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by Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III

The state of Tennessee appears to have done away with due process rights guaranteed by its state constitution and the U.S. Constitution to every defendant

(Apr. 27, 2012) — They have done everything they can to evade the truth and prevent them from facing a criminal consequence, and they’re pretty cocky about it.  The day I was arrested back on October 27, 2010, when those guys beat me up, broke into my home, pulled me out and tased me, they said, “Who are you kidding, Fitzpatrick?  We’re not afraid of the FBI!! Who are you kidding?”  Pat Wilson, Trent Prock, Michael Morgan…Two of those three guys aren’t around anymore.

By the way, the FBI has the same disc that you have, Sharon.  So does the Sweetwater Police Department.  Two law enforcement agencies, state and federal, who have jurisdiction over Conway Mason, who is a criminal, breaking and entering in an unlawful search and seizure and arrest…and J. Reed Dixon is involved in this.  And the Chancery Court judge is involved in this…his name is on the CD, which I can’t play because my equipment has been stolen from me by the police.  I can’t make a copy of it because my equipment has been stolen from me by the police.

With all of these people, I don’t have a charge in front of me.  And look who’s advancing these documents.  They’re building a house on quicksand and they know it.  Paul Rush knows it; everybody knows it.  “But what are you going to do, Walt?  How are you going to stop us?”

There’s something that’s percolating here.  I also have spoken to people about the connection to Jim Miller’s murder. It’s not only that they’ve locked up Darren Huff as an innocent man; it’s not what they’ve done to me and the threats that I’ve faced and the kinds of punitive, jack-boot thuggery that I’ve experienced; they shot Jim Miller dead.  I held this information under guard for a long time because the guy who gave it to me was looking to us it as leverage to get himself a lighter sentence, and I said, “Rick…Mr. Crawley” (his name is already out there), I will not betray your confidence.  Well, after a long time passed and it became clear that it wasn’t going to work out that way, I requested permission from Mr. Crawley through his dad to release the information.  Once we got that clearance, the information was made publicly available to the U.S. Marshals’ Service; it’s been released to the FBI; it’s been talked about since.  It’s out there; it’s public.

Folks can decide whether they want to repeat the names:  “Boonie Stokes, Brandon Steele, and Ricky Hilton;” that’s up to them.  But it’s out there.  Jessica Kennedy Powers did not do this by herself.  I don’t think she had any direct connection to this at all; and Jim Stutts is trying to create another fiction.  We know that Jim Stutts created a fiction as it went to the case against Michael Ellington.  That was nothing but pure fiction. They can do whatever they want.

We’ve talked about these two documents that are forgeries that have now been advanced through a fake grand jury.  No judge has declared lawful Mr. Pettway’s standing or Ms. Tennyson’s standing.  They have remained silent.  No judge has said, “They’re legal.”  And the same, for that matter, for Angela Davis, and the guy who was in the grand jury on the first of December 2010:  Don Weiss, who was the foreman on the day when I came in and thought they might accept the treason complaint.  He was the head of the panel of three.  None of them are legal.  We have a letter from Ms. Cook that says they have no appointing orders; they have no records of a legal foreman, which is consistent with the fact that they haven’t had one.

The big picture here is that the consequence here to the state of Tennessee and to the federal government is enormous.  They have innocent people locked up right now; we don’t know the extent of the criminal escapade; we don’t know the consequences of this yet, and it will take years to uncover.  We may never know the full extent of the kind of destruction this has caused in this community, in families, to the fabric of our government.  We will never know how much damage has been done here.  We just know that it’s been a lot, and it’s ongoing, and they’re trying to continue in this practice.  They’re doing everything they can up to the point of murder to continue doing this and not get caught themselves.  That’s what’s going on.  And what are they trying to do?  They are trying to continue to operate a government that does not recognize a jury.  That’s the big deal.  We don’t use juries here in East Tennessee.  And by the way, because we have no oversight of the judges, we have judges who are nothing but criminals, every single one of them.  There’s not one judge in this state that gets any kind of accolade from me because any one of them could stand up and say, “My colleagues have been breaking the law for a very, very long time.”  There’s not one judge who has stood up against this; instead, they are continuing this because they know where this goes.  And then they protect themselves.  Jon Kerry Blackwood gave Baumgartner a slap on the hand.  Baumgartner should be doing time in a state or federal prison.  Instead, he’s walking around a free man.  How much money has this Baumgartner cost the state of Tennessee?  Look what he’s done to the families in this horrendous murder that is going to be tried again.

