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by Joseph DeMaio, ©2012

Will the Obama campaign bamboozle America again?

(Jul. 15, 2012) — There recently appeared at Townhall.com a post by one Derek Hunter captioned “Our Disgraceful President.”  The only problem with the post is that it understates the lawless, corrupt and venal nature of the current resident at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.  That post thus prompts the following, which will attempt to correct that deficiency.

As the nation (what’s left of it) approaches November 6 and, hopefully, the beginning of the end of the nightmare now properly known as The Obama Regime, what follows is in the nature of a public service announcement.  In the next few weeks and months, all Americans, whether of voting age or not – because today’s children and grandchildren are tomorrow’s electorate and taxpayers –  should engage in a serious and introspective examination of just how far 2008’s promised elixir of “hope and change” has metastasized and fermented into the toxic witch’s brew now bubbling over the country, a smelly concoction served up by perhaps the most arrogant, incompetent, venal, treacherous, cunning and narcissistic executive administration since 1789.  And no, I am not kidding.

The following alpha list is suitable for clipping and carrying into the voting booth November 6, assuming, of course, that martial law is not in the meantime declared and the election “postponed” because of “civil unrest” fomented, of course, by the Regime, with assistance from its union goons and street thugs.

The list is intended to serve as a collection of reminders of what has characterized the past 3+ years of the most devastating executive administration since the founding of the Republic.  It will also provide an opportunity to look up a few terms which may have slipped from the lexicon in recent decades but which have come roaring back since January 2009.  Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, here are the ABC’s of the Obama Regime, some with multiple applications.  And for reference, the Latin signal “q.v.” (quod vide) means, in general, “see also for more information.”

And so, we begin:

“A” is for “arrogant” and “aloof,” (q.v. “elitist”), both characteristics honed razor-sharp by BHO, the amateur, and his apparatchiks.  And, BTW, if you have not already read The Amateur by New York Times Magazine (no less) editor Edward Klein, you should do so before November 6.  A spot-on title for the book.  A close second is “apparatchik” as in “the amateur never sullies his fingers with the dirt associated with doing things ‘the Chicago way,’ but instead utilizes surrogates and apparatchiks to accomplish his ends.”  Some other, more colloquial “A” words, including hyphenated ones, might be included, but those are better reserved for the gutter and leftist websites, so you are here left to your own imagination.

“B” is for “boorish,” as in “rather than keeping them for yourself, send me your wedding and birthday gifts in the form of money so I can spend it on media time to again bamboozle the electorate;”  a close second is “braggart,” as in “I alone was responsible for bagging OBL, because Seal Team 6 would not have gone in to take him out but for my approval.”

“C” is for “corrupt” and “cunning,” not to mention “chicanery” (or Chicago), the hallmark of the Regime.  A very close second is “cover-up,” as in “I am claiming executive privilege on national security grounds against the disclosure of information sought by congressional subpoenas in the Fast & Furious ‘gun-walking’ matter, because my poor, innocent and devoted attorney general, Eric Holder, is being mistreated my meanie Republicans.”  And in third place, “charlatan,” as in “pay no attention to that man behind the curtain, Dorothy… he is a charlatan….” (q.v. “fake”).

“D” is for “deceitful,” “disingenuous” and “deceptive,” as in “I barely knew Bill Ayers” and “universal single-payer healthcare will reduce medical costs with no increase in taxes.”   A close second, of course, is “disgraceful,” as noted in the Hunter post noted above.

“E” is for “elitist” and “ego-maniacal” (q.v. “aloof”), as in “How can anyone possibly believe I am not eligible to the presidency under the Constitution?”  Egomania is a condition of a disturbed mind not unlike narcissism (q.v.), but more elitist, evil and dangerous.  A very close second is “economy,” as in “whatever we do, we cannot mention the word ‘economy’ in our campaign to bamboozle the electorate again.”  Like the effort to purge the term “lunatic” from federal law, the word “economy” (as well as the related word “unemployment”) will be as scarce as principled remarks from Nancy Pelosi in the upcoming BHO re-election campaign.

“F” is for “feckless,” as in “But for having a feckless foreign policy, he would have no foreign policy at all.”  A close second is “fake,” as in “All you need to confirm my eligibility is the manufactured composite image of a fake Hawaiian birth certificate posted on the Internet.”  In third place is “forgery” as in “The usurper and his apparatchiks have elevated forgery to an art form.”

“G” is for “genuflect,” as when the purported leader of the free world bows down to world rulers who cannot even pronounce the word “democracy,” much less define or implement it.

“H” is for “hyper-hypocrisy,” that exponential version of garden-variety “hypocrisy” practiced by BHO and his sycophants, and now the primary concept guiding all public comments by the current tenant at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.  A close second is “haughty,” as in when BHO enters a meeting, he believes he is smarter than anyone or anything in the room, including the furniture.  Memo to BHO: the Resolute desk in the Oval Office has more cogent and principled synapses.

“I” is for “ineligible” and “invidious,” as in “The usurper engaged in an invidious and deceitful (q.v. “disingenuous”) ruse to bamboozle the people into believing he was eligible to serve, when he was not.”

“J” is for “jester,” as in “The world considers him to be a jester, a clown acting out a pitifully bad and dangerous joke played upon the American people and inflicted by the American people upon themselves.”

