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by Todd Sweet, ©2012

A family Bible from 1859

(Apr. 22, 2012) — [Editor’s Note:  This article is a continuation of the letter Mr. Sweet began here about corruption and conversion.]

The problem lies in that the proclaimed followers of Christ have frankly fallen short of the Great Commission and have leaned more toward acting as the Pharisee’s [sic] did in our Lords [sic] time on earth.  Christ does not go where we as obedient believers don’t [sic] take Him.  We must show all the revelance [sic] to Him and His word in each and every aspect of human life.  No option here, it is a command from God.

Im [sic] not writing to simply the Mother and Father in the home.  Im [sic] talking to all – in all positions.  The Lawyers. The Cops.  The Judges.  The Polititions. [sic] The State attorneys.  Its [sic] about Christ’s forces on the “inside,” on the front lines dealing with the word through competence and their individual talents and crafts.  With our Lords [sic] help and the Holy Spirits [sic] prompting we can offer alternitives [sic] to the devils [sic] ways.

It does very little to commiserate with one another about how evil, corrupt and ungodly our government and legal system have become if we dont [sic] put our bodies into action to offer alternitives. [sic]  Gods [sic] alternatives to evil.

Followers of Christ and simple “believers” who must become obedient are needed to penetrate every area of society and must do it in Jesus’ name.

How many churches have real battle plans to equip its [sic] soldiers to penetrate society in all aspects?  There are some but few.

Most church’s [sic] put emphasis on mission trips abroad and special days for church functions.  What about the individual right next to you?  the homeless.  The corrupt official? Everyone.  All human beings.

And dont [sic] just say God loves you [sic] – do you believe?  Want to be baptized?

How can a person be baptized as a new creation, cleansed, redeemed and soon as he/she leaves the water is back to doing the same.

Quit disrespecting my God.  When you are baptized you are proclaiming to put off the old and put on the new.  I was baptized by a church who never even explained that.

So let me explain my idea of baptism…

Once you do the research and are absolutely ready to enter the water and rise up clean and actually go forth as an obedient Christian – then and only then should you enter the water.

A prime example of this is that in a recent prison religious paper where I am at it reads that “Since the beginning of” a certain ministry 2,659 people have been baptized.”

Really?  Well let me say that I watch men get out of the water all over the prison system and go straight to the yard and gamble, cups, stab, extort and break all rules they can get away with.  Is it their fault?


They werent [sic] told what a real commitment to Christ entails and the real benefits received as a result.

And the same thing is happening to all of society.

I suggest all who have been baptized but dont [sic] know of its seriousness be re-baptized once you do and are truly ready to walk as Christ walked.  And those who are to get baptized stop.  Think.

Know that it is not a Pharisee type of tradition its [sic] become.  Its [sic] to be taken seriously.

You rise a new creation.  Anything shy of that is disrespect to the Father.  Period.

When are we going to stop letting satan have our country?  Our children?  Our court system?

Remember what I stated in an earlier posting?

Act as if Jesus and His Army have mounted their white horses.

To the criminal…Stop before you are given a sentance [sic] from the Lord that is not appealable.

To the free…Stop doing what you are doing if its [sic] not based on Gods [sic] Word or you shall join the criminals who refuse to do the same in a lake of fire.

To the court appointed attorney….start doing your job or you also shall be put to death by the Father, your soul lost forever.

To all, the judges, law makers, T.V. producers, movie makers…..

As of this writing its [sic] not to [sic] late  for you.

You think its [sic] this or that person whom [sic] is your enemy.  You think its [sic] this or that country who is our enemy as a whole.

You kick blame around to all but who is to blame.  satan.  satans [sic] fallen angels.

Whom you will be a part of if you delay. [sic]

To those who are obedient.  Who are believers and doers of the word…you may wish to re-read 1 Timothy 2:1-7.

We all must intercede.  For all men and women.  All.  Each and every soul is important to our Father.  Our children, our wives, husbands, friends, family, neighbor, towns, cities, country and then abroad.

We must reconcile our Nation to the Lord who gave it to us.

