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by Sharon Rondeau

Page 10 of Power Point presentation being utilized across the country defaming Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III and Darren Wesley Huff as members of the “Sovereign Citizen” movement

(Apr. 30, 2012) — The Post & Email is in possession of training materials used by the FBI across the nation to train law enforcement officers on how to approach those suspected of being members of the “Sovereign Citizen Movement” which one of the narrators claims began in 1992 with the incident at Ruby Ridge, ID involving Randy Weaver.

A CD labeled “Sovereign Citizen Movement and Extremism” which contains several training segments depicting alleged members was produced between June 2011 and September 2011 by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), whose website is flashed on the screen at the conclusion of the presentation with a link to an area of the  website where “law enforcement” can log in to obtain more information.

In October 2010, it was reported that the SPLC was acting as an advisory agency to Obama’s Department of Homeland Security.

The SPLC states on its website that the “Patriot movement” has exploded since 2008 after Obama’s election allegedly because Obama is black and the economy is poor.  The incidents of Ruby Ridge; Waco, TX; and the Oklahoma City bombing mentioned by the SPLC are also pointed out in the training video by a retired ATF agent, James Cavanaugh.  The SPLC considers “sovereign citizens” to be people “whose ideology first developed in white supremacist groups, generally do not believe they are obliged to pay federal taxes, follow most laws, or comply with requirements for driver’s licenses and vehicle registrations.”

An individual who has viewed the training materials commented that the “propaganda” it contained is aimed at “white men.”

One story depicts two violent men, Jerry Kane and his son, who murdered two police officers and injured another in West Memphis, AR.  Another subject is a 69-year-old Tennessee man who stated that he opposes violence and seeks to do “what is right” in keeping with the U.S. Constitution.  A third person labeled a “Sovereign Citizen” is a man giving a training session on bank fraud and the preparation of various documents to a class of adults.

A news report dated April 29, 2012 states that homeowners across the country have joined and launched a “landmark lawsuit” against major federally-chartered banks for allegedly laundering money “alleging that while the Obama Administration was publicly encouraging loan modifications for home owners, it was privately ratifying the formation of these shell companies in violation of the United States Patriot Act, and State and Federal law.”

The Post & Email condemns all violence and extends its condolences, however belatedly, to the families of the 32 officers listed on the video as having been killed in the line of duty since 1995.  We support all law enforcement which serves the public lawfully under very difficult conditions.  In 2007, this writer personally volunteered five hours of time after a police officer was violently killed by a criminal in a nearby town.

Some sections of the training video advise law enforcement personnel to observe the Bill of Rights and civil rights when apprehending suspects and to take proper precautions to avoid any tragic outcomes.

Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III and Darren Wesley Huff are listed and pictured in a PowerPoint presentation which asks the question “What do They Believe?” appearing over their photographs.  The Post & Email will be inquiring of several attorneys if the materials could be grounds for a defamation lawsuit.

Fitzpatrick has a hearing regarding a charge of “tampering with government records” on Monday, April 30, 2012, at 9:00 a.m. in the Monroe County courthouse in Madisonville, TN.  The court clerk, Martha M. Cook, has admitted that she did not sign the documents used to charge Fitzpatrick and perform a search and seizure of his home for the papers.  The person who signed Cook’s name “MM Cook” has not been identified.  Fitzpatrick’s computer and two printers were taken by the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department and have not been returned.  The documents in question have been given to law enforcement, although it is unknown if they were ultimately returned to Monroe County.

Darren Huff remains incarcerated after having been convicted of transporting a firearm in interstate commerce with the intent to use them in a civil disturbance on April 20, 2010.  Huff has denied intending to cause harm, stating that he traveled to Madisonville to give moral support to Fitzpatrick at an assignment hearing scheduled for that day.  Other local news reports erroneously reported that Fitzpatrick had arrested the grand jury foreman on April 1 over issues regarding Obama’s legitimacy to hold office and that Huff was “armed to the gills” and planned to “join a mob of Obama birthers” on April 20.  Huff has stated that he never displayed his guns after arriving in Madisonville and testified to the same during his trial.

Fitzpatrick and Huff have their own Wikipedia entry in regard to Obama’s eligibility, which was not the issue on April 1 or on April 20, 2010.

