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by Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III

(Apr. 22, 2012) — This is the issue, what needs to be exploited and more fully exposed as you have already exposed it at The Post & Email.  It’s the white elephant in the room.  It’s the bottom line.

Gary Pettway is a criminal, and he’s been at the center of a criminal syndicate that’s been operating out of Monroe County, TN for 28 years, which gives us reason to believe that that criminal syndicate has been operating for a great deal longer period of time.  But we know with unassailable certainly that Mr. Gary Pettway was a plant.  He was a government functionary.  He was a judge advocate working for whoever, whatever judges, and the list of the judges is a very long list.  And the list of government functionaries with whom Pettway was working with to rig the Monroe County, TN grand jury is a very long list of people.  We know that Mr. Pettway is, in fact, a criminal.

The people who came to Madisonville on April 20, 2010 came for a couple of reasons, and this includes Mr. Darren Huff.  They came to protest this government corruption, to stand against it, to do what they could to bring awareness to Mr. Pettway’s corruption and the criminal syndicate that had been discovered in Monroe County, TN.  The underlying purpose was to continue to bring focus on the criminal conduct of government officials here in the Tenth Judicial District as we found it in Monroe County.

William C. Killian, as the U.S. Attorney in the Eastern District of TN, is trying to make it look as if Darren Huff came here, being led by Commander Fitzpatrick, to kidnap people out of the courthouse, which is ridiculous.  He tried to make it look as if we were coming here to cause violence and political upset and to use guns and bombs to do that.  That was the sentiment that was pronounced here on the 20th of April.  It was nothing but a government construction.  The reason the government, among others, constructed this fiction is that they’ve been caught in exactly what we just talked about.

There really is a criminal syndicate here.  We don’t have to debate that any  longer.  Mr. Pettway really was illegally installed.  He has no appointing order; he never took an oath for 28 years.  He presided over 56 different groups containing conscripts that appropriated the name “grand jury” but never really were a grand jury, which goes to extraordinary criminal consequences that extend to the rest of the state of Tennessee in providing remedy and relief to the people against whom they’ve unlawfully acted with this fake group of people that was headed up by Mr. Gary Pettway.

On the 28th of June 2010, Gary Pettway was celebrated by Judge Carrol Ross, who said, “Mr. Pettway’s been doing a great job for us; we’ll keep him for as long as we want.  We’ll keep him for another 20 years if we want.”

Everywhere we look, we find people, including William C. Killian, the U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Tennessee, working as hard as they can to prevent people from learning that what we discovered here is true.

We really do have a criminal syndicate working here; we really do have Mr. Pettway at the center of this criminal syndicate, which has been fully, exposed, for over 30 years.  Ms. Tennyson is no more legal than Mr. Pettway, and of course, we’ve found other people appointed by the judges who were not legal.  The government has taken over, which is treasonous, and they’ve been doing it for a very long time.

There’s a consistency here.  People who ought to know better and who have a professional obligation to do better work know that Mr. Pettway is a fraud.  There are people who have been pretending that Gary Pettway was legit; they failed to recognize Pettway’s crime or the government’s crime.  Once you realize that Mr. Pettway was, in fact, an installment a government functionary, and that he really did break the law working with other government functionaries, it changes the entire landscape and the complexion of Darren’s circumstance.  It changes the whole things.  Then you’ll understand why people came to Madisonville on the 20th of April to try to raise awareness about what’s going on here and to protest what the government has done here.  To actually expose a government which is out of control and acting criminally.

In Barton Gellman’s TIME Magazine piece, he said that people were standing up against a legitimate government.  Barton Gellman, William C. Killian, FBI officials, the TIME Magazine managing editor, Richard Stengel, the national editor for TIME Magazine and TIME Magazine’s Washington bureau chief, Michael Duffy; Bill Poovey, Pam Sohn, and the editor of the Chattanooga Times Free Press, and all the rest that we know about have been covering up the crime here.  They are trying to show that there is a legitimate government working here and that there was this group of anti-government people coming in with no other purpose than to create political unrest and upset against what these people  represent as a legitimate government.  The point is, it’s not legitimate; it never was, and they should all know better.  They’ve been working very, very hard to look the other way.  That’s the only reason why Darren Huff’s case gains any attention or traction: because they’re representing Mr. Pettway as legitimate when we now know he’s not.  Mr. Pettway’s crime is so massive – it’s breathtaking – and it is so inarguable.  Mr,. Pettway is an undocumented worker.   Pettway knew it, Judge Carroll Ross knew it; Judge Amy Reedy knew it.  Martha Cook knows it; Steve Bebb, Paul D. Rush, Jim Stutts; everybody knows it.  They all know about the corrupt government and they’re trying to keep it quiet.  They’re trying to hold up Darren Huff and Walt Fitzpatrick as people who came in to disrupt something that was working just fine.  They’re blocking that information from coming forward, and it has been admitted to us by several police officers that yes, the government is every bit as corrupt as you see it, and more corrupt still – and you’re getting feedback like that from Arizona, for example.

“It is that corrupt; leave us alone and go away; stop beating your head against a wall; you’re not going to fix the problem.  People are just going to keep beating you up.”  That’s what’s going on with me now with Paul Rush and the recovery of more information that proves that the government is corrupt and that judges are breaking the law regularly:  Amy Reedy and Carroll Ross, Steve Bebb, Jon Kerry Blackwood, Donald Paul Harris, J. Reed Dixon…Martha Cook…everybody knows that there is a crime syndicate working here.  The people that came here on the 20th of April did not come here with bombs and guns.  They came here with a dedicated concern that the government had been operating treasonously.  That’s why they came here:  to raise awareness of the problem and to show their own dissent and to show support for Walt Fitzpatrick.  That’s why they came here, and look was the government did with that.

