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by Sharon Rondeau

(Apr. 28, 2012) — On April 25, Obama appeared on “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” with a band named The Roots to “‘slow-jam the news.”

To this writer, Obama appeared gaunt, haggard, and with black circles under his eyes.  When introducing himself, Obama stuttered when he said, “I’m President O…” and then restated it:  “I’m President Barack Obama…”

Obama had been at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill speaking to students about his plan to prevent interest rates from rising on student loans because of a loss of subsidy, which is slated to occur effective July 1, 2012.  Obama believes that “higher education…is a necessity.”  The Fallon staff traveled to North Carolina, where Obama was, to tape the episode, which aired at 12:35 a.m. the next morning.

Despite the show having been prerecorded, a “live” studio audience was shown before Obama made his entrance.

Obama’s trip to North Carolina and then Colorado was reported as part of a campaign to “woo the youth vote.”

In a musical sense, “slow jams” are a “smooth blend of the best R&B songs.”  The “hip-hop” style of music is included in a syndicated radio program called “Sunday Night Slow Jams” started by a 16-year-old who constructed his own studio and now broadcasts in over 70 cities worldwide.

While Obama gave his campaign pitch about student loan interest rates on the Fallon segment, the band “The Roots” accompanied and inserted an occasional vocal solo.  The Roots is the “house band” for Fallon’s television program.  The lead singer, Tariq Trotter, is better-known as “Black Thought” and reportedly performed the “crooning” during Obama’s appearance.

On The Roots’ 2006 CD entitled “Game Theory,” it is stated under the title, “The Roots are mad as h***, and they’re not gonna take it anymore.  Between 9/11, the war on terror, Hurricane Katrina, stolen elections, steep gas prices, and illegal wiretaps, recent events have taken a toll”  The group’s music features rap and hip-hop genres.  One reviewer described the musical style used by Obama and The Roots as “soul groove.”

One of the members of The Roots, Malik B., has a solo album entitled “Street Assault.”  The Roots will be touring on both the East and West Coasts this year.

The term “slow-jam” may have another connotation to which we will not link in the event that children are reading.

At the end of Obama’s segment, he unceremoniously dropped the microphone on the floor, after which Fallon dropped his.

Fallon “slow-jammed the news” following the passage of Obama’s health care bill with NBC’s Brian Williams playing the more serious part and Fallon clearly uttering innuendo.  The bill is now under review by the U.S. Supreme Court for its constitutionality.   Williams is Fallon’s regular slow-jam guest.

The Republican National Committee featured Mitt Romney in a campaign ad which spliced in sections from Obama’s performance, stressing the high unemployment rate even with those possessing college degrees.

TIME Magazine asserted that “This whole music thing is really working out for President Barack Obama. The President got all Justin Timberlake on us by joining “Late Night With Jimmy Fallon” on Tuesday on the campus of the University of North Carolina to “slow-jam the news” in front of the live audience with the Roots playing some soulful R&B in the background.”

During a spoken interview with Fallon, Obama stated that he enjoys “having a couple of beers” with his dog, Bo, in the “presidential man-cave.”

Breitbart.com has reported that Obama’s appearance on the Fallon show violated campaign law because the time given to Obama to promote his political views is an in-kind contribution.  “This was a campaign commercial for Obama, and the Obama campaign was not charged for it,” Breitbart said.

Obama’s campaign was accused last year of breaking the law by filming a campaign ad in the White House, which is a federal building, although the campaign alleges no wrongdoing took place.  Questions have also arisen about sales of a family photo taken by the official White House photographer to raise campaign funds.

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  1. Bari Shabazz is a sham but has had many people in line to help him climb the stairs. A pseudo intellect and pretender/teleprompter reader, he has achieved the goals of shadowing his father Malcolm X and following Dr. Fred Newman’s lifetime dream of forcing America to suffer which could only be done through a committed network of socialist/Communist sympathizers and fellows of atheist/anti-American beliefs. Though it has gotten this far, I think America may wake up before the train wrecks and someone pulls the emergency stop. Expatriation is slowly on the rise and many veterans, former government employees and others have said “I’ve had it, enough is enough!” Many reports have shown people leaving the U.S. for anywhere they feel may be a relief from the madness and total loss of control by the people to form the government we need that works. In the meantime, the criminals continue to fill their pockets with stolen goods and money, prostitutes, kickbacks, criminal activities from inside the system, wild parties in Vegas with the champain and ladies of the night on taxpayers money, you name it, the skys the limit! Holder’s “Fast And Furious” has to take the winning number for “no accountability” or just “stupid” ideology and agenda’s of the current “Democratic Party” aka “shim sham” of criminal robbery and to make fools of many of the good law enforcement people we have in most of our departments that work hard and put their life on the line to try to solve crime and do what is right by law. Sheriff Joe Arpaio and others who recently have stood up against Holder and his lies and coverups have been pummeled by Bari and his Muslim creeps. It’s not easy to knock down a 50 year law man and I’m behind Joe as a Veteran and patriot and pray to see the day when he has all these goons and morons lined up to go to the big house for attempting to disassemble America and what it stands for and the people that gave their life recently and in the past to make America what it is. America, you are the “sleeping giant” and it is time for you to come to life and put these people where they belong for Treason, Perjury and Election Fraud and destroying millions of lives, veterans careers and little people in America. They have come like a thief in the night, but they do not know what our God has in store for them, they belong to Satan and their time grows short.