It is believed that an Obama operative told the FBI or another law enforcement entity that a “takeover” of the Monroe County courthouse and the town of Madisonville was planned for April 20, which generated a presence of approximately 100 officers consisting of a SWAT team, sniper team, bomb- and drug-sniffing dogs, Tennessee Highway Patrol, local police, FBI and TBI agents.  Local news reports stated that an FBI affidavit affirmed that as many as “14 people” were carrying guns that day.  However, no arrests were made, and people who traveled to attend the hearing reported having been denied entry to the courthouse.  William L. Bryan bragged on the internet that he was responsible for the police deployment in Madisonville that day but does not appear to have been questioned by the FBI.

Fitzpatrick has stated that he made no arrangements for April 20 other than to attend the assignment hearing as a condition of his probation following the citizen’s arrest and his subsequent arrest.  He denies ever having been part of a “militia” and served 25 years in the U.S. Navy, having been discharged honorably in 1995.  He told The Post & Email that the extraordinary police presence on April 20, 2010 was “unnecessary” because he had asked for the support of local law enforcement in advance of carrying out the citizen’s arrest.

A “pre-trial affidavit” from an FBI agent allegedly stated that “Huff said he was ready to die for his rights and what he believed in,” which does not equate to a statement of a plan to commit violence or a “civil disturbance.”  Another affidavit referenced by the Associated Press allegedly stated that “Huff told officers at a traffic stop that he and others planned to travel to Madisonville in April 20 to assist military retiree Walter F. Fitzpatrick in making citizens arrests.”  However, April 20 was the date of a court hearing following the April 1 citizen’s arrest.

District Attorney General R. Steve Bebb stated that April 20, 2010 “was the tensest day we ever had” and that several people were seen carrying guns, though no one was arrested.  However, on April 30, Darren Huff was taken into custody, ten days after the hearing in Madisonville.

The Post & Email is also mentioned in the PowerPoint presentation, although written inaccurately and without the internet url address.

U.S. Attorney William C. Killian is seeking an “upward departure” for Huff, whose sentencing has been postponed three times since February 29, 2012.  Killian is urging Judge Thomas Varlan to impose a sentence of five years and has labeled him a “militia extremist.”

Fitzpatrick has demonstrated that in Monroe County, judges choose the grand jury and trial jury members in violation of state law.  The Post & Email  has seen evidence that a large amount of personal information is collected on prospective jurors, and Fitzpatrick stated that he witnessed Judge Amy Reedy personally selecting jurors on December 7, 2011.  Defendants in the county are routinely denied their Fifth and Sixth Amendment rights, as stated by a Tennessee appeals court in an egregious case of deception of a jail inmate.  These violations of law are not mentioned in the training materials in regard to the entries on Huff and Fitzpatrick, nor is the claim of extraordinary police brutality.

The judge presiding over Fitzpatrick’s probable cause hearing on January 17, 2012 stated three times that a judge would choose a special grand jury to review the latest charge against him.

On November 17, 2011, Capt. Pat Wilson of the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department told Fitzpatrick that he was a subject of FBI training materials.  Fitzpatrick has reported that 11 members of the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department have resigned or been fired since he began speaking out about corruption in the spring of 2010.  After many eyewitness accounts of horrendous conditions within the Monroe County jail, The Post & Email has learned that the facility has been placed under a “Plan of Action” and must either make significant renovations or be closed permanently.  The conditions in the jail have not been made public by the local media.

Having visited the Knoxville office of the FBI on numerous occasions, Fitzpatrick has told several agents that he is not a “Sovereign Citizen,” but rather, is seeking to uphold the U.S. Constitution and the government which it supports.

When visited by an FBI agent and state trooper on February 7, 2012, The Post & Email was advised by the FBI agent to be wary of “Sovereign Citizens” and report anything we deemed suspicious.  We then explained to the agent that our Founders intended that every citizen was intended to be a sovereign over his government, and Alabama Supreme Court Justice Tom Clark appears to agree.  Very recently, U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia also mentioned sovereignty in regard to the 50 states.

Although mainstream news reports of the events of April 20, 2010 in Madisonville described an “FBI affidavit” stating that people had been armed that day, the FBI has issued a response to The Post & Email’s FOIA request stating that no such affidavit exists, which will be reported on in more depth in the near future along with further detail on the contents of the FBI training materials.

Top photo of page 10 of Power Point presentation depicting Fitzpatrick as a member of the category of “Sovereign Citizens”
Middle photograph of page 10 showing a photograph of Fitzpatrick over the caption, “Fitzpatrick’s Plight”
Bottom of page 10 showing a photo of Darren Huff describing him as a “self proclaimed member of the Oathkeepers.”