[Editor’s Note:  Other verdicts of Baumgartner’s have been overturned by Judge Jon Kerry Blackwood.  Baumgartner was ultimately disbarred by the Tennessee Supreme Court last October.]

Everywhere in the state of Tennessee you will find corruption, and that’s what locally they are trying to stop cold in its tracks.  The hard, physical evidence of Amy Reedy picking two grand juries plus the other 12 juries for the 2012 term is in the hands of the FBI.  The disk that had Mr. Rush and Ms. Cook trying to advance two known forgeries…the FBI has that, too.  And instead of acting on that information or anything else that you have been told, the U.S. Attorney is naming Darren Huff as somebody who intended to kidnap government officials here back on April 20, 2010.  That’s what we’re looking at here.

There’s nothing being reported about Mr. Graham’s court challenge, and the guy who heard that first was Carroll Lee Ross.  It’s just massive; it’s epic in its proportion.  It’s colossal, and everybody knowsEverybody knows!  But hey, Fitzpatrick, Sharon, what are you guys going to do about it?  You’re right, what am I going to do about it?  Not much else I can think of.

Mr. Graham is at the Northwest Correctional Complex, which is at 960 State Route 212, Tiptonville, TN  38079.  Mr. Graham’s DOC # is 121382.  Mr. Graham’s attorney is Mr. Tyler Weiss.

We have everything in our possession that we need, and there are pressure points coming to this from every direction.  I don’t know where or even if this is going to break, but I know that there’s been a tremendous amount of pressure and I know that we’re having an effect on these people because of what they’re doing to me, what they did to Jim Miller, and what they’re doing to Darren Huff.  In this political environment right now, and in the days that we’re waiting for this Judge Varlan to decide what Darren Huff should get as a sentence, there’s enough information available publicly now to release Darren completely and then start asking questions about why he was acted against and the way he was acted against in the first place.  Everybody I talk to who sees this information is amazed.  You ran into this yourself when you talked to XXXX.  When they hear about this for the first time, people say, “You’re kidding…this isn’t going on.”  But it is going on.

There was supposedly an FBI affidavit that said that 14 people were armed on April 20th.  Well, give us the names, and…so what?  People who came to the hearing that day wanted to get in to the courthouse and would not have been able to carry a gun into the courthouse, which is consistent with the fact that they were not personally armed.  Everybody who came that day expected to get in to the hearing, which is another way of saying that nobody was carrying.  It wasn’t until they tried to get in that they found out that they would be denied.  The judge was escorted in by Tennessee State Patrol.  No one was carrying; no one. 

By the way, it’s the mainstream media which said that it was my intent that day with Darren to arrest Pettway because he had failed to advance an indictment against Mr. Obama.  That’s nothing but a lie.  We weren’t going to do anything that day.  There was no arrest plan in place.  There was nothing for me or anybody else to do that day except attend the hearing.  And that’s all anybody came to do.  You don’t have to tell anybody that you’re going to attend a hearing; you just come.  Everything that happened with Mr. Pettway happened on April 1.  And by the way, Judge Carroll Lee Ross called that “riot.”  And of course, then the two felonies came rolling along form the grand jury of June 3, 2010 with Ms. Angela Davis at the helm, the fake foreman, the judge advocate who was meeting with other coworkers on the 2010 grand jury. That was challenged and ignored, and then Carroll Lee Ross accusing me of being the person responsible for the dark cloud that now is over this fine community; we’ve got Mr. Pettway installed for 20 years; we’ll keep him here for  20 more if we want to.  “He’s doing a great job for us; who are you to tell us otherwise?”

Then there’s the doctored transcript with Denise Barnes…the overarching issue here is that judicial officials have taken over our government, and they’re running one that has found it convenient and appropriate and efficient and efficacious, time-saving and extraordinarily lucrative, a very profitable enterprise, to lock people up without using a jury…to prosecute them, punish them, fine them, keep them in some condition of probation that keeps them under the thumb…this is cannibalism.  They are feeding on their own community.  They’ve decided that they’re not going to use a jury anymore, and there’s not one judge, not one attorney, not one court clerk, not one judicial official, no jurist…no one in this state, not one legislator, not one chief executive, no one can come and point to any group and say, “Here’s your jury.”  No, you can’t do that.  We have defeated that argument completely, and anybody who tries to raise up the argument are beaten up or locked up or punished in some other way, or they’re accused of “kidnap” or “attempted kidnap” or “attempted bomb-throwing,…” or at this extreme, they get confronted and murdered in a mob-style hit and thrown in the trunk of a Crown Victoria car and the car is set on fire.  We’ve talked about this.  That was a signal into the community, a message being sent:  “Don’t try this at home, folks.  If you go after the government like Mr. Miller” – and everybody knows what happened to Jim Miller – That was personal, Sharon.  They set him on fire; they threw him in his car and set the man on fire after they shot him three times in the head.  That was vicious; that was violent.  And then the calls came into me…”Hey, shipmate, you’re next.”


