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by Sharon Rondeau

Rep. John Duncan represents the Second District of Tennessee, He has previously been unresponsive to reports of judicial corruption in his district,

(Jun. 23, 2012) — On May 14, 2012, after several trials, incarcerations, and attempts to present information to the Monroe County grand jury, Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III discovered that county grand juries had no place in Tennessee state law as of 1984.  Since publicizing the laws which are still listed as current in the Tennessee Code Annotated of 2011-2012, the response from prosecutors, lawyers and the courts themselves has been subdued, if not non-existent.  One prosecutor argued that “county court” and “circuit court” are interchangeable terms, although the law states otherwise.

Since county criminal courts should therefore not exist in Tennessee, Fitzpatrick’s citizen’s arrest of former “grand jury foreman” Gary Pettway was legitimate, and his claim that the “Monroe County Grand Jury” was “not operating under the law have been proved correct.  However, at the time, Judge Carroll Ross charged Fitzpatrick with riot, intimidation and other crimes, two of which ended in convictions, in a court which ultimately was shown to have had no jurisdiction.

Before his discovery of the laws, Fitzpatrick had filed a complaint with the Tennessee Court of the Judiciary (TCOJ) about the judges’ use of the same grand jury foreman for many consecutive years.  The response received from the “Disciplinary Counsel,” J.S. Daniel, was that he could not act because “the statute requires allegations of specific fact which would cause a reasonable person to believe that there is a substantial probability that the judge has completed judicial misconduct.”  Mr. Daniel did not cite the 1984 laws which mandated that two grand juries be empaneled each year, that the judge could choose the foreman, but that each grand jury would be dismissed after its work was done, including the foreman.

Local Tennessee newspapers have been informed of the laws which were never observed, but none has approached The Post & Email for further information.  On June 15, during a live chat session in which a reporter of 18 years’ duration at the Knoxville News Sentinel was “discussing” a threat made by Judge Jon Kerry Blackwood against District Attorney General Randy Nichols, The Post & Email submitted four comments regarding 1984 laws.  We received no response, and after publishing two of the comments, we were banned from the discussion.

One respondent to our comments which were published during the live chat stated that “county grand juries” were still allowable because “jurisdiction is still by county…,” but that is not what the law states.

Fitzpatrick has labeled as “criminals” Judges Carroll Ross, Jon Kerry Blackwood, Amy Reedy and all other judges presiding in county “criminal” courts, which never followed the legislature’s mandate by creating district courts.  The new laws were designed to retain judges appointed or elected prior to the reorganization.  TCA 16-16-102 stipulated that county courts were to hear civil matters only.

The section found in a hard-cover book of Tennessee Code Annotated titled “Notes to Decisions” regarding TCA 16-16-102 reads, in part:

"Notes to Decisions," an analysis of TCA 16-16-102, which defined the new court structure and limited county courts to matters of probate and conservatorship

Paragraph 3 reads:

3. Probate Jurisdiction.

The statutes make it clear that the county court is the probate court.  The 1978 constitutional amendments superseded this court.  Viewed realistically the probate court is just as much a part of our judicial system as the juvenile court.  Probate judges are county officers…

and a law case is cited from 1980.

When Fitzpatrick contacted the News Sentinel reporter by telephone following the live chat on June 15, she told him that she “had never heard of district courts” during her career as a Tennessee reporter.  She stated that she would do further research on the subject.  The Post & Email has not been contacted by her or any other reporter who has been informed of the neglected 1984 laws.

The judges’ failure to reorganize as directed by the legislature in 1984 has resulted in illegally-convened grand juries, trial juries, arrests, criminal indictments, verdicts, and incarcerations of an unknown number and could affect federal courts as racketeering and other cases are filed against Tennessee county and state officials.

The Post & Email has requested information from the U.S. Marshals Service under the Freedom of Information Act in the case of Mr. Rex Peak, who reported that U.S. marshals visited his home in Florida on two occasions with an arrest warrant emanating from Judge Amy Reedy in the “Monroe County Criminal Court.”

