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July 24, 2012

Could a group of county sheriffs join Arpaio in issuing a demand for a congressional or grand jury investigation of the Cold Case Posse's findings?

Dear Editor:

Earlier this spring, I contacted the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association (CSPOA) to inform them of Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s first press conference as follows:

On Wed, Apr 4, 2012 at 11:42 PM, Creg Maroney wrote:

Sheriff Joe Arpaio could use a little back up. Link Arms, your country needs you.

If only one more Sheriff will stand beside Sheriff Joe Arpaio and uphold the United States Constitution, the world will change for the better. The time to act is now.

Sheriff Joe Obama Investigation: “This Is Now A Full Fledged Law Enforcement Investigation” lead Investigator Mike Zullo interview here: http://youtu.be/EFW69kFKCsc

Sheriff Joe Arpaio Press Conference March 31, 2012 Obama Birth Certificate Forgery And Forged Selective Service Card full video.

here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uICO4l5PRcs&feature=youtu.bewatch?v=uICO4l5PRcs&feature=youtu.be

CBS REPORTS: Confirmed Obama birth certificate not authentic. http://youtu.be/ikaajbOEWpkSheriff

Joe Arpaio Obama forged vital records 1st Press Conference March 1, 2012 full video.

here: http://youtu.be/vjzAH2DhydA

Lawsuit: Obama administration goes after Sheriff: http://video.foxnews.com/v/1547342504001/

Creg Maroney

And the following response was received:

To: Creg Maroney
Sent: Sunday, July 22, 2012 8:37 PM
Subject: Re: A Urgent Message To Constitutional Sheriffs And Peace Officers.

Dear Creg,

Thank you for your email. I apologize for the long delay in replying. We are a few with a large volume of correspondence to answer.

We are keeping watch on the situation with Sheriff Joe and Sheriff Mack is supportive of the investigation. They are in contact with each other.

We watched his press conference last week that was not covered by the media.

We are hard at work preparing for our second Constitutional Sheriffs Convention scheduled for September – www,csopa,org. Our goal is to continue in building a coalition of constitutional sheriffs across the country.

We appreciate your report.

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  1. Citizens for the Constitution;
    22 July, 2012

    CSPOA: Is it the ‘Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association’,
    or is it the ‘Cowardly Sheriffs and Pusillanimous Officers Association’?

    Pusillanimous: lacking in courage, strength or resolution; contemptibly fearful [Slang: ‘pussy’]

    • They take an oath to support and defend the Constitution;
    • They take a page from the ‘Oath Keepers’ – stating the 10 unconstitutional Orders they will NOT OBEY;
    • But then they apparently … take an oath of silence when one of their own, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, non-pusillanimously presents evidence that the person occupying the Office of President and Commander in Chief is an ineligible, usurping, identity-stealing, forger and a major national-security risk.

    • And they apparently … turn tail like Cowards and perform with weak and fainthearted pusillanimity – when it comes to upholding the supreme law of the land and their electorates’ right to a fair and constitutional vote for only non-criminal, eligible candidates for office.

    Every day that they continue to acknowledge and legitimize the usurper, Barack Obama/Barry Soetoro/AKA???, they spit in the faces of their constituents – and further the meaning of the title of Cowardly Sheriffs and Pusillanimous Officers Association.

    Below is their invitation to you all to lend your support for their next Convention, being held in Las Vegas, NV, on September 16-18, 2012. Their first one, held in Las Vegas at the end of January, 2012, even had Sheriff Joe speaking and mentioning that he would be announcing the results of his investigations into Obama’s forged Birth Certificate and forged selective Service Registration just 4 weeks later. (The 5 minute CBS-TV News report of that 1 March PRESS CONFERENCE has been seen by over 1.3 million YouTube viewers worldwide since then, and can be seen here: http://www.TinyURL.com/88kzqyy).

    And yet we hear nothing but SILENCE from the thousands of elected Sheriffs across the nation!

    And on July 17, 2012, a second Arpaio PRESS CONFERENCE was held giving further proof that the putative pResident was using blatantly forged documents to maintain his unlawful and unconstitutional holding of the Office. The DrudgeReport.com even published some of the tepid coverage of this event for 2 days, leading to anywhere from 3 to 5 million more people now becoming aware that the person usurping the Office of President and Commander in Chief could issue only UNLAWFUL ORDERS! (Where is OathKeepers.org Founder Stewart Rhodes – with ‘Orders they will Not Obey’?).

    And yet we hear nothing but SILENCE from the thousands of elected Sheriffs across the nation!

    The CSPOA request for your support appears below. Perhaps you might just want to contact them with your support … provided that they stop legitimizing the Usurper, and start supporting your right to a fair and constitutional vote! (NOTE: Sheriff Richard Mack, founder of CSPOA, was recently running for Congress. Certainly he, of all people, would not want to give legitimacy to this blatant act of TREASON, lest he himself become complicit in it. Why not ask him.)

    In Liberty and In Truth.

    Neil B. Turner
    Citizens for the Constitution

  2. The PRINTED word response from the national sheriffs was weaker than weak. “We are building a coalition….. blah blah blah. GREAT FANTASTIC — Obama has already built an army AND a concentration camp for you Sheriffs and your “KINFOLK”. I can only hope that they are working covertly and feverishly to take dramatic, immediate action— and this letter is a decoy.

  3. Friends, please keep in mind how huge it will be for the naysayers [especially those in the media and law enforcement] to 1. let in the truth and 2. find a way to ‘save face’. This does take time. Their awakening is a ‘rude awakening’. Think about what they will experience, as they process the truth: pain, humiliation, shame and rage – and for some, prosecution. Punishment indeed.

  4. WELL, Rome was NOT built in a day, either, by the time the “Sheriff’s Association” builds their coalition, “WE the People” will be well down the road to SERFDOM, Communism, Socialism, and Captivity in our newly formed “United SOCIALIST States ov AmeriKa!!” Similar to the 535 TRAITOR “People’s Representatives” that are presently STINKING-UP the “District of Criminals”, along with their G. Soros, et.al, Communists Cohorts!
    AND!~”WE the People” must remember that there is NO Federal Judiciary, including “Turncoat Bobby”, that Understands what the Constitution means, let alone, Read and Understand it.
    The definitions of FRAUD, FORGERY, Social Security and Draft-Registration Fraud, Uttering and Publishing FALSIFIED U.S. GovernmentDocuments-(Gee, I Forgot, there is NO Government!)-and, by all means, DON’T Forget the Military “GUTLESS Chain of Command” that have also forgotten their Swearing to the “Constitutional Oath”, and allow a Foreign Enemy to continue to USURP the Presidency and RULE and RUIN America, our Freedoms, Liberties and Pursuits of Happiness guaranteed by “The Founders of the Republic!”
    A SAD, sad, situation, INDEED!!
    Enjoy your SERFDOM!!