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by Sharon Rondeau

The Monroe County courthouse has judges who "pick" the members of the grand juries

(Mar. 17, 2012) —Three years ago today, on St. Patrick’s Day 2009, Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III filed a criminal complaint of treason against Barack Hussein Obama II for allowing U.S. Army troops to deploy into Samson, AL in violation of the Posse Comitatus Act. The complaint was filed with the office of the U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Tennessee and later, with the U.S. District Court in Washington, DC.  The complaint against Obama was renewed several times but never answered by the government.

On his return trip from Washington, it occurred to Fitzpatrick that he could file the complaint with his local grand jury as provided for in the Fifth Amendment of the Bill of Rights.  However, the grand jury foreman did not allow the complaint to be examined, and Fitzpatrick discovered that the foreman had worked for more than 27 years in his position without any documentation to show that he was ever appointed or elected by the members of the jury.  Fitzpatrick learned later that grand jury members were selected by court personnel rather than by automated means, as stipulated by law.

Fitzpatrick compared Gary Pettway, the Monroe County grand jury foreman, to Barack Obama, having stated, “You have to be duly sworn in to operate in the office which you are assuming, because if you do something illegal, you can be brought up on charges.”  On January 20, 2009, both Obama and U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice John G. Roberts had recited the oath of office incorrectly and reportedly repeated the procedure the following day, although only four reporters were allowed to attend.

A “legal expert” quoted by ABC News after Obama retook the oath supports Fitzpatrick’s contention.  Obama’s then-White House counsel invoked the U.S. Constitution as the reason for exercising “an abundance of caution.”

Fitzpatrick raised the matter of the foreman having been in a “patronage” position for almost three decades with every law enforcement officer at the local, state, and federal levels within the state of Tennessee, but no one took.  Fitzpatrick contended that after so many years, the foreman could not have been objective but was, rather, working as an employee of the judge.  An agent at the Knoxville FBI told Fitzpatrick, “This is the way it is.”  Another agent who had asked for a “smoking gun,” meaning audio proof of jury-rigging, later took no apparent action when such proof was provided to her.

On April 1, 2010, Fitzpatrick tried to remove the foreman by way of a citizen’s arrest, which is legal in Tennessee, but was instead arrested himself and charged with “riot” and other transgressions.  On the day of his arraignment,  April 20, 2010, an extraordinary number of police officers, Tennessee Highway Patrol, sheriff’s deputies, FBI, SWAT teams and Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI) officers were prepared for an alleged planned “takeover” of the courthouse by Fitzpatrick and Darren Huff, who had traveled to Madisonville to observe the arraignment.

Fitzpatrick and Huff have stated that “nothing happened” and that, contrary to local news reports, there was no plan to “take over” anything.  The Post & Email is in the process of gathering eyewitness accounts of that day, including statements from those who were later questioned by the FBI.  One William L. Bryan allegedly was responsible for the heavy law enforcement presence that day on which no one was arrested.  An article on “Right-Wing Extremism” in TIME Magazine included Fitzpatrick and Huff in that category, misrepresenting the events of April 20., 2010.

Fitzpatrick has maintained that none of the indictments issued by the Monroe County grand jury are valid because the grand jury is illegally constructed.  He told The Post & Email that the grand jury selection process he witnessed on December 7 was unlawful and that by violating the constitutional right to citizens of a properly-seated grand jury, Monroe County judges and court personnel are committing treason.

On December 4, 2011, Fitzpatrick told The Post & Email “They want me dead” because of his exposure of corruption within the Sheriff’s Department and the judiciary.  A Writ of Habeas Corpus was ignored by Monroe County and the State of Tennessee and is now pending at the U.S. District Court in Knoxville, which has assigned an officer to the case.

On March 1, 2012, a Cold Case Posse working with the Maricopa County, AZ Sheriff’s Office stated that there was “probable cause” to show that Obama’s long-form birth certificate and Selective Service registration card were forgeries.  Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who called for the investigation after a group of Tea Party members expressed concern over the authenticity of the birth certificate, has had his life and that of his family threatened.

On March 26, 2012,  a hearing is scheduled regarding a case brought against Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III by Monroe County, TN for allegedly “tampering with government records” following the selection of the 2012 grand juries.

