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by Miss Jane Marple, ©2012

(Mar. 30, 2012) — According to an article in The Chicago Tribune written by Carol Oppenheim and Michael Coakley dated November 30, 1980, Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn “rented a four room flat on West 123rd” in New York in 1979.  This would had been the location of the home birth of at least one of their children in April-May 1980 “with the help of a midwife.”  The article further states that when “Ayers tried to register the birth with the city he ran into a health department problem because he had no proof that the child had been born at home.” Apparently to circumvent the system, Bill Ayers asked their building superintendent at the time, Winnie Commarotta, “to write a letter which eventually, Ayers told her, enabled him to get the child a birth certificate.”

Since this was Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn’s second child, I wonder how the Ayerses handled securing a birth certificate for their first child, also born during their ten years in hiding?

If there was a midwife attending the birth, why did they need their building superintendent to write the letter to the health department to secure the birth certificate as opposed to the birthing midwife writing the letter?

Since this was their second child, how did they know that a written letter verifying the birth was all that would be required by the health department to secure a birth certificate for a second time?

Just how much research did Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn conduct on the topic of the rules and procedures of obtaining birth certificates in the United States for their own offspring during their ten years in hiding?

As he built his “birth narrative,” did Mr. Obama enlist this area of expertise by the writer of the “Kind and Just Parent,” Bill Ayers?

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  1. I am sure that Valerie Jarrett and Bill Ayers were in the same cabal. The same one that their parents Thomas G Ayers and Barbara T. Bowman handed down to them. Barbara T Bowman and Thomas G. Ayers served together at the Erikson Institute. Barbara as the co-founder, and Thomas G. as a board of trustee member. Valerie’s husband Vernon Jarrett was a writer for the Chicago Tribune, were Thomas G. was on the board. Barbara T and Bill Ayers both worked at in the early education Lab School at the University of Chicago sharing in the same passion to form the minds of the young. This is the same school that the Obama children were attending before they moved to the White House.
    Bill Ayers is a lose canon, second generation, conspirator who cannot control his need to validate himself and his radical ideas. His past experience with the Weatherman of dodging his crimes on a legal technicality have left him with the thought that he is one of the notorious “Chicago Untouchables” for his deceptive, radical causes. The real question is where was the birth certificate forger recruited from…the University of Chicago, the University if Illinois, or Northwestern University? I can only speculate, by if I was a betting person I wold put my money on the University of Illinois seeing that their was a scandal a few years ago regarding students getting admitted there not through hard would but by calling in political favors. Hum…

  2. Well, that is an interesting suggestion. I had conjectured that Valerie Jarrett was the forger, because Barry trusts her like no one else and because she is the type of person who is stupid enough to believe she is smart enough to create a document that would not be spotted as fraudulent. (Like Susan Rice, Jarrett is nowhere near as smart as she thinks she is.)

    On the other hand, Ayers might also be one of few people the thug-in-chief would trust. Yet Ayers is not dumb enough to have created an obvious forgery. That, of course, leaves open the possibility that Ayers wanted to make it obvious. Ayers is likely angry that Obama has not moved the nation as far to the left as he had expected, and Ayers is likely also angry that Barry made millions of the book that he wrote for him.