Another FBI category of “Sovereign Citizens” is labeled “the Birthers,” who “contest President Obama’s constitutional eligibility to hold office…based on the belief he was not born in the United States and has provided a forged Hawaiian birth certificate.”  On March 1, 2012, a law enforcement investigation stated that Obama had provided a “computer-generated forgery” to the public on April 27, 2011.  Recent reports state that Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio will be releasing more investigative research in the near future on Barack Hussein Obama, who on April 28, 2012 appeared to joke about his alleged name, birthplace, and birth parents.  Some believe that all of those items are a fabrication and part of a “synthetic identity.”

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  1. The logic of the SPLC escapes me as does the willingness of LEO to buy into it.

    Everyone is a sovereign citizen by legal definition. I am a sovereign citizen of VT, my birthplace, with equal rights and protection in any state I reside in. That is how the Constitution is set up and that’s the end of it for me. But that select minority of violent nut cakes that take the meaning of sovereign citizen to the level of murder are just that; a minority and insane.

    The subset of the sovereign citizen “movement”, if there actually is such a functional thing, who are non-violent probably hold a majority. George was one of them. But he was caught in the spin and is now suffering for that, unnecessarily and unfairly. George took it to the next level but was non-violent about it.

    Walt and Darren never fussed with the sovereign citizen issues, both are non-violent; Darren in particular was the Chaplain in his (non-violent) militia group. But Walt and Darren have become the poster children for the LEO in targeting the sovereign citizen movement. And by association, Oathkeepers, veterans in general, and original constitutionalists, especially, are implicated.

    Anyone who talks with Walt or Darren for ten minutes realizes what they are up to and agree with them. Darren kept the LEO on that April 20th for 45 minutes after the traffic stop was all over and read them chapter and verse from the Constitution and spoke of inalienable rights and how he was within his rights to do what he was doing. They all agreed. That, apparently, was why it took ten days to gin up the charges against him.

    The whole scenario parallels the story of the general and the newspaper reporter who complained about the military being trained killers.

    Everyone is a sovereign citizen but few trip out and commit murder. The general pointed out that the reporter had all the equipment and experience, no doubt, to be a prostitute, but probably wasn’t.

    If I found myself in a seriously confrontational situation, the person I would most want at my back would be a combat veteran, because he would be the least likely to become violent. However, if violence did erupt . . .

    Veterans are being pro-active in working to return to constitutional government. Veterans will do everything in their power to prevent the need for anarchy. They have been there, done that . . . So why are they being persecuted so unmercilessly?

    Is it possible that we have a federal government that is so totally out of control that it does not want a return to the Constitution? This is the stuff that conspiracies are made of!

  2. Old people turn to odd pursuits to amuse themselves. Someone had given me a copy of the Intelligence Report (SPLC magazine). The subscription is free so I subscribed and scan thru the magazine each month. They write up truly bizarre stuff. The guy that runs it as well as some of the stuff are homosexual so there is that spin but the liberal bent is very evident.
    The only LEO that we have good access to are the Sheriffs. They are constitutional officers and are therefore elected. It would be pro-active to ask any sheriffs on the stump some hard constitutional questions. One of the good questions would be if he was familiar with the work of Sheriff Richard Mack.

  3. Just a cursory investigation of the SPLC will reveal that, even though they proclaim they are “anti bigot”, “anti rascist”, and are the champions of Civil Rights, nothing could be further from reality. Their support of the de facto president Hussein Obama is based on the color of his skin rather than the content of his character. The “Entitlement Philosophy” is just another name for slavery, yet the SPLC is advocating the fallacy that the role of the government is to provide jobs, with no consideration of the private sector which relies on a work ethic http://www.thepostemail.com/2011/03/03/work-ethic-what-work-ethic/ . But the most egregious lack of community responsibility is the SPLC’s total silence on the civil rights violations of women who are the victims of beatings and honor killings and the role of the Nation of Islam in the communities that they proclaim they represent.
    They say that ignorance breeds contempt, and if that’s the case, then that makes the SPLC guilty of the very charges that they level against their imagined enemies: those who support the Constitution are, by definition, on the side of freedom, justice and liberty for all, irrespective of perceived “color”.
    I’m sure that the ties between the SPLC, the FBI and the DOJ make them a one-minded syndicate, much to the detriment of us all.