Last week, Fitzpatrick reported that he met with an assistant to U.S. Representative John Duncan, whose district covers Knoxville, Monroe County and McMinn County.  The assistant is also the chairman of the local Republican Party. Fitzpatrick told us that he informed Duncan’s assistant of the 1984 laws and ensuing judicial tyranny after the judiciary refused to comply with the legislature’s mandate.  He included copies of two of his complaints of treason against Obama and told her, “The judges have taken the law into their own hands and are operating a government not found in our state or federal constitutions.”

Relating the judicial tyranny he has identified to Obama, Fitzpatrick told The Post & Email:

Mr. Obama is doing exactly the same thing.  Why?  Because there is no law enforcement agency in this country that will go in and arrest a judge, much less arrest a sitting resident of the White House.  This goes right to Fast & Furious.  Obama has been named in a complaint of treason because of Fast & Furious.  That treason complaint is still on the table.  Someone commented on Tuesday that Obama should be charged with treason over Fast & Furious, but it has already been done.  Tennessee judges are blocking a treason complaint naming Barack Obama as the object by using a form of government that we cannot find in our state or federal constitutions, and they are committing treason themselves.  There is treason left and right, and where do you take it when the courts themselves are engaged in the act of treason?  The judges are doing exactly the same thing as Obama:  operating their own government.  And where do we go to get this in front of a grand jury?

Treason is treason in a way that we’ve never been able to look at it before.  The judges at the federal level are protecting the judges at the state level.  I told Duncan’s assistant that this has all come about because a military man trying to advance a criminal complaint against the fake commander-in-chief for treason.  Mr. Obama is in commission of treason because of Fast & Furious and other things.  I gave her two of the criminal complaints, and the Republican Party can use that.  This Fast & Furious is going to grow.”

He then shared new information:

Back in the day, when I was facing the first trial, I got a copy of the rules for the actual conduct of attorneys in the Monroe County courtroom.  I had read that these rules existed, and because I was defending myself, I had reviewed them.  I was unaware at the time of what we know now about the 1984 laws.  I had reason to open them up again now.  I opened them up, and at the top of it, it says that the rules are for the “Tenth Judicial District” and that they apply to all four counties in the district.  This is put out by the judges.  It says that the judges shall declare in their rules how they’re going to have the grand juries picked, and it does not mention county grand juries.

Fitzpatrick has mailed hard copies of the rules to The Post & Email.  Regarding the judiciary’s refusal to adhere to the new laws, he said:

This is what is so significant about what we’ve discovered about the dictatorship of the judiciary:  stand up the grand juries, and if the judge doesn’t get it right, we should be able to question them.  The judges are taking a beating in the state of Tennessee because of Jon Kerry Blackwood and Richard Baumgartner.  This is another area where momentum is building and will explode at one point.  All of these things are coming to a simultaneous collision.

Randy Nichols tried to sidestep the issue by saying that a “circuit court” is interchangeable with “county court,” but they’re not.  The way we make the case that they’re not interchangeable is that before you have a county criminal court, you have to have in front of it first a legitimate county grand jury.  Before you have a criminal court, you have to have a grand jury.  In a federal criminal court, you have to have a federal grand jury before it.  They’re companions.  You can’t have one without the other.  Can we interchange the word “circuit” when it comes to the county grand jury?  Can I say “circuit grand jury?”  Can I interchange those words there and say we’re going to use a “circuit grand jury?”  Of course not.  If the judge tries to play this game with me next week, it’s the same logic.  A grand jury has to have a criminal court to which to report.  That’s why the district grand jury reports to the district circuit criminal court, and if it’s not a circuit criminal court, then it’s the district grand jury reporting to the district criminal court.  It’s very simple.  Both the grand jury and court have the same name.

