Manufactured Disorder


by OPOVV, ©2012, Presidential Candidate

What is today's military defending if not the U.S. Constitution and a free republic?

(Jul. 8, 2012) — Well, you’ve got to hand the Obama Administration high marks for causing unrest, discord, and really making a mess of everything imaginable to achieve the goal of Martial Law to try to make everyone subservient to the capricious whims of paranoid government hirelings. Of course, there are many Americans who welcome “Change,” such as let’s do away with the Civil Rights Act and the Bill of Rights, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

If a college freshman learns that government employees are not to be counted as “employed” because of their parasitic depletion of the taxpayer’s kitty, why does OMB count them as “employed” if not to bolster the “employment” rolls?

The only reasons why the federal government allows illegal immigration are: 1) as an excuse to hire additional federal employees to handle the mob and, 2) yet another group to feed at the government’s trough of unending benefits as a payoff method for guaranteed support (votes).

By abolishing the draft, today’s military ranks are predominantly made up of Americans from the lower economic sphere.  There’s nothing wrong in that per se, but by attenuating possible outcomes, no matter how you cut it, you’re shooting yourself in the foot. The envisioned Citizen Army was a cross-section of Americana, and irrespective of any debate about the draft, the one thing in its favor are that the chances of our troops following illegal orders are lessened with a variety of life experiences and expectations among its members. I believe we have seen an example of the lowering of the Constitutional awareness by NOT SEEING A WIDWSPREAD MUTINY among the troops when it was announced that LTC Terry Lakin would not be allowed to defend himself, as per the guidelines set forth in the UCMJ.

If one were disposed, one could possibly extrapolate Affirmative Action as a guideline in the ranks of our military.  Women aboard Navy combat ships and “gays,” aka homosexuals, have weakened our military; there is no argument whatsoever about that. The price of losing our country isn’t worth satisfying misplaced concern over a few people who would better serve their country in some other capacity.

Allowing Muslims in our military is the same as giving up the fight even before there is a fight. Our military has been compromised by not having a cross-section of Americans serving, by allowing women to serve as combatants, by allowing gays to serve, and by allowing the enemy, an enemy sworn to kill Americans, to serve alongside Americans.  Obama, with the full support of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, has weakened our military to the point where it will follow orders from a fraud of a president, will follow illegal orders to shoot American and Israeli citizens, and will, in the end, destroy itself for turning its back on its Oath to the Constitution.

Yes, Obama and his minions are doing one heck of a bang-up job on weakening and, eventually, rendering our military a sniveling force to do only evil, the exact opposite of what they swore to do: support the Constitution. The manufactured destruction of America is proceeding remarkably well.

The bottom line is this: 40 years ago a takeover of the government by Obama and his goons (Holder and Napolitano, Mueller and Panetta) would have been IMPOSSIBLE because people JUST LIKE ME would have put a stop to it.  Heck, this OBAMA CLOWN never would have even been on the ballot. Even I had to show my birth Ccrtificate when I joined up. Hey, Obama, you cheap fraud, WHERE’S THE BIRTH CERTIFICATE?

3 Responses to "Manufactured Disorder"

  1. meyerlm   Monday, July 9, 2012 at 12:24 PM

    AFFIRMATIVE, Copy, All!!

  2. OPOVV   Monday, July 9, 2012 at 9:56 AM

    How right you are.
    Ever watch one of those “Boot Camp” shows where the DI says, “Excuse me, please, Mr. (or Ms.) Smith, but I believe it’s time to wake up, if you would, please. You’ve an appointment on the grinder, oh, I’m sorry, on the “asphalt field that they forgot to plant the shade trees on”, as you so aptly described it yesterday to one of your fellow recruits. Forgive me from overhearing you, I assure you I wasn’t eavesdropping. Of course, you understand, if you don’t like it here and want to go home you’re more than welcomed to. You know, if you change your mind, we’ll always be here for you.”
    And these are the people we’re training to KILL the enemy? Not hand-out candy bars, or pat little kids on the head, but to KILL and then GET THE HELL HOME.

  3. meyerlm   Sunday, July 8, 2012 at 10:11 PM

    Well, you and I know the Military “Used to BE!” cure for most of the stuff, that particular kind of “SHOWER?!” We wore out a bunch of “Wire Brushes”, but the problems got FIXED!!
    The problem here is that “The Old Guard” has been replaced by “The Sissies Three!!”
    The “Chain of Command”, Discipline and all that NON-LIBERAL STUFF has been replaced with “Political Correctness”-(STUPIDITY)-makes no difference if ‘ya got Stripes or Shoulder-Boards, or even Birds or Stars, seems like the saying “Birds of a Feather, Flock Together”, applies here!!
    IF, IF “The Stars, Stripes,and Birds were Upholding the “OATH” that they ALL Swore too, this problem would NOT Exist, but there would be a bunch fewer empty cells at GITMO and Leavenworth!!

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