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by Dr. Laurie Roth, Presidential Candidate

Dr. Laurie Roth is an independent candidate for president

(May 30, 2012) — Our freedom and Constitution have always been priceless.  Their value to most Americans is vividly clear.  The cost of our freedom and country was blood, lives, wealth and treasure.  Americans know that we are the leader of the free world, unique and a Christian nation.  They also know that we are under assault and dangerously compromised now.

Throughout our brief and miraculous history as a country, fearless and visionary leaders have risen up to serve and protect the U.S.A.   Most have not been for sale, but some have given in to the seduction of power, having affairs, and committing crimes.  Most, however, have fought to serve America and do what was right.

With all the blemishes representing our more recent group of Presidents — Nixon, with his lying and eavesdropping; Clinton with his endless affairs, lies and corruption; Bush senior — talking of the New World Order and George Bush sneaking plans for the North American Union, ignoring the border and calling the Minute Men names.  It is most obvious, our list of presidents has been far from perfect and inspired by things other than what was right or Constitutional at times.

Never before, however, have we had an illegal alien ‘usurper’ in the White House for President who appears not to have been born anywhere near Hawaii – Barack Hussein Obama.  Let us look at just how ‘tin-helmet’ my suspicions about Obama are.  From 1991-2007, his own publicist and book PR team published material saying Obama was born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia.  No one fought this then.  Did they just make it up out of thin air?  Obama’s own grandmother and Kenyan government officials have said Obama was born there.  His own wife Michelle said he was from Kenya in an interview.  The fingers pointing to Kenya are numerous.  Add that to the $2 million he has spent to hide all his documents.  Why hide college records, passport records and your birth certificate?  You have something to hide, that is why!

Recently Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his investigator team confirmed that the alleged long-form birth certificate shown to the nation in a press conference last April 27 by Obama was a complete forgery.  Media, leadership in Congress and America had nothing to say.  A sheriff and investigators were confirming what known document examiners had already proven:  that the presented birth certificate was a complete forgery.

On Friday, May 25th I interviewed Sheriff Arpaio’s chief investigator Mike Zullo and Dr. Jerry Corsi.  Both were in Hawaii going deeper into the investigation of Obama and the long-form birth certificate.  They told me that within just a few weeks, Sheriff Arpaio and his Cold Case Posse would have another press conference that would reveal more of what they had found, and it was huge.  They both told me that it was earth-shattering in scope and a possible game-changer.  Though they did not tell me exactly what it was just yet, they did say that what they would reveal was a national security risk and involved an international conspiracy and decades of planning behind Obama.  Dr. Corsi said it was so serious that the Democrat Party might even have to find a different candidate.

When I asked them both what kind of response would be appropriate for such a revelation, they said a Congressional response.  They also thought our asleep-at-the-wheel media would be forced to address this.  We will all find out very soon.

With as many “for sale” signs that have seemingly been painted on members of Congress and the Senate and others running for cover from the ‘eligibility’ issue,  Sheriff Arpiao and his investigator group have not run.  They have stood against the forces of hell and been willing to dig wherever they had to go to find the truth about Obama, regardless of the cost.  Sheriff Arpaio has certainly been threatened and assaulted by the media.

Sheriff Arpaio is not just a wanna-be messiah and attention whore.  He worked for many years in the Justice Department with Eric Holder and has been re-elected many times as sheriff because he is a man of courage, honor and gets the job done.  In contrast, Eric Holder, the current Attorney General is a total, compromised sham.  He was a significant part of the prosecution team against the innocent patriots Agents Ramos and Compean who were arrested for simply doing their jobs as border patrol agents.  Holder looked the other way when members of the New Black Panthers were arrested and convicted of intimidating and threatening voters at precincts; he led in suing several governors and states for simply doing their jobs; he led in the Fast and Furious scandal given hundreds of high-powered weapons to drug cartels, killing countless innocent people and Border Patrol.

Naturally, Holder runs a justice department that way.  His usurper, leader Barack Hussein Obama, inspires him. They should both be thrown out.

As an outside-the-box, presidential candidate, if elected, I would ask Sheriff Arpaio, a real man of courage, integrity and ability, to be Attorney General and impart justice again.

Sadly, so many today think they are all that.  They think they are gutsy conservatives and good UNTIL the cost gets too high.  They then create fiction and reasons for their compromises.  “You have to give something to get something;” “This is the way politics is done;” “This was an attachment on a bill I didn’t have time to read.”

Regardless of the sea of excuses, trying to rescue their sorry egos and cowardly butts, anyone who did vote against the people and the Constitution for the NDAA Bill,  against our 1st Amendment rights and right to peaceful assembly, and for the mandated health care bill, sold out America.  No matter how many church revivals,  therapy sessions and pub visits they go to, they still were for sale.  They thought ‘group think’ and ‘career protection’ were more important than representing ALL the rights of the people.

My hat is off to Sheriff Arpaio, Mike Zullo and the rest of the posse and their fearless work to speak the truth and defend our Constitution and laws.

Pray for their safety and that ALL the truth comes out about Obama and that our leaders have the guts to respond rightly to it.  Also, pray that God will put HIS leader in the White House this next time, not another compromise and sell-out.

Find out more and join me at:  www.laurieroth2012.com  and listen to my show each night 7-10pm PAC at:  www.therothshow.com.

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