Fitzpatrick said that when he noted Bell leaving the restaurant, he did not see the copies of the laws in his hand.

Today The Post & Email has contacted both Bell and Forgety by email regarding our extensive compilation of articles on judicial corruption in Tennessee.  Both have been offered complimentary subscriptions in the event they wish to learn more.

5 Responses to "Fitzpatrick Meets with Local Tennessee Lawmakers"

  1. A pen   Wednesday, August 1, 2012 at 7:29 PM

    Now is the time to pray for consciences to open and steer these trusted servants in the right direction.

  2. gigclick   Sunday, July 29, 2012 at 3:47 PM

    It looks like they are still investigating if Walt is real and who is this person who says they may have a problem. They have a problem. This man left the restaurant WITHOUT the papers? What does that tell you? I hear many people discussing in private meetings how can we stop this or cover it up from the press? Guess what, it’s already out there. Our question is, whether it’s Tennessee of Miami, when will ALL these “Public Trustee’s” come clean and start doing their jobs, stop putting themselves above the law and serve the people?? It’s the same no matter where you are, the game is being played the same everywhere at all levels. Now they see they have a bigggg 200 lb. fish on the line with a 25 lb. test line. Gettin’ a little tricky to keep this one under wraps especially when they are trying to cover their own ignorance and obfuscation of the Tennessee Laws and run “business as usual” while the train runs off the tracks. Never mind that they have destroyed the careers of three outstanding Military Officers for trying to stand up for their sworn duty to uphold Constitutional Law and protect the government from a usurpation which is in effect! Where were all these “concerned officials” when Walt was being beaten and illegally arrested? Where were they when the “Feds” busted into the Gibson factory in Nashville the last TWO years in a row and illegally seized millions in legally purchased rare wooods that they won’t return to Gibson? The real reason was the the CEO of Gibson is a REPUBLICAN/Conservative that donated to the Conservative Party AND Gibson is the only large instrument manufacturer that is NOT UNION that can be controlled by the Bari Shabazz/Idi Amin Regime. Where were all the “Officials” when the newly elected Republican Commissioner Jim Miller was brutally murdered and body was found in the trunk of burning car??? HELLLLLLO! This may be one of the biggest bi-partisan coverups in Tennessee history. WHERE WERE REPUBLICAN “OFFICIALS” WHEN THE STORY OF JIM MILLER’S MURDER WAS RELEASED OR SHOULD I SAY “COVERED UP”???
    These people have a mongoose in their chicken coop and have better come clean soon cause the feathers are startin’ to fly AND where is Darren Huff’s story and what about his rescue? Why was he shipped to Texas, to get a double jeopardy away from an already too complicated Tennessee Judicial trainwreck?? Time to put the dirty clothes back in the washer for some more agitation! Come on boys and girls, mommy knows you’ve been takin’ cookies out of the cookie jar! Better tell soon cause you’re gonna’ get a spankin’!

  3. Patriot35   Saturday, July 28, 2012 at 3:35 PM

    So that none can say they “Did not know”.

    Nice work, Commander.

  4. richard gorman   Saturday, July 28, 2012 at 1:00 PM

    How do you spell corruption The proper spelling is lawyers.

  5. meyerlm   Saturday, July 28, 2012 at 10:15 AM

    I sincerely hope some success and results surface from this meeting for “Fitz”, but for state Government Officials to make comment that “They were NOT Aware??”, shows more of the incompetence and denial of these “Public-Elected OFFICIALS??!!”
    As I have been on-board with Fitz through most of this “Governmental DEBACLE, I unfortunately see just more “SMOKE, MIRRORS & POLI-TIX!!”
    Whether it is these “Representatives” or TRAITORS like John Boehner or the other 534 TRAITOR “People’s Representatives” that openly are in Contempt by supporting these activities and the USURPER and his “Gang of Thieves”~amounts to the same definition: “TRAITORS to the People and the Constitution of the United States of America, and That for Which SHE Stands!!”

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