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April 30, 2012

Alaska joined the Union on January 3, 1959 as the 49th state


You are aware that there have been numerous litigation cases in the Federal and State Courts that have made presentations of criminal “Document Fraud” that question the qualification of Barack Obama Jr. to hold the Office of President of the United States by attempting to show that the “Birth Certificate” of Barack Obama is not a legitimate Document.

I have brought a case before the Alaska Division of Elections that is different from other litigation that has been before the Federal and State Courts, the difference being that I don’t bring the question of “Document Fraud,” but make a demand for the production of “verified” ‘Documents of Eligibility’ for Barack Hussein Obama II to appear on the Election Ballots for the State of Alaska.  Below is the “Menu” of the Pleadings that I have filed with the most updated Documents to be filed at (Part II).

What would I like to see from the Media?  The Media may help by writing letters to the Director of the Alaska Division of Elections and other State “Secretary of State” making a demand that they produce a copy of the “verified” Documents that they are relying upon that shows Barack Obama Jr. has the “Qualifications of Office” to appear on the Election Ballots of their State.  This really is the question to raise as if there are no Documents on file in the Administrative Record of the States, then there is no authority for Barack Obama Jr. to appear on the Election Ballots.

I can use some help in following through with my Complaints.  As I am getting along in age and as I am now unemployed, I find myself without funds to pay the “Filing Fees” for Court appearances or pay the “Fees” for Legal Counsel to present the below Documents of the Administrative Record into a Court of Law for review.  I am open for suggestions.

Why is it that only the “poor” of the Middle Class shows any “cares” for the preservation of the United States Constitution and for the preservation of their Republican Form of Government??  Could it be that the “wealthy” of our Nation just don’t care and they haven’t the time to get involved.

Thank You for your time and suggestions.

Gordon Warren Epperly
P.O. Box 34358
Juneau, Alaska  99803

Tel: (907) 789-5659

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