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by Sharon Rondeau

Rod Blagojevich began serving a 14-year federal prison sentence for public corruption. Both Blagojevich and Obama received donations raised by Tony Rezko, who is also in federal prison on corruption charges.

(Mar. 15, 2012) — Rod Blagojevich, who was governor of Illinois when Barack Hussein Obama II was a state senator, arrived at a Colorado federal prison today to serve a 14-year prison term.

Blagojevich called the sentence a “calamity.”  He gave a “farewell speech” just before beginning his sentence in which he said that he believed that the political “horse-trading” he had done was legal.  “And THIS, is the hardest thing I’ve EVER had to do. But it is the law, and we follow the law, and I will begin to do that tomorrow,” he said.

He will be housed at the federal correctional facility in Englewood, CO and is not the first Illinois governor to go to federal prison.  He was convicted on 18 counts, including attempting to sell the U.S. Senate seat vacated by Barack Obama after he was elected president.

After his arrest in 2008, Blagojevich was impeached  and removed from the governorship after phone calls recorded by the FBI revealed that he had tried to make a large sum of money from selling the seat, which was his responsibility to fill.  Obama was implicated by a witness, but a judge shielded him from testifying.

Another acquaintance of both Obama and Blagojevich, Tony Rezko, is serving time in prison for money laundering and other corruption convictions.  Rezko had been a fundraiser for both Blagojevich and Obama, and Obama had bought property with Rezko’s assistance under questionable circumstances which were known before the presidential election.

Sean Hannity had reported in July 2010 that Rezko’s trouble stemmed from his association with Blagojevich.  A transcript from his show reads, in part:

After all, it was Rezko’s corrupt dealings with Blagojevich that ultimately landed him behind bars. And his connections to the president run even deeper. Rezko has long been a top Obama donor. In the past Obama has represented a firm owned by Rezko. In 2005 when Rezko was known to be under federal investigation, Obama purchased land from him for well over the assessed value. Obama later apologized for the purchase.

Blagojevich stated that he still believes that “the truth ultimately will prevail.”  He has been accused of craving the spotlight in the wake of commencing his sentence.

Other associations among Obama, Blagojevich and others have been questioned.

The long-form birth certificate presented to the public on April 27, 2011 as well as Obama’s Selective Service registration card have been determined to be forgeries by a Cold Case Posse from Maricopa County, AZ.  Neither the White House nor the FBI will answer questions from The Post & Email about the allegations.  Recently The Post & Email asked the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office Public Information Officer whether or not a search warrant could be issued for the computer used to upload the alleged forgery to the White House server and received no response, although previous questions had been answered promptly.

Why would a sitting president produce forgeries in lieu of real documents?

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  1. Blago doesn’t strike me as being the kinda quy who’ll stay quiet too long, no matter how dire the threats. If he can get immunity he might just be willing to sing. A martyr he ain’t.

  2. Shades of Peyton Place!

    I would like to know since WHEN is an “apology” the required action after engaging in questionable if not downright illegal business deals? Since WHEN is it acceptable that people, not to mention “government employees”, display these kinds of highly unethical behaviors and THEN it’s supposed to be “all fixed – all better – OKAY” if they apologize?

    What is this? The 8th grade? It seems to me that the people who are running our country must be extremely immature. And the mainstream media goes right along with it! IN fact, they promote it! What gives? Do these people NOT know the meaning of ethics, principles and responsibility for ones own actions? Apparently NOT!

    THIS is what we get after decades, over a century, of indoctrination. The feel good, me first, it’s always someone ELSE’s fault mentality. The “it’s OK to break the law, as LONG as you don’t get caught” mentality! Humph! While that may be true if you run a stop sign, it most definitely is NOT true when it comes to matters of business and especially the running of our government!

    As long as there are people who think the law does NOT apply to THEM, that THEY don’t belong in the same category as “the herd”, THIS is what we will get. These people have taken their high school mentality clicks and shenanigans right along with them into adulthood. They are not FIT to be running ANYTHING let alone our governments.