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by Sharon Rondeau

(Apr. 18, 2012) — Last Friday, reports began to surface of alleged “misconduct” on the part of an “undisclosed” number of agents in the employ of the U.S. Secret Service in Cartagena, Colombia, who were there prior to Obama’s arrival for the Summit of the Americas.

Obama reportedly attended the Summit “to fight an impression he has neglected Latin America since taking office in 2009 to focus instead on hot spots like Afghanistan, Libya and the Middle East” and “emphasize commercial ties” between the region and the United States.  Before arriving, Obama had promised Florida port workers that he would attend the summit “thinking of them.”

A report dated April 15 after the summit concluded stated that Obama failed in his mission to “win over Latin American leaders fed up with U.S. policies,” allegedly leaving Obama “isolated,” in contrast to the results of his attendance at the same conference in 2009.  Sunday’s report referenced 16 people’s involvement in the Secret Service scandal, which reportedly involved highly-paid prostitutes at a well-known establishment in Cartagena.  The incident was said to have “diverted attention from Obama’s diplomacy” at the summit.

Why would members of a highly-trained security team behave in such a fashion, reportedly “bragging” that they would be guarding Obama when news reports state that they were “not on [his] detail?”

Obama threatened that he would be “angry” if the allegations against the Secret Service personnel are proven to be true.  General Martin Dempsey, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, appeared to already have decided the guilt of the personnel involved when he stated, referring to Obama, “We let the boss down.”  Dempsey seems to have confirmed that military personnel were involved in the scandal who were reportedly assigned to support the Secret Service in their protection of “the president.”

Initial reports stated that five military personnel might have engaged in misconduct, while more recent ones state that “as many of [sic] 20 members” of the military might be involved.  Another report said the number was “ten.”

Early reports said that presidential security was not compromised, while others stated that it was.

Those Secret Service personnel accused reportedly are members of an “elite counter-assault team,” including two “supervisors” who might have been in a position to be “blackmailed.”  Is the director of the Secret Service guilty of “corner-cutting and laxness?”

Why did Dempsey refer to Obama as “the boss?”  By the Inspector General’s own report, both Dempsey and Obama violated the Posse Comitatus Act by allowing U.S. Army soldiers to deploy into Samson, AL on March 10, 2009, prompting an accusation of treason against Obama, followed by thousands of others, which have never been addressed, including from a New Hampshire state representativeDempsey and putative Defense Secretary Leon Panetta have stated that they look to international bodies to determine whether or not U.S. troops will be committed to military endeavors around the globe, rather than the U.S. Congress, as stated in Article I, Section 8 of the U.S. Constitution.

Dempsey stated that the incident was “embarrassing.”

Employees working at the hotel where women from the house of ill repute were brought were reportedly told to say that they were not there at the time if they were asked.

What does the Secret Service know about Obama?  While Obama has called for a “thorough” investigation into the alleged incidents in Cartagena, has anyone launched a “thorough” investigation into Obama’s forged documents and lack of promised “transparency?”  Does the Secret Service know that Obama is rumored to be the son of slain civil rights leader Malcolm X rather than Barack Obama from Kenya?

Following news of the alleged incidents, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney stated that Obama “believes that all of us who travel abroad represent our country and the people of the United States and we need to behave with the utmost, the highest level of integrity and probity.”  However, putative Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, whose husband reportedly stated before the election that Obama was not eligible to run for the presidency, went drinking and dancing “at a Cuban-themed pub” while in Colombia.  Employees from the GSA spent more than $800,000 during a Las Vegas convention in 2010 and have now been described as possessing the traits of “arrogance, immaturity, and entitlement.”

On March 19, 2009, two agents from the agency charged with protecting the “president” told Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III, “We can’t arrest him, you know.”  However, the Secret Service can make arrests and reportedly carries out investigations into counterfeiting operations, identity fraud, bank fraud, and “electronic crimes.”

Two pieces of alleged documentation regarding Obama’s background have been deemed forgeries by the Cold Case Posse of Maricopa County, AZ, but the Secret Service, U.S. military, FBI, and U.S. Department of Justice have failed to act.

If Congress is going to investigate the alleged Secret Service incident which “exposed themselves to blackmail,” why can’t it investigate Obama, who, if hiding his true background, might also be subject to blackmail?

If Obama’s documentation is falsified, are military men and women saluting a usurper to the Presidency?  What if his name is really not “President Obama?”  What if he attained the position by means of identity fraud?

Is “Barack Hussein Obama II” a “masquerade?”  If so, does the Secret Service know?

If Obama is not in office legally, who and what are the Secret Service protecting?

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  1. Yes, this whole administration wreaks of corruption. Our real leader is President Soros via barry soetero.All the czars continue to dismantle America with CONgressional approval of course.

  2. At this point in time if you don’t know that Obama is holding office through fraud you’ve failed your duty as a citizen to stay informed so you can protect your constitutional rights. The only question is does Obama have documents, original birth records, in his possession that prove he is part of the document fraud. In his book he claims his mother showed him his birth certificate. Where is it? If she had it why is there no passport for “soebarka” or Barry Soetoro to enter the US or travel on? IMO he has committed treason on multiple occasions and is a ticking time bomb given the powers he is accruing and selective loyalties he’s culling in every part of the government including the military. Given the lack of morals required to go along with his policies I would say that those who surround him are the most dangerous people to give power to. Obama’s failure didn’t come after office it came through his own acts of pretending to be who he is not. His records are sealed on that account. Protecting this man is no different than hiding a bank robber in exchange for cash and trying to claim you’re not part of the crime.

  3. “On March 19, 2009, two agents from the agency charged with protecting the “president” told Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III, “We can’t arrest him, you know.” However, the Secret Service can make arrests and reportedly carries out investigations into counterfeiting operations, identity fraud, bank fraud, and “electronic crimes.””

    The Secret Service does have police powers of arrest. To wit:

    Q: What legal authority and powers do Secret Service agents have?

    Under Title 18, Section 3056, of the United States Code, agents and officers of the United States Secret Service can:

    Carry firearms
    Execute warrants issued under the laws of the United States
    Make arrests without warrants for any offense against the United States committed in their presence, or for any felony recognizable under the laws of the United States if they have reasonable grounds to believe that the person to be arrested has committed such felony
    Offer and pay rewards for services and information leading to the apprehension of persons involved in the violation of the law that the Secret Service is authorized to enforce
    Investigate fraud in connection with identification documents, fraudulent commerce, fictitious instruments and foreign securities and
    Perform other functions and duties authorized by law

    The Secret Service works closely with the United States Attorney’s Office in both protective and investigative matters.

    See: http://www.secretservice.gov/faq.shtml#faq6

    So, the question has to be asked and answered: why doesn’t the Secret Service arrest obama?