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by Sharon Rondeau

Derrick Bell was the first black professor to receive tenure at Harvard Law School

(Mar. 8, 2012) — Last night, Fox News anchor Sean Hannity hosted two members of the late Andrew Breitbart‘s staff who discussed a video which had been withheld from public scrutiny during the 2008 presidential campaign.  The video depicted Obama at a Harvard University rally held in support of a law professor, Derrick Bell, who passed away last October.

Obama became editor of the Harvard Law Review in 1990, and the rally took place in 1991.  At the end of the video, Obama and Bell embrace.

The headline at Breitbart.com reads:  “EXCLUSIVE OBAMA:  ‘OPEN UP YOUR HEARTS AND YOUR MINDS’ TO RACIALIST [sic] PROF”

Why was the video kept hidden during the campaign and until Dr. Charles Ogletree aired it for a class he was teaching?  What was controversial about Obama having expressed his support for Bell?

Before his untimely death on March 1, Breitbart had stated at the CPAC conference that “We are going to vet him (Obama) from his college days to show you why racial division and class warfare are central to what hope and change was sold in 2008.”

Ogletree is the founder and director of the Charles Hamilton Houston Institute for Race and Justice, where a tribute to Bell will be given later this month.  The institute’s mission is “using the law as a tool to reverse the unjust consequences of racial discrimination.”  Ogletree cites a book he wrote entitled From Lynch Mobs to the Killing State:  Race and the Death Penalty in America.  The link to the book within the overview is dead, but the book is still in print.

Previous and scheduled lectures appear to focus on race equality and feature black speakers.

Dr. Bell wrote a book entitled And We Are Not Saved:  The Elusive Quest for Racial Justice published in March 1989.  The book’s description reads, “A distinguished legal scholar and civil rights activist employs a series of dramatic fables and dialogues to probe the foundations of America’s racial attitudes and raise disturbing questions about the nature of our society.”

Was Derrick Bell controversial?  Were his writings “disturbing?”  Was he a racist?  What are Harvard Law School students learning from professors such as Bell and Ogletree?  What did Obama learn?

Bell wrote another book entitled Confronting Authority, a summary of which states: “Describing a protest at Harvard that cost him his tenured position, the author tells stories about others who have challenged authority and examines the value of protest in protecting one’s sense of self-worth.”  He also wrote a book entitled Race, Racism, and American Law which reportedly became a “staple in law schools.”

Why did the book “cost him his tenured position?”  Obama was reportedly “speaking glowingly of Professor Derrick Bell, who had vowed to take a leave of absence until a black woman, Regina Austin, was given tenure at the law school.”  It was not the first time Bell had threatened to leave or resign from Harvard.

Has Obama’s ascension to the White House been all about “racial justice?”  Is that why his putative Attorney General, Eric Holder, has refused to prosecute black people who were clearly guilty of voter intimidation in 1998?  Is it about “payback” because of “what people endured in the South in the 60s to try to get the right to vote for African Americans” for Holder’s “people?”

During a lecture, Bell had described “racism” as “permanent” in American society.”  He claimed that people “have a sense of entitlement based on being white.”  “We are nurtured and lifted up by recognition of how permanent racism is,” he said.  The audience appears to be mostly black.  In another lecture, Bell had described whites as being “one level above” blacks, who he viewed as “Faces at the Bottom of the Well.”

Did Ogletree withhold the video because it might have indicated that Obama supported racism in America?  In the video, Obama described Bell as having not “given a lecture, but engaging us in a conversation and speaking the truth,” and Obama spoke without a teleprompter or notes without stuttering.  Behind and around Obama are students holding a sign which reads, “Harvard Law School on Strike for Diversity.”

Bell is described as having admired Jesus Christ for His “courage and vision of radical inclusiveness.”  Were Jesus’s beliefs “radical?”

Bell went on an “unpaid leave of absence” to bring attention to what he saw as a “lack of tenured minority women professors.”  Does that mean that Bell believed minorities should be awarded positions based on race and not qualifications?  He also later went on a hunger strike for the same reason.

Writer Thomas Sowell was interviewed about Bell’s leave of absence at the time and reported that Bell was advocating a certain “ideology” and had “launched a despicable attack on a young black professor at the law school who doesn’t go along with this.”

Bell is known for the “academic discipline” of Critical Race Theory, which focuses on “white supremacy” and “the conditions of racial inequality.”  CRT has been defined as a “movement” led by “a new generation of progressive intellectuals.”  One source states that CRT maintains that “oppressed racial groups have both the right and the duty to decide, for themselves, which laws are valid and are worth observing.”

Obama attended church where the Rev. Jeremiah Wright gave sermons on Black Liberation Theology, which, according to founder James Cone, “has roots in 1960s civil-rights activism and draws inspiration from both the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Malcolm X,…”  Like Bell, Wright claimed that America was a racist country.  In one of his sermons, Wright said, “”Racism is how this country was founded and how this country was run. We believe in white supremacy more than we believe in God.”

Malcolm X was a convert to Islam and a black civil rights leader assassinated in 1965 at the Audubon Ballroom in New York. Malcolm was first introduced to Islam by Elijah Mohammed, who believed that white people suppressed blacks.  Like Jeremiah Wright, Malcolm X had made a controversial comment about “chickens coming home to roost.”

Some have questioned and reported that Obama is the son of Malcolm X, not Barack Obama from Kenya, as Obama claims.

If Bell believed that racism in America was permanent, did Obama?  Is that why Obama asked the Harvard Law School students to “open up your hearts and your minds” to Derrick Bell?  Is that why Obama’s wife was not proud of her country until her husband began winning primaries in anticipation of “change?”

What was it that Dr. Charles Ogletree and the media did not want Americans to see?  Had the voters seen that video and others before the election, would Obama have won?  Is Obama more “radical” than anyone suspected, except for his closest advisers?

What has happened to our government since Obama and his regime were installed? Is it what America wanted?

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