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by Sharon Rondeau

(Mar. 7, 2012) — On March 4, 2012, Atty. Mario Apuzzo published an update to an article entitled “A Catalog of Evidence – Concerned Americans Have Good Reason to Doubt that Putative President Barack Obama was Born in Hawaii,” originally published on April 25, 2010.  There were numerous comments made following the article found at the bottom after the “Labels” list.

Several comments were left by someone who identified himself as “Unknown.”

“Unknown” indicates that he has accepted the findings of Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Cold Case Posse released on March 1 which stated that the long-form birth certificate and Selective Service registration card of Barack Obama are likely to be “forgeries.”  “Unknown” refers to “black mail” [sic] and threats which hypothetically could have been involved in the 2008 presidential election in regard to “Nancy Pelosi.”  He also makes reference to the two different documents signed by Pelosi and Alice Travis Germond, only one of which contained wording that certified Obama and Biden were “legally qualified to serve under the provisions of the United States Constitution.”

Why would a commenter on an “eligibility” website make such observations, and why does he say, “I personally have had no direct contact with the workings of national elections…” when most people in the United States fall into that category?  Could it be that the commenter has inside knowledge of what Nancy Pelosi did during the campaign cycle?

“Unknown” then suggests that “Whoever the forger or forgers were might want to slip out of sight for a while in order to avoid an unfortunate fatal accident!”

It is The Post & Email’s policy not to publish comments which raise the specter of physical harm coming to anyone unless the comment refers to a criminal act already reported in the news.

“Unknown” left a second comment which apparently referred to the research of blogger and researcher Martha Trowbridge, which states that “Obama’s” real parents are Malcolm X, the slain civil rights leader who converted to Islam, and a young woman named JoAnn Newman.  Trowbridge has reported that the life story of the man known as Barack Hussein Obama II is not what he has presented o the public.  “Unknown” suggests that Obama might not have knowledge of his birthplace or parentage because “a newborn is not in position to know where it is born or who its parents are.”  But is that not true of every single newborn anywhere?   Is that not why birth certificates are issued and maintained by state health departments which contain official registrars’ stamps and signatures?

He then rambles on, “This is such a tangle it is the stuff of dreams.”  What kind of dreams?  Could he be referring to the book “Dreams From My Father?”  Why was Malcolm X mentioned?  And then:  “If only he were simply the son of a non-American father.”  That is exactly what “Obama” has claimed he is and why many of the lawsuits and ballot challenges have been filed, contending that with a non-U.S.-citizen father, he cannot be considered a “natural born Citizen” as required by Article II of the U.S. Constitution.

Was Dreams From My Father written about Malcolm X, who had reportedly aspired to go into both law and politics?  Does Obama actually have any relationship to Barack Obama from Kenya, or was that information all part of a fictional life story?

Who else would have an interest in disseminating such comments on “eligibility” websites if not “Obama” himself?  Was the writer proposing an alibi of sorts?

The commenter then refers to “fraud and deception.”  If “Obama” has been telling the truth about his birthplace, background and parentage, to which “fraud and deception” does “Unknown” refer?  Has not putative Attorney General Eric Holder stated that “The Department of Justice is committed to achieving the President’s goal of making this the most transparent Administration in history”?

And how is the “Open Government Directive” going?  If Obama had committed to “transparency,” as promised during his campaign, why the mention of “fraud and deception?”

“Unknown” also claims he has lived in Hawaii and that “things were lax.”  In regard to what?  Birth registrations?  Regulations?  Allowing foreign-born children to obtain Certifications of Live Birth based on the statement of a relative with no corroboration?

The train of thought of “Unknown” does not appear to follow the “psychological assault weapon” used by Obama supporters, deemed “Obots,” in ridiculing anyone questioning Obama’s life story.  The tactics used in his comments do not “pick the target,  freeze it personalize it, and polarize it.”  Rather, “Unknown” seems to support the idea that Obama has not been transparent about himself to the public.

Following “Unknown’s” comments, an individual called “Saipan Annie” responds to him:

Well, BARI, its seems that you are doing much desperate thinking these last few hours of your life as a free man regarding how to worm out of the fraud you have created for yourself. Too bad you are on your own now, no Fred Newman to do the thinking for you. Well here is something to be sure of: this time your lies will not fly, not even with the biggest fool.

Do you really believe that you can like your father Malcolm “reinvent” your so-called birth story once more? If so you are completely psycho. You are OUT of reinventions, except for the big one that is coming, BARI M. SHABAZZ, JAIL BIRD.

So put THAT in your next book.

This time though your readers will only read to laugh and spit at you.

As for you stating that the real truth about your father and mother is ‘the stuff of dreams”, no, YOUR GARBAGE BIO is THE STUFF OF DELUSION AND LIES, all to SNEAK your sorry sack into The White House so you could do for your father and your sicko Uncle Fred what they could not, DESTROY AMERICA. You were nothing but their fool on a fool’s errand and now where are they to help you when you need them.

You have much idiocy to say Though we may never be able to prove that Obama was not born in Hawaii, it seems unlikely that he could ever prove that he was. How stupid is this to think never mind to say?! Every person who is born and recorded by the hospital and state can prove where he was born. With all the lying you have had to do all these years did you forget the sob story you wrote in DREAMS about finding your birth certificate? Who do you think you are deluding it is only your pathetic self.

As for your mother it seems she is a saint to not stand up and tell the world how sick in the soul and head you are. May be by now she is so disgusted with you she will turn you in.