Fitzpatrick has told The Post & Email that the arrest warrant used to enter his home on the evening of December 7 was invalid because the court clerk’s signature was forged.  Martha Cook, the court clerk, stated on the record that she did not sign her name to the arrest warrant.  Fitzpatrick’s computer, two printers, and documents were taken and have not been returned, including the notes he took while observing the grand jury selection process.

During the probable cause hearing on January 17, 2012, Assistant District Attorney General Paul D. Rush stated that he was Fitzpatrick’s accuser.  At the end of the hearing, Judge J. Reed Dixon said that a judge would “pick” the grand jury which would review the allegations of document tampering against Fitzpatrick, notwithstanding the apparent forgery of the court clerk’s signature on the arrest and search warrants.

Fitzpatrick described the events of January 17:

Instead of declaring the case dismissed and tossing it out and then seeking the identity of the person who forged Ms. Cook’s name, rendering these documents as worthless, Dixon sent it to a grand jury that hadn’t been built yet.  So if this grand jury continues to act on these documents which are known to be forgeries since the 17th of January and have been reported since to police authorities who are under obligation to make other people, including this grand jury, aware of the fact that these underlying documents are forgeries; including Conway Mason, who is required to make sure that the grand jury knows that these documents are forged; including Paul Rush, who was standing in the room on the 17th of January of 2012…Paul Rush is required to tell the grand jury that these documents are forged and that the underlying case is without foundation, not to mention the fact that Paul Rush has now identified himself as my accuser and can’t be appearing before a grand jury at all…”Excuse me, ladies and gentlemen of the grand jury; he’s Fitzpatrick’s accuser; there’s nothing we can do with this now; we’re done.”  If a grand jury comes in now and says that it’s going to trial, that they’re handing down their own formal accusation against me, all that does is solidify everything we know about the corruption in Tennessee.

Marty Cook said under oath, on the stand, that that’s not her signature.  Then she said, “I authorize people to do this for me all the time.”  Well, that’s a problem all by itself. Then, the next question which begs itself is, “OK, Ms. Cook, who is it that signed your name to this document?”  Marty Cook could not identify the signature of any of her clerks. She could not identify the person who is, in fact, my accuser, the person who determined that there was probable cause to issue an arrest warrant, which is also forged, and to then issue a search warrant which came in to capture all of my equipment.  Who gives this kind of power to someone who is employed?  Whoever who did this is an employee!  This is the kind of stuff that should be done by a judge, and here we have some sniveling court clerk signing it and the state issuing these documents, which are completely worthless.

So Cook failed to identify the person who’s responsible for this, thereby establishing on the record that these documents are forgeries.  Not only are they forgeries, the state has backed away from identifying the person who forged Cook’s name.  Nobody has said that the documents are legitimate.  This has been reported.

What is going on in high government is happening in your own back yard.

On the 17th of January, J. Reed Dixon became aware in the same moment that I did that these two documents, that you have, that I was holding in the day, are forged and that the whole question about who my accuser is is on the table and couldn’t be answered immediately.  Then Paul Rush stepped in and said, “It’s me.”  But then, going back to the day that these documents came into existence on the 7th of December 2011, how was probable cause determined, how was criminal intent assigned, who did it; who forged the name?  This is not how our government works, and Reed Dixon, in the moment when it became known to him, said, “It’s of no consequence.  We’re running our own government; we’ll do things my way, the way that we’ve always done them.  We’re not going to abide by a constitution that says that you get to confront your accuser.  We’re going to do things our own way.  What are you going to do about it?”

It’s the same thing we’re getting from the high end of our government.  Panetta said to the United States Congress, “You guys don’t count anymore; all you are is advisers.  You give us your opinion, but that’s not what we use anymore as our command structure.  What are you going to do about it?”

This is the time in our history when we turn to the grand jury and we answer that question.  This is what we’re going to do about this:  “We the People, as a grand jury, find that you, Mr. Panetta, and you, General Dempsey, have violated the law…” and in the backyard treason that we’re dealing with here, “Come hither, Judge Dixon; we have a problem with the way you’re prosecuting this member of our community, CDR Fitzpatrick.”

