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by Sharon Rondeau

Obama's long-form birth certificate has been labeled a forgery by many experts and a law enforcement investigative group

(Jun. 28, 2012) — Why would a candidate for President of the United States seal all of his background, including medical, university, grade school and voting records?

Why would a law enforcement agency find probable cause that the image of a birth certificate released to the public is a forgery?

Why did the Selective Service Administration allegedly “destroy” the microfilm and paper copy of Obama’s registration, and why has the registration also been determined to be a forgery?

Why would a resident of Illinois have a Connecticut social security number if he never lived, worked, nor attended school there?

If “Barack Hussein Obama II” is not his real name and he ran for office under a false identity, will anything he signed be valid?

Perhaps that is the question for the U.S. Supreme Court.

Was there a conspiracy to put Obama in the White House?  If so, was it international in scope?

Why hasn’t Obama been prosecuted for any of these felonies?

What will the press conference “at the end of June” reveal?  If “Obama” is proven a fraud, what happens to the legislation he has signed?

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  1. Dear Sharon,
    When the enemy of the Jews and Christians, Muslims, realized that Americans worship money more than Freedom, cared more for money than their country, all they had to do was to insure that Western Civilization became dependent on oil for their survival, so they catered to politicians in Washington to keep America hooked, and it worked beyond their expectations.
    And when they jacked the price of crude up, the Muslims were the most surprised of all, for surely such a rich and powerful country couldn’t be pushed-over so easily, to be forced to pay such exorbitant prices. So the Muslims got their very own war chest full of money, our money, and they did what Muslims have been doing for 1,400 years: kill Infidels.
    So what if it cost the Arabs billions of dollars to put Obama in the White House, it’s not their money.
    Muslims have infiltrated every aspect of America, and even the Jews voted for Obama.
    Welcome to the beginning of an Islamic Caliphate, and our law enforcement (FBI) became traitors for not doing their job meanwhile collecting a great paycheck. Selling their honor and country for thirty pieces of silver.
    Our Legislative and Judicial branches of our government, along with our main stream media, are all on board to the ship that will sink in a sea of blood, our blood.

    Some of us will FIGHT BACK. And if the outcome is as the Alamo’s was, so be it.