Made it Wrong and Making it Worse


by OPOVV, ©2012, Presidential Candidate

Can every American start a Victory Garden, both intellectually and physically?

(May 7, 2012) — It’s really as easy as 1, 2, 3.

1. Institutions of higher learning have been the cradle of the Left ever since the progeny of the rich acquired a misplaced conscience, believing that giving to the poor would solve the problem of the poor, when all along everybody knows that when you give something for nothing you get nothing, a sad fact that Socialists have overlooked.  The “Stop the War” faction during the Vietnam era only resulted in a bloodbath by the NVA, “re-education camps,” and a vacuum the Chinese were quick to exploit in Cambodia via the Khmer Rouge.  Public schools have failed the very students that they were supposed to teach and are continuing the slaughter of young minds through government-mandated affirmative action criteria, teacher unions, and an overall lethargy that learning by rote is preferable to a well-thought-out written argument:  “When in doubt, choose Charlie” is today’s axiom of test-takers.

2. Irrespective of how ironclad a contract is, any contract is only as good as the people who stand behind it.  There exists a contract between a citizen and the government, where a citizen owes the government a certain amount of time, be it actual labor or a payment in the form of money or goods, for, above all, protection from outside influences which would be at odds with what is spelled out in a document called the Constitution, our contract that insures such concepts as freedom of speech, the right to bear arms, and the express duty of every citizen to abolish a government which strays from the principles of the contract.  This contract limits the abusive powers of a government (which no longer supports the will of the people).  Such a government is no longer an instrument of the people, but rather an instrument of destruction, as evidenced in an evaporating confidence that the government can withstand outside influences.  In our case, that would be Islam, a political philosophy that is diametrically opposed to the freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution, specifically freedom of speech.

3. There are no areas of grey, no lines of dispute, in proclaiming the danger of the introduction of Muslims to Western Civilization. Separate laws cannot exist congruently, and even though domestic abuse and murders are condoned by the followers of Muhammad through what is called Sharia Law (respect Islam), such hypocritical behavior has never been condoned in the West, and never will be, for to allow Sharia is to disallow the Constitution, which gives women equal rights and privileges in social (education) and legal (owners of property), matters. Against the will of the people, this government has been actively importing millions of Muslims into our country, has allowed terrorist organizations to operate openly within our borders, and has refused to uphold the immigration laws which were passed to protect the citizens from law-breakers and thieves.  These illegal immigrants have stolen goods and services in the form of welfare, medical, educational, and social services.

If there were a panacea that would allow the citizens to determine fact over fiction, the current government would outlaw it.  Think about my definition for the word “Freedom”: the absence of dependency.  I advocate Victory Gardens, the deportation of Muslims and illegal immigrants, abolishing the Fed, the IRS, and Homeland Security (the modern-day Gestapo), and ending the free ride of “Entitlements.”  If you learn anything from this editorial, learn this:  the ineligible de facto president Obama is a Muslim and his job is to make America an Islamic Caliphate.

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