Editor’s Note:  A “Response to the Defendant’s Sentencing Memorandum” from the U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Tennessee, William C. Killian, states on page 6:

…Clearly personally observing the arrest of Walter Fitzpatrick on April 1, 2010, for a violation of Tennessee law for attempting to arrest a State grand jury foreman under the same sham “Citizens’ Arrest Warrant” that the Defendant was continuing to try and execute on April 20, 2010, served as no deterrence to him.  The Court has already determined that a violation of Section 231(a)(2) by the Defendant is a crime of violence, wherein he took affirmative action in part to seek to enforce a bogus “Citizens’ Arrest Warrant and indicated his intent to use force if he deemed it necessary…

A citizen’s arrest is deemed legal by Tennessee state code.

The Sweetwater Police Department has apparently refused to investigate the robbery of Fitzpatrick’s personal effects which occurred in late January 2012.  After interviewing Fitzpatrick and two people who assisted him to relocate from his previous address in Sweetwater, the investigation does not appear to have come to fruition despite the fact that eyewitnesses know who perpetrated the crime.  The Sweetwater police are also aware that Monroe County judges hand-pick the grand juries, which is a violation of TCA 22-2-314.

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  1. It is painful to read this. It makes me sick.

    What kind of people, in positions of trust and responsibility, would act like this? All of those judges, officials, and law enforcement people in Tennessee are nothing more than thugs and traitors.

    Our American values seem to have disappeared, and nobody cares.

    At what point did the people in power conclude that the rule of law is no longer in effect? It happened right in front of our noses, but we apparently did not realize it was happening.

    I agree with Walter – we must regain access to legitimate grand juries. It is now clear that without a legitimate grand jury, the rights of the people, so carefully protected by the Framers, are nothing more than words in a dusty old documemnt.

    When the people finally recover their freedom, these criminals must pay a high price for their treachery.

    I am reminded of a quote from John Adams:

    “Oh posterity!

    “You will never know how much it cost us to preserve your freedom. I hope that you will make a good use of it. If you do not, I shall repent in heaven that I ever took half the pains to preserve it.”

    I am afraid that John Adams in Heaven is repenting of the pains he and others took to preserve our liberty.

    I salute Walter and his courage. I fear for his life, but he seems to be determined to remain on the path he has chosen.

    The saddest part of this ugly story is that so few Americans in Monroe County have shown the same courage and devotion to the Constitution that Walter has displayed.

  2. To Whomever; Please forward this note to US Attorney William C. Killian.
    Thank You.
    Dear “Little Billy” Killian;
    Normally I’d show some semblance of respect for your position, but your take on the Walter Francis Fitzpatrick III case, which you documented on April 4, 2011, is quite a few steps beyond a cognizant understanding of the law. Perhaps you studied the same law that the US Attorney General did, because he doesn’t understand his Oath to the Constitution either.
    I’d feel sorry for you but I know you know better, and you’re no better than Benedict Arnold. You are one sorry excuse: why don’t you do the right thing, and uphold the Oath that you took? You think your pension is worth more than the regret of standing tall and doing the right thing? It’s not. This Obama madness is but a fleeting circus, and you’re on the wrong side of the fence.
    I humbly suggest you get your act together, but I know you won’t: you don’t even know what these words mean, but the other hundreds of thousands who are reading this in the Post & Email know.
    At least I can say that I tried,
    Thomas G. MacLeran, aka OPOVV

  3. The Amazement of it all is in just where did the Corruption, disrespect for the “Laws of the Land” and this “Band of Thieves” assemble themselves and with the “Aid and Comfort” from Whom??
    I, as do many others have suspicions as to what Entities are responsible, and find it Dispicable!!
    GOD’S SPEED, Shipmate!!