If these county courts are circuit courts, and they’re not, then you have to be able to call the grand juries “district grand juries.”  You can’t use the word “circuit,” because the grand jury is not riding the circuit.  The cases that would be brought to the district grand jury would be brought from all the counties in the district.  They’d meet at the district court, probably picking a point that is equidistant from the farthest point of all of the counties, and then they would pay the grand jury members.  They would come to a central point and meet when necessary, but they are not riding a circuit.  So the words are not interchangeable.  Besides that, I”m looking at the rules, and they say “Tenth Judicial District.”  These words say nothing about the county court.

The judges have been doing anything that they want any time that they want anyplace that they want, and that is why Mr. Obama is now in the White House.  It’s the same logic.  We the people have no place to go for peaceful redress.  We don’t have the grand jury, and we don’t have the judiciary.  We have, in real terms, a judicial dictatorship, tyranny, oppression, which is exactly what the Founders predicted would happen if we did not pay attention to what the judiciary was doing. “Mr. Franklin, what have you given us?” “A Republic, if you can keep it.”

Terry Lakin’s book is expected to be published this week, and there is an essay there written with Tim Harrington about the grand juries.

Mr. Obama has nothing but bad coming his way.  Then Mr. Holder is going to be held in contempt of Congress, and then he should be pushed out.

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  1. Thank you Sharon. Great reporting, as always. Walter FITZPATRICK, through painstaking diligence has unearthed a potential bombshell. I say POTENTIAL for a reason. Obviously, there was a need for the passing of this legislation back in 1984. This corruption of the judicial system goes back many generations. Indifference, ignorance and greed have laid a solid foundation for this current regime to accelerate their agenda. The democratic party was the “Trojan Horse” this crew rode in and had full support from the “black caucus” and career politicians who manipulated their dewy-eyed constituents. The ones that actually bothered to listen, that is. The majority were too distracted with boring jobs, booze, drugs, television and complicated relationships. I should know. I was one of them. Waking up from this stupor is a lengthy process. Developing an interest, understanding, appreciation and eventual love for our Constitutional Republic takes time. A luxury we cannot afford at this point in the endgame of this takeover. Reinstating a legitimate U.S. government will take the efforts of a small percentage of Americans who give as much effort and perseverence as Walt Fitzpatrick and Sharon Rondeau. We need to accept Ben Franklin’s challenge, even if the odds are against us. For me, the alternative is UNACCEPTABLE!

  2. Congressman Louis Gohmert of Texas ( a lawyer and a former Federal Judge — the smartest guy in Congress) appeared on Seam Hannity last week. Regards F & F crimes by the Obama regime, Gohmert started to speak (BUT was cut off by Hannity who stated ” we will get to THAT later”)—- what Gohmert stated (before being cut off was –) ” have you seen the March 2009 C-Span video …. cut cut”.
    This video starring Robert Gibbs WH spokesperson, and Janet Napalitano, and Ast. AG David Ogden is 100% clear in announcing the Obama Regimes Initiative about Gunwalking / Mexico violence … and ALL the resources that Obama and Holder are adding to the Gunwalkin / tracing initiative. Gibbs words are a big part of the reason for Executive Privilege Claim— too bad for Lolo junior- because that CSPan video is in the public domain.

    Later on , when ALL other guests were speculating about a possible civil case against Holder ……. Gohmert (former Federal Judge) said These words … ” I think it will lead us to a place where we see who is taking the fifth” — clearly implying short term criminal charges against those who aided and abetted murder.

    These criminals need to FALL from TOP down — then the vermin like those in Tennesse can be put into the mulcher.

  3. Reclaiming the citizens grand juries for the citizens is crucial.

    Corruption of the citizen grand juries is abysmal and universal, apparently.

    I had been working with a judge in north Georgia to get the Obama ballot challenge issue before a grand jury. He had to step down for brandishing a weapon in open court. The DA did not charge him with felony display. The previous DA is now the judge. He did not charge the Tax Assessor’s assistant who embezzled thousands of dollars during the time he was DA. I have requested a meeting with this “new” judge for a month. He has not responded.

