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by Sharon Rondeau

"Madame Butterfly" was originally a short story published in 1898 by John Luther Long

(Apr. 24, 2012) — In an earlier article, The Post & Email quoted from a post at Pen Johansson’s “The Daily Pen” blog dated July 22, 2011 which stated that “There is evidence suggesting the misspelling of the word “TXE” in the offical [sic] Hawaii Department of Health stamp found on Obama’s Certificate of Live Birth is intentional.”

After Obama released what was represented to be a certified copy of his long-form birth certificate last April 27 to allegedly quell rising doubts that he was born in Hawaii and purportedly eligible to serve as president, analysts focused on the typographical error of a capital “X” in place of what should have been an “H” in the word “THE” on the bottom of the image as well as the apparent lack of an official raised seal.

Following the release of the image, some news organizations stated that it “confirmed” that Obama was born in Hawaii, while many analysts declared it a forgery.

Johansson appears to believe that there is a connection between the “X” on Obama’s birth certificate image and Malcolm X, the civil rights activist killed at the Audubon Ballroom in New York City on February 21, 1965.

Does the “X” signify the new last name Malcolm began using as a symbol of the last name he supposedly had lost to slavery before it was outlawed in the United States?  Johansson states:

Since Obama entered public life at the national level, he has often been compared in appearance and ideology to Malcolm X with some conspiracists actually believing Obama is biologically related to him, and that this is the core of Obama’s secretive biography that he wants hidden by concealing his records.

To date, no forensic evidence has been presented demonstrating a biological connection between Malcolm X and Barack Obama. However, the two men share a wide range of political philosophies regarding social justice.

Johansson does not ever appear to include links to external references in his long soliloquies, so there is no proof of his claims or speculation.

The FBI possesses 38 separate files on Malcolm X, calling him “Malcolm X Little.”  By 1953, Malcolm had been known by several names and it was noted that he had declared himself a communist.  Some information in the files is redacted.  He had spent time in jail in Massachusetts after having been convicted of breaking and entering, larceny and other crimes.

Malcolm had converted to Islam while in prison.  At that time, the religion was called the “Muslim Cult of Islam.”

Malcolm had wanted to become a lawyer, having been a good student in school, but was told by an instructor that a black boy could not aspire to the profession.  Later, Malcolm referred to white people as “the devil.”

He spoke at Harvard University, giving a little-known speech marked “rare” in December 1964. The Chicago speech Johansson refers to in his post begins by the announcer stating that the “black Muslims” is led by Elijah Muhammad, who lives at the “5300 block of South Greenwood.”  Obama’s Chicago home is at 5046 South Greenwood.

In the same post noted above, Johansson goes on to describe the opera “Madame Butterfly” by Giacomo Puccini, stating that:

In the story we learn of a twisted and painful tale of interracial love lost to the conflict between cultural ideology and responsibility to duty to one’s country while the consequences of bearing a biracial child amid the tempest of these clashing forces results in macrocosmic illegitimacy.

A critique of a recent performance of Madame Butterfly reveals that the plot involves a “biracial child” of a married American serviceman and Japanese mother who grows up in the United States during the early 20th century.  The boy’s mother tragically commits suicide.  A playbill from a Kentucky production of the opera describes the story line as “Cio-Cio-San, a young Japanese geisha, seeks to fulfill her dreams through marriage to an American naval officer. Her faith in their future is shattered by his empty vows and the loss she endures touches something deep within us all.”

Obama’s public life story says that he was born to two married parents, Stanley Ann Dunham and Barack Obama Sr., making him biracial.  To date, no marriage certificate has been produced.  Again, Johansson states that Obama was an illegitimate child, contradicting Obama’s account of his life.

Johansson also refers in his post to “secret graphic images” in regard to Obama’s purported birth certificate and he states that Obama “is aware of their presence.”  Even if he is a “software systems engineer,” how does he speak with such authority and apparent knowledge of this subject?  How does he know that Obama has been secretive about his background “for 25 years?”

