Political Liars, Begone!!


by Martha Trowbridge, ©2012

(Mar. 15, 2012) — In 2012 America’s Political Universe, a hideous manmade creature populates every city and town.

He’s commonly known by his alias – A Duly Sworn Elected Official.

His actual identity? The Political Liar.

At every level of government, all through our hallowed halls, he skulks and swaggers. Purporting to be a Patriot, in public he plays up The Stars And Stripes, while privately fiddling a far different tune.

How does he do it?

He invokes the evil genius of Political Marketing.

With its demonic power, no matter how worthy his opponent, he’s able to win the election.

He even wins re-election!

Instead of being gobbled by higher-order creatures in the political food chain, The Political Liar has gained great ascendancy.


By this simple fact:

American voters no longer demand that the boundary be drawn between truth and lies.

Confronted with solid evidence of political lies, to most voters, it doesn’t even register. Rather than evoking our self-protective indignation, the evidence evokes avoidance.

“That’s not true – he’d never do something like that!” Or “You must be mistaken.”  Or “What’s the big deal? All politicians lie.”

Wait. What’s that?

All politicians lie.”

How accurate this feels, in 2012 America.

In contrast, for “America’s Greatest Generation”, the opposite was true: with few exceptions, politicians were truthful.

Why the flip?

And how are we responsible?

Here’s how:

In our enchantment with political marketing – with the drama, and the hype, and the celebrity brandingWe The People have cultivated reproduction and ascendancy of the worst predatory beast The America Political Universe has ever known.

The Political Liar.

Recognize him? Or her?  Perhaps not at first glance. His highly finessed false self – luminously credentialed, designer-dressed, carefully crafted, impeccably scripted, and cleverly marketed – will likely fool you.

But it won’t, if you bother to look past the hype. Past the hoopla. If you look closely, you’ll see The Poltical Liar’s real self. His vile tongue, his icy heart. His arrogant eyes. His nasty, intimidating grip. His secretive prowl.

Watch. Before too long, you’ll even catch him in his favorite posture: his pounce.

These days, The Political Liar’s real self emerges in an unexpected photo. Or a bit of video footage, when he thought the camera-roll had concluded. A ‘hot mic’. It spills in conversation, when he thought the cell phone was shut off. Yes, oh yes, if you know where to look, you’ll see The Political Liar for whom he really is. If you know how to listen, you’ll hear what venom swirls in his head.  If you know how to sniff, you’ll smell what evil broils in his heart.

In candid moments – as in moments behind closed doors – in all its hideous horror, The Political Liar’s toxic real self glows right through his engineered false self’s veneer.

It is solely by our giving him power that The Political Liar has poisoned America’s Political Universe.

Why, to 2012 Americans, is The Political Liar’s real self not reckoned with? Why do we not see him for who he is – or worse, pretend we don’t see?

Because this recognition jars us. It clashes with our dearly loved assumptions. It shames us to realize that this is who we elected.

Last but not least: The Political Liar’s real self terrifies us!

We much prefer The Political Liar’s false self – his sweet talk, his slick assurances, his captivating promises.

Thus, we pretend that what we saw, or heard, was him ‘having a bad day’.

See how America cultivates Political Liars?

Political Liars are often diagnosable as sociopaths. So are serial killers. In fact, if you think about it, The Political Sociopath is a serial killer. Voter after voter, he stalks. Without a care for the consequences to us, he seduces our precious votes.

It isn’t bad enough, that once he’s stolen our votes with his deceit, gleefully, without remorse, The Political Liar leaves us tossed to the roadside as he vrooms off, chasing other voters.

Then, when election-time rolls round, shamelessly, back he comes.

Conning, titillating, deceiving.

Flattering, sweet-talking, doting.

Shamelessly lying.

America, it wasn’t always this way in politics.

In 1939, we elected statesmen: individuals of impeccable integrity, who genuinely acted for the common good.

1n 1939, Political Liars stuck out. They were hated. Once identified, they were publicly thrashed, run out of Congress, and put in jail. Their families were shunned. Political Liars appropriately suffered the consequences of their evil deeds.

Unlike today – when The Political Liar models success – in 1939, his public disgracing served as a warning to others.

