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March 7, 2012

How much research did the major media perform on Obama before he ran for president or any political office?

Dear Mr. Obama,

Sooner or later, the truth is going to catch up with you. As the Bible says, “Be sure your sin will find you out.” (Num. 32:23). As you know, Sheriff Joe Arpaio has presented evidence that strongly supports the fact that you are guilty of usurping the Presidency, using a stolen SSN, allowed two forged birth certificates to be posted on your website and altered your Selective Service registration. We have also learned that his report is sitting on Rep. Darrell Issa’s desk (Will Republicans actually investigate you?). If the evidence they have goes to the proper (and honest) authority for adjudication, then you’re toast politically.

You have been lucky so far because corrupt Judges and election commissioners have been protecting you by ignoring the Constitution and rule of law. Such were the cases in New Hampshire, Georgia, Indiana, Pennsylvania and Illinois, and all those court cases that were dismissed. But what if there are some honest authorities out there who see that you have indeed violated the Constitution, committed these crimes and decide to prosecute? What will you do then? Let me suggest a way out that would have a happy ending for you and America.

From a litigant in one of the cases against your ineligibility and crimes who reported to Capt. Pamela Barnett (Ret.) a statement was made to him by an FBI agent, it appears that the FBI fears there would be “civil war” if the evidence against you got a fair hearing, an honest judge ruled on the merits and you got convicted.   So far, corrupt Judges, election commissioners and your darlings of the mainstream media have been protecting you. You know that you have people behind you who would incite rioting, “occupying” and protesting if you had to step down or be removed from office if you were convicted. So the FBI has not officially investigated you for fear of civil unrest, at least to some degree, if the truth comes out.  Also, you can thank Allah that Republicans in Congress, Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, et al have been protecting you by not reporting the facts surrounding your ineligibility and crimes.
OK, but let’s assume that the evidence of your usurpation and crimes is brought to the proper (and honest) authorities for adjudication, and you suspect that you will be convicted and possibly serve jail time. You can avoid prosecution by cutting a deal that would save you and at the same time prevent civil war. Here’s what you do: Admit that you are not eligible because you’re not a natural born Citizen, which of course you aren’t, and will not run for reelection. That’s all. The other crimes you have committed are part of the deal and not even mentioned. You must only agree not to run for reelection because you are not constitutionally qualified. Got it? Most of the nation doesn’t even know about your other crimes anyway since your adorers in the MSM have refused to report on them. And most people don’t even understand why you’re not constitutionally qualified. So when you make your announcement, just tell your disillusioned supporters and radicals not to react violently in cities across the nation, thus avoiding civil war. If they are really loyal to you, they will obey. This is win-win for you and America. I hate to see you avoid prosecution for your crimes, but this way a greater goal is achieved.


Jim Black

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  1. WELL, I call both a “Real HOT-List!!”
    I envision one ONE difficulty in Immplenmentation~with 535 “Peoples Representatives??” that are most likley COMPLICIT to “Misprison of Treason, Treason and High Crimes and Misdemeanors” against the United States of America and ALL of the Inhabitants, a Military “Chain-of-Command” and Command-Grade Officers, Federal Judiciary, Law Enforcement, State Officials,-(probably all the way down to the Drain-Commissioner~Who either Can’t Read or Remember the Swearing and Attesting that occured when the spoke the Words of the “Constitutional Oath!”
    SOOoooo, my question simply is: “WHO ‘Ya GONN’A CALL, GOHSTBUSTERS???”

  2. 36. Abolish the TSA, no more groping children, the elderly, anyone at the airports, nor having them strip searched.
    37. Demolish all Muslim Mosques in the US.
    38. Solyndra and all the others who have profited by ill gotten gains returns the money.
    39. Place our Military on our borders.

  3. 30. ABOLISH the IRS. NO MORE income tax, State or Federal. No more DEATH TAX. The ONLY tax will be a flat sales tax. No tax breaks for any reason. I repeat: a flat sales tax for one and all, for the military, for churches, for you, for banks, Wall Street, me, businesses. No write offs. No shelters. No tax lawyers amd lobyists paying politicians under the table for “tax breaks”.
    31. ABOLISH Homeland Security. Send the goons picking-up trash next to the highways.
    32. Message to North Korea: I’ll give you six months to join the rest of humanity, and don’t look to China, or Iran, to help you.
    33. As far as China is concerned, get out of Tibet NOW, and rescind the death warrant on the Dalai Lama.
    34. Any country executing Christains, that stops NOW.
    35. This is how it works: OPEC has been disbanded. The United States Navy controls the ocieans of the world: if the Arabs want to ship their oil on the ocean, let them pay for “protection”.

  4. Dear 2discern, Just love your list. I’d like to add a few things to it if I may:
    16. Arrest everyone on the Vatican Slush Fund list
    17. Abolish the Federal Reserve Bank
    18. Get out of the UN
    19. Back Israel one-hundred percent
    20. Everyone associated with voter intimidation, fraud, cheating: jail time. Those whose job it was to vet candidates in 2008, and didn’t, and allowed Obama’s name to be on the ballot: jail.
    21. Deport illegal immigrants
    22. Deport everyone associated with the Muslim brotherhood, CAIR
    23 Deport all Muslims. Citizens of the United States who are Muslim given a choice: leave or jail.
    24. Members of political parties whose goal is to overthrow the United States Constitution, such as the American Socialist Party and the American Communist Party: leave or jail.
    25. Foriegn policy: no cash payments for “protection”.
    26. No “Favored Nation” trade status with China.
    27. Get rid of the teacher’s union. Teachers should have a job based on the ability to teach the subject in which they were hired. Can’t teach? Fired.
    28. Bring back the draft, where every citizen serves in some capacity for the good of their country
    29. People who collect welfare must work for the money, at the very least picking up trash.
    Everyone, please chime-in and add to this growing list of pet peeves.

  5. I see major problem with this proposal.Actually, many problems-

    1. all legislation signed by an illegal usurper must be null & void
    2. all supreme justices appointed must be nullified
    3. all czars and EPA laws passed under this fraud must be repealed
    4. jail time for treason is super generous (a life sentence is below the normal penalty for such a crime)
    5. what about the civil unrest coming if he isn’t prosecuted?
    6. all the accomplices will be followed up and tried for treason
    7. the media mouth pieces for barry soetero should be banned from public discourse
    8. all CONgress should be replaced by civil controlled & counted community voting means
    9. all appointments DHS, DoJ, Sec.of Treasury, Bernake, EPA Jackson, Sunstein, Sebillieus, etc. investigated and charged with derelict of duty under oath
    10. VP Biden arrested for treason
    11. CIA director arrested
    12. FBI director arrested
    13. NSA, military generals court martial for insubordination
    14. arrest Gibbs, Jarrett, Axelrod (they will talk and lead to criminal actions of Ayers & Dorn)
    15. Restore the full compliance of the Constitution to each branch of government

    Who can enforce this list? We can. We are the people!