    This is what we are dealing with. It is total corruption and will require lots of in the face contacts to get it turned around. It will only get worse if it isn’t.

  4. Amen! Another excellent story and analysis by Sharon at The Post Email. I believe she has done and written more about this legal Judicial disaster exposed and brought about by LTCDR Fitzpatrick’s legal and honest efforts to expose an illegal criminal administration operating as POTUS and with assistants than any other news media or network. She deserves some type of award and recognition for outstanding reporting and honest, well written truth.
    As far as talking to the assistant to U.S. Representative John Duncan, it is also possible that further investigation into the murder of Republican Commissioner Jim Miller and corruption of Monroe County officials may be an extension of the present discovery of state Judicial law violations and obfuscations and misprision of felony that has been taking place obviously for years gone by with no accountability whatsoever by people “sworn under oath”. Walt’s case is paramount to uncovering a long history of corruption and ignorance of law that is breathtaking. It is amazing what a person has to go through to relay the truth in a system that has gone bad, saturated with corrupted greedy people that will murder, lie, steal, coverup and even lie under oath. It obviously goes from the top down, especially in this “Democratic” administration when we have copies of the DNC papers that Nancy “Princess” Pelosi falsified to 50 states to force feed Obama (Bari Shabazz) into POTUS. Treason, Perjury and Election Fraud are clearly the correct charges and with other “criminal assistants”. No one knows just how far and how deep the exposure and investigations can go if not INHIBITED as other investigations have continuously been against this criminal administration. No one knows the law better than the “JUDGES” and if you tell me they “DIDN’T KNOW”, then I’ll tell you to listen to Eric Holder and see if he “DIDN’T KNOW” either. What I do know is that it would be a great pleasure to the “public” to travel back to the “Old West” in America and see that big hanging rack out in front of the Sheriff’s office, a really big one (500 ropes), and to see all these “public trustees” and “public servants” that are guilty of “serving the public” (really themselves) so well “under oath” and lying, cheating, covering up, misusing authority, handing out false sentencing, allowing murder squads to carry out murder on public trustees that don’t “cooperate” with them, beating, illegal arresting and torture of American Military Officers and others, having removed all legal recourse from “We The People” by “misuse” of their authority- allow themselves the luxury of doing whatever they want at taxpayers expense and live a “good life” while America goes broke, exploit “entitlement” to new heights, “milk the system” and just run roughshod over the entire system of authority and heart of America, to see all these people “hanging” for the crimes they have and are committing would be too much joy to explain. Of course, that would include ALL “public trustees” in Washington DC found “GUILTY” of high crimes that are so obvious that is smells like a three mile wide gargabe dump.
    I hope that this phony “trial” of Walt was worth something, at least to expose the corruption, murder, intimidation, criminal operation of a “Trust Law System” that had been operating “out of control” for decades and ruining citizens lives while “public trustees” live “The Good Life” at taxpayers expense for an entire lifetime of joy while laughing at the public, the “donkey pulling the wagon”. UNSUSTAINABLE is a big word.

  5. This is a truly amazing story. What the courts and law enforcement and the political parties in Tennessee have done to Mr. Kirkpatrick is horrendous. It is hard to believe that this is taking place in AmeriKa. I don’t understand why the citizens of Tenn. are not out in the streets protesting. Do they not recognize that ‘government of the People, by the People and for the People’ has been ripped away from them through invalid legislation and unjust interpretation and blatant refusal to recognize the truth of the law as it exists. Aside from the criminal usurpation of the presidency by the Muslim practicing taqqiya, Barry Soetoro, I know of no other instance wherein Americans would be entirely justified according to the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States of America in picking-up the arms that they have been given the right to keep and bare and defend the liberty which they have been endowed with by their Creator, the Lord Jesus Christ.