Here’s a dramatic example.

In the 1939 classic film  Mr. Smith Goes To Washington, actor James Stewart – as United States Senator Jefferson Smith – carries our hearts from the get-go, for this simple reason: he is truth and goodness, personified. He is a statesman.  He is the typical American elected official. The kind of man America entrusted with its destiny.

All the way through Senator Smith’s ordeal fighting entrenched corruption  – in the person of his senior U. S. Senator, Joseph Paine, Political Liar Extraordinaire – we cheer for him, hoping against hope that he’ll prevail.

So moving is Stewart’s integrity and endurance, he draws back to truth The Political Liar against whom he is battling.

In 1939, evil politicians were not glorified, defended, excused, or re-elected – in Hollywood, or in America.

No! They were exposed.  Decisively trounced. Held up as warning to those who might try to emulate them.

1939 was Hollywood’s greatest year. Mr. Smith Goes To Washington depicted in film everyday American Integrity – in politicians, and in We The People.  The kind of Integrity that afforded America the moral fiber to successfully trounce Hitler – an epic Political Liar.

Oh, 2012 America. How James Stewart would grieve for you!

Before we part, please ponder this ugly fact:

In a contemporary script on Washington politics, a man like Jimmy Stewart would have no role to play.

What’s more, being the man of outstanding good character that he was, if a role were offered, he’d flatly refuse to portray ‘the typical 2012 politician’.

For, today, America, when our politicians lie, it’s okay. Not to worry. Just say you’re sorry, his experts advise. Look like you’re sorry.  Perhaps shed a tear or two.

Hey, talk about the damage you know you did to your family.

Political Marketing Experts assure the scumballs-in-statesmen’s-clothing: America 2012 knows full well that “All politicians lie.”

Wait a few days, they advise. Stay calm. Watch.

It’s magic!

In your ‘apology’ lie, 2012 Americans will accept the greatest lie of all: that you are truly sorry.

 Writer’s Note:

Martha Trowbridge’s radio show “Dream Candidate, Nightmare Politician: The Political Narcissist And The Political Sociopath” is posted here.  

3 Responses to "Political Liars, Begone!!"

  1. OPOVV   Wednesday, June 27, 2012 at 10:40 AM

    Used to be a sacrifice, going to Washington to serve your fellow citizens, to do the best you could, and then get back home and make some money.
    Let’s put ALL politicians on minimum wage and see how long it takes for those with backroom honor leave in droves for “family emergency” and “health reasons”.
    Yet the voter reelects the bums, and the reason why is because they have the backing of their political party, because they toed the line and voted how they were told to vote. Those that don’t follow the party line don’t make it long term.
    Which is why Congress has kept quiet about Obama’s lack of legal Birth Certificate. Oh, they know about it, alright, but they’re doing just what they’re told because they want to stay on that Gravy Train as long as possible, which translates to how long the Party can use them to the party’s advantage.
    And which political party is that, you ask. Why, it’s the FEDERAL RESERVE PARTY, imagine that?

  2. AnAmericanStory   Tuesday, April 3, 2012 at 9:49 AM

    Actually, no. I can’t remember a time when politicians weren’t in it for themselves. There’s only two type of people that I need protection from and that’s extremist radicals and politicians. But I repeat myself.
    The persons that did more to undermine my freedoms that were protected by our Constitution, was not a crazy person in an airplane, but the despots in CONgress.

  3. meyerlm   Wednesday, March 28, 2012 at 7:11 PM

    Does anyone remember the long-lost term: “Citizen Legislator?”)-how about “TERM LIMITS”, “CAMPAIGN REFORM”, “TORT REFORM” and others??
    Ideas lost in the “DUNG-HEAP of Politics!!” So, ‘ya wann’a be a Politician?, Run for Office, go to Washington and Serve your Nation, then Get outt’a town, go home to your Farm and give a NEW Guy a chance to serve his Country!!” I bet very few people remember those lines from the movie, “Mr. Smith, goes to Washington!”
    IT USED to be SO Simple before the Career Politicians, the Crooks, the Back-Door Dealers and those Sick for Money and Power!!

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