Then what lies will you spread around America? It will not matter, will it, no one in their right mind will listen to you.

“Uncle Fred” is also an apparent reference to the late Dr. Fred Newman, whom Trowbridge states was Obama’s relative and “a closely guarded family secret.”

There was no response to Saipan Annie’s address to “Unknown.”  “Annie” appears to indicate that Obama’s mother is still alive.  Does she know that for a fact?  Does “Unknown?”

Do Saipan Annie and Unknown know something that we do not?

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  1. Richard Gorman,

    There is no FRAUD for he is the President of the de facto government but he is doing it without delegated authority. No one ever asks about the authority he is operating under do they? It has been well documented that what we have is a de facto government. Most of the current appointed and elected officers dealing with this issue have done nothing wrong for they are required to operate within the de facto. The reason for so many people being turned done in court cases stating that they do not have Standing is that we have a new government by someone else. It is not ours!

  2. Anyone that has followed the investigation and legal cases for long could say exactly what “unknown” has, if they were being kind. Reading the article I imagined I could have said those things very easily. I wouldn’t get too invested in Bari Shabazz at this point simply because it is irrelevant as Mario points out, he is documented on official time proven documents, divorce documents, as born to a foreign father which alone removes his sole allegiance requirement intended by the art 2 qualification. Allegiance is only assumed to be that of the father because the child believes in his parents, the ones he knows. If BHO knew he was not the son of BHO SR then why would he have such reverence for the surviving kin? Why pen the book? Why take the name, as an alias even? For the intent and purpose of blocking a person of foreign intrigue from entering the high office the man calling himself Barack H. Obama IS such a person and has been placed there intentionally and with the full knowledge of the Supreme court and several congresses, for whatever their reasons.

    “The liberties of our country, the freedom of our civil Constitution, are worth defending at all hazards; and it is our duty to defend them against all attacks. We have received them as a fair inheritance from our worthy ancestors: they purchased them for us with toil and danger and expense of treasure and blood, and transmitted them to us with care and diligence. It will bring an everlasting mark of infamy on the present generation, enlightened as it is, if we should suffer them to be wrested from us by violence without a struggle, or to be cheated out of them by the artifices of false and designing men.” Samuel Adams

    1. Pursuing the issue of Constitutional Eligibility is NOT COMPROMISED or endangered by the investigation of criminal forgery and criminal fraud by a candidate, frauds then perpetrated by an officeholder. Why is it so many people see the problem as either-or? Why do they feel they have to choose? This is like saying: “A criminal can be charged with only one crime.” It’s preposterous, illogical thinking.

      As for the use of an alias, this is yet another issue.

  3. I just wanted to thank people such as Mario Apuzzo, Leo Donofrio and Andrew Breitbart for their hard work in an attempt to get at the core of this issue.

  4. I doubt Obama has time to post on blogs! He is too busy watching ESPN and flying around on the taxpayers’ dimes.

    Any of us that have spent substantial time discussing and checking into the drawn out Obama usurpation know things like Hawaii being carefree with handing out COLBS in ’61 since they were a newly minted state and increased population numbers could equal more gubmint $$.

    We also knew quite a while back that Pelosi went over Dem. Brian Schatz’s objections to zero evidence of a Hawaiian birth and Pelosi issued 2 different OCONS, one for Hawaii and one for 49 other states. All this is public and discussed and not special inside knowledge.

    The blackmail and threats thrown about by the current usurper and his minions is also known. In 2009 Canada Free Press had an article that discussed how the media, TV anchors, etc, were threatened if they discussed the Obama birth fantasy…one supposed well known person saying ” I have a career and family to think about”. Aren’t we glad George Washington who also had a career and family, chose not to back down in the face of tyranny. How far men have fallen in courage and honor! The all cave at the first snarl from a bully instead of ALL standing together as one and saying SHOVE IT.

    As far as any person KNOWING any other mother or father to be O’s actual birth parents, I say pony up the evidence or quit talking. Enough with the nonsense and intrigue. It might be an Obot diversion.

    1. DOTK,

      What we have here is a complete blackout to the masses which started a very long time ago and continues via the state run school system. Most everyone that grew up with this education either no longer cares about the Rule of Law which in this case is the De jure Federal Constitution or still believes that the current government in the United States has done nothing wrong because it is doing what it can. Even if these people would read what I have posted they would never believe it. But it is true our Federal Government has been stolen and there is nothing you can do about it within that de facto government because none of us have Standing to do something in their government! You have to understand that a new government was created and you are no longer one of the people of the new government therefore you do not have Standing within that de facto.

      The media being completely controlled is not new to the People that woke up to the fact that we live within a new country because it surely is not the Land of the Free anymore or the government that was created by the Founding Fathers.

      As it is defined within the de facto dictionary what we have today is a de facto government. This is all documented within my postings located within the following search – http://www.thepostemail.com/?s=by+Steven+Wayne+Pattison&x=1&y=9

  5. 3% of the USA people have been enraged for years over this MASSIVE DANGEROUS FRAUD. The biggest threat tonight at 9 PM (Hannity show) is this —- will 97% of the US knuckleheads still be watching (whatever) – American Idol, Trump’s Apprentice, The Iron Chef, Rachel Maddow & the art of lying, etc etc ??? whatever cultural garbage is scheduled ? The stupidity of most Americans ( and I include family members who have said “stop talking to me about that -obama- stuff” ) is a continuing concern.

    I hope & pray Obama FLAT out states — ” I was born in a hut in Kenya” blah blah blah. Then we can have him arrested & prosecuted.