In the meantime, you had a guy named William L. Bryan – PJ Foggy or whatever he calls himself – working as an Obama operative, used that event, working with law enforcement, including the FBI and ATF and other agencies, who are looking to extend government, to continue the treason by rigging the juries and prosecuting innocent people and expanding their own power and operating a government that we can’t find in our Constitution; they want to  continue doing what they’re doing and they don’t want to get caught doing it.  So Bryan, working with them – sheriff’s departments and police departments, Tennessee law enforcement officials – all jumped all over this, thinking they could use this as an opportunity to show that there is a group of people that are really crazy about the government being an enemy.  And the government really is.  That’s the whole point.  Everybody who is trying to hold up what’s going on here as legal and legitimate is a liar, and they all should know better.  We have the document record.

The media reports the lies, but the information is available from a citizen in the community with a document record that is unparalleled and unchallenged.  Mr. Pettway was in that job for 28 years and was undocumented.  There is no other record like this anywhere, and they’re reporting the lies.  Why isn’t the information fact-checked?  Well, this is Obama’s world.  This is the world of Obama.  This is Barack Obama’s government.  This is treason in full bloom.

Mr. Pettway never had a piece of paper that authorized him to be acting in the way he was acting.  He was completely a government plant.  There are witnesses:  Judge Carroll Ross on the 28th of June:  “He’s been doing a great job for us.”  But he never held an appointing order.

Barton Gellman, Michael Duffy, Richard Stengel all know this, and if they don’t, then they should have found it out.  When Gellman was writing this report, he was said to have been in the states of California; Ohio; North Carolina, where William L. Bryan lives; Washington and New York.  He talked with FBI agents at certain levels.  Gellman was working with the feds; it was all coordinated.  Any one of these people could have come forward to any other news agency like this one that “Mr. Pettway really is a criminal; he’s undocumented; he’s a judge’s advocate.  He is there as the plant for the government to tell him what to do.”

The murder of Jim Miller is percolating out there.  As you know, I haven’t been able to keep up, but you have identified the people who admitted to killing Jim Miller.  Jim Miller was the kind of guy who would have been able to expose and talk about the corruption here in Monroe County as it really exists.  Mr. Miller lost his life because of it.  The guy who shot him said, “Oh, yeah, we shot him, and we were paid a substantial amount of money, and it was a government hit.”  Bernie Stokes, Brandon Steele, and Ronnie Hilton.  It’s out there; it’s published, and here hasn’t been a peep from local government.  And they’re trying to pin it on this one woman, Jessica Kennedy Powers, who could not possibly have done this by herself.  It’s not possible.  So all of these things come together:  anyone who is trying to report on the real corruption here is a threat to the government:  Darren Huff, Jim Miller, Walt Fitzpatrick…anybody who is trying to say to the public, “The crime here is real” is being abused by the government that doesn’t want it to be exposed.  They’re locking people up, they’re beating people up, they’re murdering people.  It’s a very clear picture that we’re looking at here.

It all centers on Gary Pettway.  We know that Gary Pettway has no documentation.  If you look at that alone and realize that the conscripted people who appropriated the name of “grand jury” were being led around like lemmings had no idea what they were doing.  They’re being hand-picked, which goes to the situation that I’m facing right now.  We know that Amy Reedy and others are hand-picking their own juries to do to their citizens, to their neighbors, what Barton Gellman and Richard Stengel and Michael Duffy and Steve Bebb and Carroll Ross are doing.  The government is out of control, and anytime you threaten to bring that corruption to light, you get hammered.

People who are ignoring this are refusing freedom.  They’re refusing the Constitution.  They are refusing to live free, giving up a heritage that we may not be able to recover.  We have found the same thing throughout the state of Tennessee, in Nevada, Michigan, Florida, and Illinois.  We find it wherever we go, to one degree or another.  And every time we try to stand up to the government and say, “Enough,” then you have the government retaliate in the way that William C. Killian is operating against Mr. Huff, naming him in an attempted kidnap.

I have tried now for over three years to get in front of a legitimate grand jury to speak to them to the issues which I have just interviewed with you about.  Who is blocking me from getting in front of a federal grand jury?  William C. Killian.  Who’s blocking me from going in and talking to a federal grand jury about this Fogbow guy, William L. Bryan…it’s Killian.  Killian is blocking me from getting into the grand jury, and because he’s blocking me, he can come up with these cockamamie statements because he’s not being challenged by anybody.  And he’s not allowing that challenge to go forward.  I’ve been blocked from going to the grand juries about corruption that goes back more than 20 years, the document record of which is unparalleled.

We have Mr. Gary Pettway as the icon of everything that is wrong with the way this country is working right now.  If you focus on him as the fake grand jury foreman, the undocumented worker, all you have to do is find one case that he touched that was miscarried.  How about the Michael Ellington case?  How many others are there?  Every single one has something wrong with it.

Look at what’s going on now.  You have forged charging documents which have been advanced through the Monroe County, TN grand jury.  Who knows that they’re forged?  The prosecuting attorney; Martha Cook, whose name is forged knows; Judge J. Reed Dixon; Judge Amy Reedy; everybody knows that they’re forged.  And yet, I have a court hearing a week from Monday.  Why?  Because they’re trying to keep it quiet that there is a criminal syndicate working here.  This is massive.


Editor’s Note:  WorldNetDaily has also found extensive corruption within Tennessee law enforcement.

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