The arrest warrant was issued because probable cause was determined.  Who determined probable cause?  We don’t know that, because the document was forged.  Conway Mason’s position was that because I was home when he came to the house in the afternoon and I did not come to the door, that established probable cause.  Conway Mason needs to explain to people how it was that his thinking that I was home and my not coming to the door – which wasn’t the case – was an underlying element that probable cause existed that I had committed a crime. “How do you explain that, Detective Mason?”

On December 19, 2011, Detective Mason told The Post & Email that a video existed of Fitzpatrick taking court documents from a folder on a table inside the courthouse and exiting with them, but the video was not produced at the probable cause hearing on January 17.  The Post & Email will be publishing more audio from the hearing in the coming days.


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  1. Walter Francis Fitzpatrick III, your a great guy, a patriot and a brave soul indeed, but I just keep wondering why on earth you continue to reside in a State that is being run like the war-lord system in Somalia. They obviously have no regard for the law, or the Constitution; they are as corrupt as can be and the whole damn state should be boycotted until a lawful regime replaces what is there now. And your paying taxes there???. Your health and your life is at risk with these goons and thugs, which the SOS and Governor don’t seem to be concerned about one little bit, (obviously they are a big part of the problem). There are safer places for you to live while we all continue the fight for Justice, and “The Truth Will Set Us Free” – eventually!!!

  2. “…. will it be legally constructed?” Answer: Not a chance in Hell. There are just too few people like Fitz who see the truth.

    By analogy (& not suggesting any violence) why does it take soooo many Americans sooo long to realize they are in a BIG TIME BRAWL with people who want to hurt them? Two black eyes, a broken & bloody nose, 3 kicks to the kidneys, and a bite on the ear…. and some folks have simply been NUDGED to think of this as THE NEW NORMAL. They just don’t GET IT. Too stupid to know they are under attack!
    Be sure to bring your lawyer with you on the FEMA bus, on the way to the FEMA Internment/re-education camp, so that you all can continue to protest vigorously !!!

  3. Why is it that the people of Tennessee are not protesting this corruption? Are there so few Americans there who would stand up for their liberty? How dare these corrupt politicians and judges and law enforcement officials run rough-shod over the liberty of the people of Tennessee? They fear no consequences. Apparently they have no need to fear. Apparently the vast majority of the citizens of Tennessee are mindless, spineless, intellectually and spiritually blinded dupes. And when, in some last ditch effort to defend the liberty we have been endowed with by God, some misguided, well-meaning patriot tries to fire the criminals who have corrupted our government with their deceitful strategies to consolidate political power and prevent ‘We the People’ from realizing our constitutional right to redress of grievance, they will point at those of us who would defend the rule of law and call us all terrorists, anarchists, and ‘birthers’ when it is they who ignore the rule of law.

  4. The current charges against FItz are so obviously bogus that one can only conclude that they are placed for the sole purpose of returning him to incarceration.
    The courtroom that the documents were in was being used as a jury room. Court was not in session in the room and there was no bailiff overseeing the documents which were available to the public. How this can be stretched to a violation of the law is amazing, as is everything that is done by the judiciary of Monroe County and their support team from the Knoxville office of the FBI.
    This is the face of tyranny, pure and simple.

  5. What law will be used to seek justice? It won’t be Sharia law, at least in TN, but there still remains a question of what law it is that is upheld in that Monroe County courthouse? Maybe it would be proper to ask that so a defense can be prepared. If statutes are used exclusively, then there are no rights as a US citizen being upheld. If there is prosecution without the constitution in force then Mr Fitzpatrick is being prosecuted by a foreign power inside our nation, inside a state. That is a violation of the constitution itself and can only be described as a force hostile to Americans which is responsible for injury and, in the case of Jim Miller, death. Has there been a coup? An invasion by a foreign power? If not, then what law will apply? I dare say the charge that there was an attempt to “take over” the government of Monroe County is 30 years late. The real charge against Mr Fitzpatrick is he refuses to do as he is told by armed and dangerous men. On the 26th they will bring him into their coliseum and decide, thumb up or down, what torture should be applied next.

  6. Unfortunately, it sounds to me that this “True and Faaithful Warrior”, is again, about to “Suffer the Slings and Arrows” of Corruption and Deceit!!
    Fitz, may Truth and Law be on your side on the 26th, but I FEAR the Outcome!!