Is Monroe County Exacting Retribution for the Exposure of Corruption?


by Todd Sweet, ©2012

During the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus preached, "Love your enemies, bless those who curse you, do good to those who hate you, and pray for those who spitefully use you and persecute you,"

(Apr. 1, 2012) — [Editor’s Note:  A recent letter from Tennessee inmate Todd Sweet indicates that he suspects a sudden violent illness to have arisen from a nefarious cause during which he was unable to write.  “They finally tried to kill me,” he wrote.  His reference to “Walt” is to Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III, who is still recuperating from 18 weeks in solitary confinement in the Monroe County jail.]

As you may be aware from Walt or XXXX & XXXX, I had a very bad few days.  It is my 100% conviction that Monroe County just utilized the CCA to kill me.  No doubt this time out, what the purpose for me being shipped to CCA was for.  Ive [sic] not come to be 100% physically but I am not getting close to it.

One of 2 things happen [sic].  One, the unexplained increase in my medication from 39 mg of Baclofen to 60 mg reacted with my blood pressure…

or my food was laced.

My bet is on the later [sic].  I say that because just 3 days prior to my episode, a man 2 doors from me got ill, no one did anything until they life flighted him the next morning.  He began getting ill just after 9 pm the night before.  They (CCA) called it an overdose.  But given the fact we are segregated (locked down, but in general population) he doesnt [sic] have access to drugs.

I also began feeling ill @ just after 9 pm.  Reeking in the early morning when I was semi conscious, shaking, vomiting, nose poreing [sic] blood, vomiting blood, dizzy – you name it.

Ive [sic] been shot twice and not been able to seek professional help in fear of capture…that was scarey.

But this was much worse.

I sought help and none was given by staff.  Still to this hour no one has cared.  At one point staff flashed a light on me covered in blood.  Nothing.

Due to the threats of CCA employees about Monroe County I would say…

They (Monroe County) finally tried to kill me.

But guess what?  He who is with me is greater than those who are with them.  I dont [sic] quite remember all of what I wrote to W, X & Y, but I was making an onrunning [sic] play by play I believe so that some one would know the truth when I died.  And responsibly pass it on to my daughters.

So I guess the $64,000.00 question is this..will comeing [sic] that close to being killed derail me from my mission against corruption in Monroe County and other locales?

Not on their best and my worst day will I stop!

This last trial and the amazeing [sic] things the Lord showed me throughout it has only strengthened me in my mission and my faith.

They can break my hand, I’ll write with my other, break em [sic] both, Ive got nice teeth to hold a pin in, Break my jaw I’ve got toes, I’ll learn, others have, but one thing for certain….

God showed that He wont [sic] stand for my death.  Not yet, Im [sic] far from done and just getting started.

I opened Pandora’s Box and it will not be closed until Satan gets his grubby mitts off Monroe, CCA and whatever else God puts on my heart.

I guess Im [sic] also a bit pissed off @ the moment at the overall situation but far from done.

I promise that the corrupt will hit their knees and stop sucking the blood out of “the people.”

Monroe County and the CCA has [sic] met their match.

What I need from you is to continue to do what you are doing and publish the upcomeing [sic] article I will be writing, starting tomorrow.  It will be an overview of the things and goings on [sic] since I met Walter in Cell #9.  It will cover CCA and Monroe County and how they both just tried to shut me up.

As I said, not on their best day and my worst will they shut me up.

One way or another they are going to send me to a TDOC prison.  I was not sentenced to Corrections Corporation of America where there [sic] rules are different and they literally are the utmost corrupt penal institution I’ve seen, and we all know Ive [sic] seen alot [sic].  These….actually tried to kill me!

It is what it is and what it is is their bad.

Because God and I are closer than ever!

Though Im [sic] not @ 100, [sic] I will be soon.  I’ve got the best Doctor you can get.

And He is right where I need Him.

Inside me.

Time to refresh situation awareness.

In His Love & Spirit —


ps Ive [sic] got witnesses and statements as well.

The upcoming article will be enlightening to your readers.  Have the other CCA articles been posted?  If not and they dont [sic] fit the format, is there somewhere that will post them?

Let me know.

Please also hold onto all CCA paper work [sic] Ive [sic] sent or will send for a lawsuit @ a later date.

Thank you.

Also please let W/X/Y [sic] I am building strength, the twitching and heart raceing [sic] has [sic] calmed down.

My hand writing [sic] is back to par.

pss. I want you to know that I forgive whoever did this to me.  I pray for them.  I also want you to know that it is and never has been my desire to be hateful toward the corrupt.  It is however my sincere desire to lead them to Christ so that He may save their souls.  And help those oppressed by them.

He will if they let him [sic].

But sometimes, as a great comedian says…you cant [sic] fix stupid.

What is done is done.  Its [sic] what happens next that matters.

God bless —



Editor’s Note:  Letters to Todd Sweet can be sent to:

Todd J Sweet 453762
P.O. Box 279
Clifton, TN  38425-0279

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