Colossians 1:20… “and by Him to reconcile all things to Himself, by Him whether things on earth or things in Heaven…”

All things includes us, our judicial system, our nation.

But we must start.  Now.

I have seen men and women who wear a cross around their neck and I ask “Why do you wear that”? [sic]  I get many different responses ranging from “it was passed down” to “I think its [sic] cool or pretty.”

Then I ask this…”If your [sic] willing to wear it okay, but are you willing to carry it?”

Some ask why so much emphasis on the corrupt.  My answer is simple.  Someone has to do it and who better than one who has spent alot [sic] of time and money corrupting officials and officers as well as been [sic] inside more than 50 jails, 30 prisons and over 20 days on extraditions from state to state.

I have run from cops and I have spent time partying with them.  I have lived and breathed the corrupt air of Las Vegas, NV and have seen what it takes to corrupt.  I made a living at it.

Officers and polititions [sic] are human too and the Lord has put it on my heart to face them to change and be reconciled to God or get out of business.

Its [sic] get right or get gone.  There are to [sic] many good cops, good prison guards, good law makers and enforcers to let the bad ones stand.

We have de-sensitized [sic] the people of our nation to corruption.  Television and Hollywood have helped desensitize the shock when we catch corruption.  Prisons are filled with dope dealers and users.  Murders, check writers, scammers and theives, [sic] but not the same corrupt officials that utilize the same to meet their means.

Look at the individuals charged in the Jim Miller murder?  Really?  Why would they  want him dead?  They didnt [sic] someone paid them.

And in the end it will come out no different than the murderer of Troy Green or Robert Kilgore.

But it is not my desire to see the corrupt locked away.  It is my desire to intercede with prayer and offer an alternative to what they are currently doing.  A Christian alternative.

Is it at all possible that I – one man – can make a difference?

Absolutely.  Did not the Jews at one time claim that Jason and some of his brethren…”turned the world upside down…”  Acts 17

I’ve a great starting place in Monroe County.  Just the corruption in my cases alone are [sic] substantial enough to go down in our legal systems [sic] history books.

I died @ the point I hit my knees in that jail and asked God to resurrect me.  Now I must hire for God in Christ Jesus.  I feel that to redeem my family name only one thing must take place.

That my true born again resurrection and conversion must be as or more notorious than the criminal acts and sins that corrupted my name to begin with.

My change is real.  I live and breathe Christ.  I never thought or was taught the Lord was so very willing to walk as He walks with me.

I was asked by my children at one point why they werent [sic] enough to change me.  It was sad but I explained that it wasnt [sic] them it was me. [sic] I wasnt [sic] ready to let the double-mindedness go.  Its [sic] all I knew.  I then told them that even for them at the time I couldnt [sic] change.  Not without the Lord.  I had to surpass my knowledge and understanding completely – I had to die to be resurrected.  God cant [sic] resurrect something that hasnt [sic] died.

It interestingly was my children whom [sic] were my reason for change.  I went to God for them.  I told Him I had failed as a person.  A husband.  A father.  That I needed to be raised up and taught by Him how to be a Soldier.  A real man. A man who fights by prayer.

And He answered and continues to show me every single day, all day.  He leads me and I follow.

So can you.  You can make an honorable change right now.  Simply admit you are failing @ obedience and search for Him and His truth.  Love.  Get real with yourself.  Put away the worldly desires and corruption.

And Im [sic] not speaking to just the corrupt law makers and enforcers.  Im [sic] talking to Fathers.  Mothers.  Everyone.  Even many who sit in their comfort zones in the pews.  Get up and go do.  Its [sic] a command from our true Commander in Chief.

Sylvester Stalone [sic] said it best in the Rocky movie.  If they can change and I can change…the whole world can change.”


And I will leave you all with this…

Ecclesiastes 4:9-10

Dont [sic] be lazy.  Go look it up for yourselves.  Get your Bible, dust it off and begin the journey to bringing our Nation and Constitution back.

Lets [sic] reconcile it together.

God Bless you all.


Editor’s Note:  Todd Sweet can receive letters at:

Todd J. Sweet 453762
P.O. Box 279
Clifton, TN  38425

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