  4. The SPLC are a clever bunch of communists. They include the Oathkeepers, for instance, with groups that Darren and Walt were affiliated with. Oathkeepers are not anti-government nor do they condone the sovereign citizen movement but this tactic on the part of the SPLC is guilt by association.
    And so are other “patriot” groups that challenge the fedgov overreach. It seems that the big difference between the nut cakes and the patriots are that the patriots stand for the Constitution and the laws made in pursuant, thereof.
    Mounds of paperwork have been filed on Walt’s behalf and I expect more will be filed for Darren but it has all been to the letter of the law. Nothing has been attempted from archaic law or law not found in precedent. But the SPLC spin got both branded as sovereign citizens and as a result bad shakes in jury trials.
    The unfairness factor sets in when we have to be squeaky clean in support of the Constitution or else end up in jail.

  5. Recall that it was not Obama who issued the “Patriot Act”. Not re-electing Obama will not stop the federal government’s rush to gain more control thru destruction of inalienable rights.
    What Walt is fighting for is more apt to yield better results. Obama is small potatoes compared to the greater need to reclaim the power of the citizens grand jury.
    The sovereign citizens are a false flag used to hassle anyone who stands up for the Constitution.

  6. A nation under judgement for going away from God can only expect more of the same until they come to realize they are being led into oblivion by the devil. Recommended reading “Harbinger” by Johnathan Cahn and viewing, the DVD “Isaiah 9:10 Judgement”

  7. I wonder just how many FBI agents do visit the SPLC site? I was under the impression that the FBI only hired people with all the right qualifications including a scholastic aptitude capable of comprehending the patriotic duty they will be performing in protecting this nation from overthrow. While every agency has had it’s security measures breached it has been portrayed as single individuals not groups or even large sections of our government. In any case there ought to be more patriotic Americans employed than traitors, dupes and subversives. At some point I expect a purge of the latter persons from all public employment. I don’t think they’ll go quietly though, they never do.

  8. The sociopaths are running the country. What do you expect? Do you expect these people to have a conscience? Never happen. They’re criminals and sociopaths, and need to be removed from positions of trust as they have violated their terms of employment and the terms of their oaths.

  9. Good job Sharon. The information shows many of us who really love our country to be enemies of the state. How can that be? We truly love and want a constitutional government without violence. If our court systems were what they were supposed to be this would not be occuring in America. Much prayer is needed. Thanks for such enlightening articles and keep on keepin on……

  10. “WE the People” were ALL “Soverign Citizens” until the FIRST TRAITORS reared their ugly heads in the 41st Congress and created this 1871 Illegal, De Facto Government/CABAL that is “RULING” and “RUINING” America and responsible for U.S. losing our “Soverignity” and becoming “Corporate Strawmen”, FOREVER INDEBTED to our Government!!
    For 141 years the “TRAITORS to the Constitution” Progressives, Communists, “New World Order”,i.e.:Rothschilds, Bilderbergers, Vanderbilts, Carnegies, Rockerfellers, and hundreds of others have quietly, while lurking if their “Deep, Dark and Damp Vamipre Caves” been Altering, Amending, Deleting, what was the “Constitution of the United States of America, and that for which she STOOD!!
    What exists in the World today is the culmination of these years of Corruption, Deceit, and the thirst for “World Domination”, which will in the end FAIL, because the Human Animal will only be subjected to a certain amount of “Pain and Suffering” before they Rebel, and in that case you will see first-hand in the U.S.A. the same results that are evident in the Countries of Europe!!
    ALL, well planned, organized and being brought to fruition by these members of the “NWO” and their “Lackie Puppets”, and Croonies!!
    Our “KING, “O” and his minions have masterfully implemented their “Plan of Domination”, the Infamous “Executive Order” for Martial Law looms as the “Sword of Damacleses” poised to strike any Rebellion down and Insure the total creation of “‘Da United SOCIALIST States ov AmeriKa!”
    “WE the People” wait and watch in terror of the events to come and UNFORTUNATELY continue to “DO, NOTHING!!”
    Enjoy your “SERFDOM and SERVITUDE”, You asked for it!!

  11. Most people simply have no idea of what the true state of affairs is in this country nor the extent to which government(s) will go to retain their ill-gotten and usurped power. I hope Fitzpatrick and Huff are able to sue the pants off of those agencies which have them posted as sovereigns in such a manner. The fact that the sovereign movement is totally justified in what they believe, is, of-course, irrelevant to the evil people who now control everything. The fact is, this country, as well as most of the rest of the world, has been totally taken over by those who would rule the world – ie the New World Order One World Government proponents – and they have absolutely stolen the power that they now wield. A lie by any other name is still a lie and by the same token theft by any other name is still theft. How in God’s name do we fight such evil-doers? How do we overcome? I pray to God that Obama is defeated in November but I don’t doubt for one minute that “the powers that be” will put him back into “office” one way or another.