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by Dr. Laurie Roth, ©2012, Presidential Candidate

(Jun. 4, 2012) — Obama has obviously plagiarized from the work of Cloward and Piven, Saul Alinsky and Hitler.  The goal — quickly morph what is left of our Republic into massive government Marxist controls, international submission and economic redistribution.  Throw in European-style socialism and communism, then sprinkle with Sharia law.  You now have  Obama’s utopia….AND IT SURE AIN’T AMERICA.

Other than his on-and-off affair with cigarettes, Obama must also love parking lots since he likes to flatten things so much.  America almost looks like a parking lot under his treacherous rule.

How is Obama transforming America to his totalitarian regime?

He is crushing our leading coal and energy industries through imposing of regulations, threats and taxation.  With the massive shutdown of coal plants and ‘over-the-top’ regulations to power plants, energy and utility rates are skyrocketing.  This is forcing many businesses to raise their prices and rendering seniors unable to afford heat and electricity.

Obama has orchestrated huge increases in gas prices by showing zero leadership with development of gas and oil.  Instead, he has made sure oil development, jobs and energy independence could not happen under his reign.   He said “no” to the Canadian oil pipeline project which was also a big “no” to potentially hundreds of thousands of much-needed jobs for struggling Americans.

We have watched Obama slaughter our 1st amendment rights and right to peaceful assemblies while turning our military on our people due to trumped-up terrorist charges.  Obama’s ‘health’ moment for the nation was to force mandated and rationed care on the people with the threat of fines if we do not pay for government-approved health insurance.

As in Obama’s favorite Marxist play books, chaos and assaults on freedom, business and speech are everywhere.  Now, we have Obama’s next assault – freedom of religion.  Thankfully, the Catholic Church has awakened and realized that they cannot reason with this tyrant.  He demands submission to his evil and UN-Biblical views of abortion.  His message to the Catholic church, their hospitals and charities:  “Support abortions, fund abortions, educate about abortions and give abortions!!!”

Let us call this what it is.  Obama is crafting a new, internationalist, amoral, and hybrid religion that he wants…no…demands.  He needs this much as Hitler did, to give the people pabulum, indoctrinate them while in church as to Obama’s beliefs and rules.  Then he can draw people away from the Bible and worship of the REAL God.

Obama has a ‘Unitarian’ type spin with his distorted worldview.  All religions should have a ‘controlled sameness’ except Islam – that should be way above.  Religion should reflect and be controlled by government.  Jesus and the Holy Bible are in the way.

The ‘Unitarian’ view continues on to how Obama views our country.  Not exceptional or as the leader of the free world, but the same as everyone else.  The only majestic mountains Obama wants to see in the distance are the speed bumps in the parking lot he is creating.

Freedom, power, our Judeo-Christian values and ability to excel are ALL under organized attack.  If we do not stop Obama and the progressive turncoat thugs he has surrounding him, we will lose our country, freedom and future.

I predict Obama will try all kinds of schemes and chaos to keep and grow his power.  Between now and November expect a war or major attack to blow up, a growing and unexpected crisis to rise up in America, made-up attacks on Obama and contrived and growing race manipulations.

We already know Obama has studied the playbook of Cloward and Piven and Saul Alinsky.  Expect lies, chaos, distraction and crisis to rise up all over. You must not focus but be manipulated and led like cattle to the slaughterhouse.

Help me make a difference in our country. Stand with me and my outside-the-box Presidential campaign.    I cannot do it without your rising up, showing leadership in your state and getting me signatures signed and sent in to the Secretary of State.  Each state has a specific amount needed for me to get on the ballot.  It has to happen especially in these states.  California, Texas, NY, Florida, PA, IL, OH, NC, GA, VA, WA IN, TN, MO.  These are the big Electoral College states.

I have the guts, vision and ability to get our country back in shape quickly.  We only have five months before the election.  I need volunteers to sign up, network on line, help get donations and get signatures.  I need you NOW if we are going to get this done. Contact:  Media Director:  Sher Zieve  — sher_zieve@yahoo.com  and Team Captain: Al Garza – topgun1@hughes.net

Finally,  help make this movement go viral online.  An independent that is not owned CAN be elected if the people rise up and do it.  You can also contact me at:  www.laurieroth2012.com

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