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by Chaz Girrens, Editor, The Wichita Observer, ©2012

(Jul. 27, 2012) — The growing trend in the media, whenever there is a gun-related tragedy, is to blame the gun.  The other trend is to demonize pro-gun groups and even responsible gun owners.

I suppose it makes good copy. It also causes division and solves nothing.  The individuals’ character and choices they make are only secondary. Why people kill people, whatever the means, is beyond me. What makes a person snap at a given point in their life? One thing’s for sure:   you can’t legislate responsibility and accountability.  They are both an adjunct of conscious choice and are the price we pay for freedom. Freedom is a tool that enables humans to prosper.  Freedom is as varied as individuals.  There are those who would trade freedom for supposed security. They would use government to take that freedom, when in fact our government was formed to protect that freedom that is already inherently ours.  There is no cure or answer to avert or prevent people from harming others. It’s going to happen. I firmly believe licensed Concealed Carry Holders are part of a positive answer. No business that caters to the public should restrict that freedom. I would welcome any individual who would take the responsibility to help me, my family and the public at large in a dire situation.

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  1. Unfortunately, the Motto of the “LAMESTREAM MEDIA” for years has been: “IF IT BLEEDS, it LEADS Sensationalism and “We Gott’a be FIRST!!” to be “ON-AIR” attitudes far outweigh Responsible, Accurate and Truthful Journalism!!

  2. Dear Chaz,
    When I hold my first official Presidential Rally, the ticket for entrance will be to SHOW YOUR GUN (and a fistful of bullets).
    I have been advocating weapon courses for high school students, and, upon graduation, along with the diploma, all young women will be given a gun, lightweight, suitable to conceal carry in a purse.
    Needless to say, we’re talking about responsible and qualified here, not your nuts.
    Had I been in that theater that night, or my wife, any of my neighbors, all of my friends, that Dude be pushing up daisies right now.
    I not only believe in the Second Amendment, I live it, as I would expect all Patriotic Americans to do the same. Fact is, it’s a very violent world, and each day thousands of Muslims and illegal immigrants are crossing our borders for “freebies”, which is in reality tantamount to stealing: Grand Theft on a grand scale.
    All of this besides our own home grown psychos.
    There are times when your gun IS YOUR BEST FRIEND.