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by Sharon Rondeau

Dr. James David Manning has a Christian ministry in Harlem, NY

(Apr. 25, 2012) — Dr. James David Manning has reported that his wife, Elizabeth, who is active in his ministry, was confronted by five people on the street while on her way to a fellowship breakfast for needy women and children.

“They’ve been doing this all week long,” Dr. Manning said.  “They’re trying to intimidate.  They are dumbfounded that we are doing this because this doesn’t fit their pigeonhole identity of us…”  He stated that the perpetrators were wearing chains and black jackets.  Dr. Manning reported that his wife told the would-be intimidators that they “were not invited to the program” and walked away.

Both Dr. and Mrs. Manning have been active in the Harlem community ministering to the sick, feeding the hungry and “fighting evil,” as Dr. Manning states in the video.  He believes the five people were “plants; maybe Secret Service agents.”

Manning has aggressively sought documentation proving who Barack Hussein Obama is and held a citizens’ jury trial in May 2010 which found Obama guilty of fraud and treason.  Manning stated that a team of citizen investigators found that Obama “never attended Columbia University,” as he states in his public life story.

Manning said the accosters were in their “mid-20s sent to try to shut down” the breakfast program.  He has asked his listeners to pray for them and for financial support.  “We have got this community now on the run, because they see what we’re doing and they can’t call us haters,” he said.  “They know that Obama hasn’t done anything for the community.”

In November 2009, members of the U.S. Secret Service and the Department of Homeland Security visited Manning purportedly because of comments he made, reproduced in a video, about stopping Obama from turning the country into “a communist nation” and advising Tea Party members to “get on the [issue of the] birth certificate.”

Manning’s ministry is located near the Apollo Theater, where Obama recently “performed” and Malcolm X often visited.

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  1. What these evil people are quickly having to acknowledge is: not only is there a living, breathing God, He is omniscient! They can’t fool Him! Or hide behind their evil acts.

    They’re seeing that God is all-powerful! They’ll never defeat Him!

    Woe to those who continue to defy Him. From way off in the hills, I hear their knees wobbling.

  2. A couple of years ago a friend sent me one of Dr. Mannings Youtubes via email. At first I thought this guy was way over the top and that most people would see him as a “kook.” I was not fully aware at the time as to how corrupt Barack Hussein Obama was and as I began to do my own internet investigation into what was being reported about the man’s criminal activity I understood why Dr. Manning was so upset with the guy. Obama is as evil as they come and Christians should be as upset with him as Dr. Manning is.

    We were all recently bombarded with horrible allegations made about Herman Cain and when the media, both liberal and conservative, were though dragging his good name through the mud based solely on allegations the country was led to believe that Herman Cain was a sexual pervert and he was forced out of of the Republican race. Well, that really ticked me off (I am a vet so you now have two ticked-off vets) and every chance I get I let people know that based on allegations and a sworn affidavit by Larry Sinclair we have elected a “long-legged mac-daddy” for President. I am a Dr. Manning fan!