Johansson then connects Malcolm X and a butterfly by pointing out that a children’s coloring book was made of Malcolm’s life story called “Malcolm the Butterfly,” although Johansson states that the title is “Malcolm X the Butterfly.”  A link between Obama and a butterfly is also shown in the statue allegedly built to resemble a young Obama in Indonesia.

Obama released his purported long-form birth certificate on April 27, 2011, exactly one year after Malcolm X’s murderer was released from prison.

Both Malcolm X and Obama have spoken in Cairo, Egypt.

There are other associations between Malcolm X and butterflies.  Johansson’s blog post shows up first in an internet search of the two terms.

He also asserts that Obama is “an offspring of” the culture of black nationalism and anti-white rhetoric, but that is not what his public life story says.  In 1964, Malcolm X had proclaimed that “the white man is the greatest hate teacher who ever walked the face of the earth.”  He also believed that Christianity had forced blacks to accept an inferior status in American society.  The FBI described Malcolm as having founded his own “black nationalist” organization.

Later on in his post, Johansson appears certain that Obama is the son of Malcolm X:

The guy is quoted to have said, ‘Christianity took me to prison, Islam got me out’,” says Johannson. “X’s father may have been murdered by members of the Klan. If that happened to you, what would your message be to your offspring? Moreover, if you found out that you were one of his offspring…what cause would you take up as your life’s purpose? Let’s just say it would not be to join a country club or a Wall Street bank. Rather, it would more likely be to carry on the legacy of your slain father-leader by becoming an activist, which Obama did, and then assume the pristine throne over your ‘white enemy’. Think about it. What greater victory could Malcolm X achieve but to have his own son become president of a society against which he sought justice and reparation for what he perceived to be crimes of the white man against Allah’s black children? The racial hatred exhibited by this strain of individuals is breathtaking.

Johannson believes this is the reason Obama has concealed this information from the public for so long. His campaign would have known that a larger majority of white American society would not have voted for him if they knew of his association with someone like Malcolm X.

In a September 20, 2011 posting, Johansson refers to Obama as a “subversive alias” in an open letter to The New York Times’s David Brooks, condescendingly telling him, “You, Mr. Brooks, are not only a sap for Obama, you now have to face that you, and your newspaper, were also a tool used for your capacity as a dimwitted medium so lustfully willing to channel the destruction of the most fraudulent politician in world history.”

Who else becomes condescending from time to time?

Johansson’s book The Opacity of Otherness does not seem to be sold anywhere, yet claims to be a “600 page report on Obama’s Covert Identity.”  Elsewhere on his blog, Johansson refers to Obama’s “otherness” as part of a “massive deception.”  Is his “otherness” actually “opaque,” lacking in light?

Much information is still unavailable on Malcolm X, as it is with Obama, although as Johansson states, the mainstream media has obscured it.

The FBI reported that Malcolm”s eyeglass case was recovered “empty” from the scene of his murder, but eyeglasses similar to the ones he wore have reportedly been seen in the White House.

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  1. Citizenship is established at birth and not at conception. Per the birth certificate that has been released, Obama Senior is the legal father at birth, even if some other US citizen (such as Malcolm X) is the biological father. As the legal father at birth, Obama Senior imparted his foreign citizenship to Obama Junior. Obama was born to a foreign citizen father, and so he is not a natural born citizen (born in the country to citizen parents).

  2. As Romney stated – “the American people are TIRED of being TIRED”. YES — we have ALL been made fools of, we have all been deceived by the ENTIRE DC and NY based political class / banking class of elites. Just get rid of this Imposter / Muslim Invader in November elections. It is crystal clear that the American people lack the will to take the legally justified action that is available under the former US Constitution. Get rid of Obama in the election; and stop the Muslim invasion– that is all we can hope for.