“K” is for “kickbacks,” as in “You-scratcha-my-back-I’m-a-gonna-scratcha-you-back” and because “Some day, Mistah Solyndra CEO, I’m gonna ask you for a favor.”  Hey, you can take the usurper out of Chicago, but you can’t take the Chicago out of the usurper.

“L” is for “lawless,” as in “The regime and its woefully misnamed ‘Department of Justice’ turned a nation of laws into a lawless nation of men.”   A close second is “liar,” as in the 38 documentable falsehoods in “Dreams From my Father,” purportedly authored by the usurper.

“M” is for the Regime’s favorite confection, “Marx” and “Machiavelli,” also known on the street as M&M.  A close second is “mob-mentality,” as in “The jester’s race-baiting and class warfare rhetoric was all that his mob-mentality supporters needed to set them off into rioting and looting in the streets.”

“N” is for “narcissistic,” as in “The charlatan gives new narcissistic meaning to the question ‘Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the shallowest of them all?’” A close second is “naïve,” as in “One of the more serious problems facing the nation and the world is a naïve ingénue with access to the launch codes for Armageddon.”

“O” is for “opaque,” as in “The new ‘transparent’ is ‘opaque’” or “This will be the most transparent administration [sic: should be ‘opaque regime’] in history.”  A close second, to quote Caroline Kennedy, from Klein’s The Amateur, on favorable comparisons between the usurper’s wife and her mother, Jacqueline Kennedy, is “odious.”  In third place is “oleaginous,” as in “The Regime greases its way through America, leaving an oleaginous trail of kickbacks (q.v. “unctuous”).”

“P” is for “polarizing,” as in “The jester was the most polarizing figure since Genghis Kahn.”

“Q” is for “quixotic,” as in “His scheme to establish a fully-unionized, worker’s paradise by increasing taxes on the top ten percent of wage-earners – who already pay over 70% of the income taxes flowing into the government’s coffers – was, at best, quixotic and at worst, Marxist-Leninist.”  In second place is “queer,” not in its contemporary, PC-guided meaning, but in its dictionary meaning, as in “there is something suspicious and counterfeit here, like queer money.”

“R” is for “racist,” as in “I was a tragic mulatto trapped between two worlds” who “ceased to advertise my mother’s race [Caucasian] at the age of twelve or thirteen when I began to suspect that by doing so, I was ingratiating myself to whites.”

“S” is for “sinister,” as in “The charlatan’s disregard for primacy of the Constitution and the rule of law portends sinister and ominous perils for the nation.”  A close second is “sycophantic,” as in “The Constitution recognizes but one profession – that of a free press – but which has devolved under the Regime into a common trade more resembling the ‘oldest profession,’ albeit more sycophantic.”

“T” is for “tyrannical,” as in “The charlatan’s use of executive orders to circumvent the intent of the Founding Fathers as set out in the Constitution and the intent of the Congress as set out in laws passed is nothing short of tyrannical” (q.v. “lawless”).  A close second is “treasonous,” as in “Although the crime of ‘treason’ against the states or the United States under the Constitution is defined as being limited to ‘levying war against them, or in adhering to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort,’ some would properly ask: is it ‘treasonous’ for a regime to knowingly supply high-powered weapons to drug cartels engaged in the enterprise of flooding the nation with illegal narcotics, disregarding and dismantling border security and facilitating the murder of Border Patrol agents?”

“U” is for “unctuous,” as in “virtually every action undertaken by the jester-in-chief produces an unctuous and odious result” (q.v. “oleaginous” and “greasy”).  A close second is “underhanded,” as in “The clown’s end-around runs on the Constitution and congressional enactments have been uniformly underhanded” (q.v. “deceitful”).  In third place is “unemployment,” as in “I inherited this from Bush, so don’t blame me.”

“V” is for “vendetta” (no, not the movie), as in “The usurper embarked on a vendetta against the southern border states in retaliation for their efforts to protect their people against the flood of illegal aliens pouring over the unguarded border because of his feckless (q.v.) policies of immigration control and border enforcement.”

The Rev. Jeremiah Wright was Obama's preacher of 20 years in Black Liberation Theology

“W” is for “Wright,” as in “Jeremiah, I wish you would stop demanding that ‘God damn America,’ not because it is offensive or blasphemous to others – I, of course, don’t disagree with you – but because it is hurting my campaign.”

“X” is for “xenophobic,” as in “For the first time in the history of the nation, the commander-in-chief was xenophobic of Americans.”

“Y” is for “yellow” as in “The clown displayed a wide stripe of cowardly yellow when he ordered all of his past records at his elementary schools, his secondary schools, his colleges, his universities, his law school and his state bar license sealed” (q.v. “opaque”).

And finally, “Z” is for zero, as in “Once the electorate awakens from the coma it lapsed into in November 2008, the chances of the usurper being re-elected will be approximately zero.”  The usurper’s sycophants (q.v.), apparatchiks (q.v.) and mainstream media descendants of the world’s oldest profession (q.v. “prostitutes”) will, of course, do all that they can to keep the electorate comatose until November 7, 2012.

Don’t remain comatose.  Wake up.  Your vote  on November 6 counts.  Bring picture ID and a camera to record any “poll monitoring” or “voter greeting” activities by the New Black Panthers.

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