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by Dr. Laurie Roth, Presidential Candidate, ©2012

Dr. Laurie Roth is a radio show host, mother, and constitutional activist

(Mar. 6, 2012) — We have seen a bloodless coup take over America in 2008.  We now know that the Obama machine and his handlers stole the nomination from Hillary Clinton and a DNC back-door deal was made.  If Hillary would go away, she could become Secretary of State and Obama would be President.

Last week I interviewed successful Hollywood producer and conservative Bettina Viviano on my national radio show.  She said that during her research for her acclaimed film on  voter fraud, ‘We Will Not Be Silenced,’ that Hillary Clinton had the election stolen from her during the Democratic primaries.  She found thousands of cases of voter fraud,  2,000 in Texas alone.  She also shared that Clinton and Obama met with George Soros, who asked them both if they would destroy the US economy.  Hillary said she would not.  However,  Obama said he would.  Obama got the nomination.  Any Questions?  This sounds like a twisted horror movie from Hollywood.  But, it isn’t.

Since Obama began governing…no, ruling…he has systematically shredded our beloved Constitution, freedoms, Judeo-Christian values and history.  These are just the tip of the Obama iceberg.

Obama reversed President Reagan’s and President Bush’s policy of not funding international abortions.  Now, this evil abortion agenda has been dictated worldwide and the American taxpayer is paying for them.

What will Presidential Candidate Roth do?

I will stop all abortions if elected.  All citizens, from the womb onward, have 5th and 14th Amendment rights to life.  The first right described in our Declaration of Independence is the ‘Right to Life.’

Obama created and inspired the healthcare bill that demands we pay for abortions and illegal alien care.  It also forces us to have government-approved health care insurance or pay a fine, orders and controls salaries for doctors and requires ‘end of life counseling’ for our parents and other seniors each year — whether they need it or not.  Obamacare also demands rationed care and limited care for seniors.  In true Orwellian fashion, Obamacare also orders us ALL to have RFID electronic chips implanted in our bodies by March 23, 2013.  In the Obamacare Bill, page 1001, the reason given for the RFID chips is “for medical ID and surveillance reasons.”   The question to ask here is to what “surveillance” are they referring?

What will Presidential Candidate Roth do?

I will use every tool in my arsenal and Constitutional power to nullify,  defund,  repeal and slaughter the unconstitutional and immoral healthcare law from taking effect.  I will annihilate it.

Obama signed the NDAA Bill into law which shreds ‘posse comitatus’, our Miranda rights and other Constitutional rights.  We can now be picked up under vague terrorist charges without a trial and be held indefinitely anywhere in the world — just at the whim of putative President Obama.

I will use any and all Constitutional powers to repeal, defund and destroy this immoral and unjust law immediately.  I will also confront and encourage impeachment against all still serving who signed this into law.  This was a bold attack on America.  This act cannot be tolerated.

Obama has led in the attack on U.S. energy systems and power.  He has turned the EPA on our coal plants, shutting down dozens of them.  He has also placed extreme and untenable regulations on power plants.  Obama crushed the Canadian oil pipeline project from being built.   This project would have created at least one million jobs and offered America huge discounts on fuel.

What will Presidential Candidate Roth do?

I will gather the leaders of all energy industry leaders and work with them to develop an independent infrastructure plan.  I will pull back all draconian regulations that crush the growth of energy development and only keep commonsense regulations.  My vision:  Within four years, become the number one exporter of energy to the world and disconnect from OPEC.

Obama has backed Islamic infiltration in the U.S. and other countries by supporting the Islamic Caliphate.   Conferences on the Islamic Caliphate were held, with Obama’s support, in Washington, D.C. in December 2011.  Another Islamic Caliphate conference is to be held in Europe on March 10,  2012.  Other conferences continue to unfold before our eyes.  Sharia law is already being implemented in the United States of America.

A recent ruling by Judge Mark Martin advised a Muslim has the right to attack anyone if he is offended.  According to Martin, if an American citizen is walking down the street and does anything – whatsoever – to offend a Muslim, the Muslim may punch you and beat you and you may not fight back.  Non–Muslim Americans, per Judge Martin, are being told they must take any abuse a Muslim perpetrates upon them.  Sharia law is now taking over U.S. Constitutional law.  Obama fully supports it.

Obama also appointed, at high-level positions in government, several members of the Muslim Brotherhood.  These include a known terrorist.  This Islamic group has made its evil agenda known since the 1920s.  In Egypt, tens of thousands of Coptic Christians have been murdered by the Muslim Brotherhood.  Christian Churches have been burned by the Brotherhood and Israel is constantly threatened by them.  And yet, Obama and Hillary continue to firmly support this terrorist group. Why?

It is time to call this what it is.  Obama is a radical usurper who hates our country.  His obvious agenda is the total destruction and control of our nation for ‘redistribution of wealth’ purposes.  His plan is to use his Marxist international manipulative schemes, coupled with the push of Islam, to crush our freedoms.

Forget civility and political speech! Obama must be taken out in November 2012, if not arrested.  Only last week we heard the press conference of Sheriff Joe Arpaio verifying with his law enforcement team that the ‘long-form birth certificate’ shown to us on April 27 by Obama was a total forgery and fraud.  We all knew this, but now law enforcement has verified this for our nation and media.  Arpaio said the investigation will continue.  They will discover who is involved in the cover-up and manipulation of the birth certificate.  Sooner than later, please!

I am aware that Mr. Romney has power and political ambition to be President.  He also is a progressive (aka Marxist),  flip-flopper regarding abortion,  gay marriage, healthcare and ethics.

I am Dr. Laurie Roth:  A patriot,  pro-life mom,  gun owner and Constitutional Conservative.  If you join me on my run for President, please donate or volunteer and help me so that I will be elected and begin the Obama–shredding process.  Then together, let us quickly get to building, working, dreaming and expanding our country again.  I’ll be damned if I am going to let America go down for the count.  Please go to www.laurieroth2012.comwww.youtube.com/teamlaurieroth2012

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  1. Laurie, you have the right attitude. If we can survive the ongoing destructive attacks on American culture and laws by this no longer representative federal government, you will have your chance. Having said that, I expect another false flag attack in the coming months, and the subsequent martial law imposition, along with cancellation of 2012 elections. These are troubling times when the people are lawful and the government is not.

    1. Thank You, Sir, for at least acknowledgeing the prospect of “Martial Law”, I have been posting for years, the fact that “O’s” signing of the “Executive Order” when he STOLE the office of President was his first act of this Diabolical Plan of his for “Fundamentally Transforming America”, and up to this point in time, Unfortunately he has proven to be sucessful and totally without oposition, thanks mostly to our 535 “People’s Representatives??”-(loosely termed)-that are mor than likely participating in being Complicit to “Misprison of Treason, Treason, High Crimes and Misdemeanors”, against The United States of America, The Republic for Which She Stands and ALL of the Inhabitants Therein!!
      GOD, Help U.S.!!!