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March 5, 2012

Dear Editor:

The following letter was sent by email and fax to Georgia Attorney General Sam Olens.

March 5, 2012

Attn: GA Atty. Gen. Sam Olens,

Re: Fraudulent GA ballots

We’ve met several times at various functions across the State and you may know me as one of the Plaintiffs in the eligibility challenge concerning BHO’s placement on our ballot. Many times I’ve sent your office information concerning the fraud being perpetrated against all Georgians by Obama’s placement on our ballot but every attempt to discuss this has been ignored. Hate to think it but if history teaches me anything, it’s that this too will be ignored.

On March 1, 2012, in Maricopa County, AZ a press conference was convened by Sheriff Joe Arpaio wherein the long standing issue of Obama’s birth narrative was revealed. What the Sheriff’s investigative team uncovered is the single biggest fraud ever committed against Georgians and the Nation as a whole. It was disclosed that the documents used by candidate Obama, posted on the White House web site and Fact Check.org and confirmed as valid by none other than BHO himself, are fraudulent. Not possibly fraudulent but confirmed by this investigative team of professionals as fraudulent.

This team is and was working within the law and determined that there is absolutely no evidence, anywhere, that the Democratic Candidate for the office of POTUS, was born. Silly statement you say? No, that statement has now been backed up by a team of forensic document analysts put together by Sheriff Joe for the purpose of validating, not debunking the birth narrative proffered by BHO.

At present, the team is now zeroing in on the “Person of interest” who uploaded this forgery to the WH web site so yes, the investigation is on-going but the initial results are what you must pay particular attention to since the Primary election is tomorrow. This represents an official investigation with results that can now be used in any court of law to show cause why Obama’s name MUST be removed from our ballot.

Let’s cut to the chase here, O.K.? GA law provides the burden of proof for one’s eligibility to be placed on our ballot clearly rests with the candidates. Proof used in consideration of this challenge was a Long Form Birth Certificate that has just been conclusively determined to be fraudulent.  This means there is nothing available for Judges or the Secretary of State to determine eligibility. The burden of proof continues to rest squarely on Obama to provide this and not only has he not done this but has thumbed his nose at every Georgian, including you, by refusing to even attend through his council the Administrative hearing held on Jan 24th at the OSAH courtroom where the subpoena requiring him to do so was also ignored.

Judge Malihi, in direct opposition to GA law, and his own previous pre-trial rulings ruled in favor of the defendant without seeing one shred of evidence/proof from them and completely ignored, as “irrelevant”, anything submitted by the Plaintiffs. He took off his robe, stood in for Obama, crafted a convoluted ruling in Obama’s behalf, put the robe back on and then signed it. Many are certain he didn’t even write it but that remains idle speculation.., or is it? The only thing he could have based his decision on was a document that has now been conclusively proven to be fraudulent yet I am still having to follow the appeals process at great time and expense when the outcome could only have been that Obama’s name must be  removed from the ballot. This reeks of criminal conspiracy on the part of Judge Malihi and Brian Kemp. This tells all Georgians that laws can only be used against the Citizenry and do not apply to those already in office. This tells us that without immediate resolution we too need not obey GA’s laws or any others. You can’t have it both ways. If you think it’s a can of worms you can avoid, think again. Nations have gone to war over this kind corruption.

No, this is not going to go away and it will only grow and amplify the efforts of millions of Americans who have looked to your domain for resolution to this Constitutional crisis. The State Courts, State Political leadership are the only separation between Justice and Executive branch/DOJ criminality. The Founders provided us with the path forward in their warnings as contained in the Declaration of Independence and as more and more of us are awakened from the slumber of inaction it might be wise to consider which side of history you wish to fall on. That of the Rule of law or that of the rule of men. Think ignoring the issue is the wise course to take? We, and I do mean WE, are now watching the moves of you, SOS Brian Kemp and Gov. Nathan Deal especially since the money and contracts awarded this State just days after Kemp’s ruling can only be considered some form of bribery and/or influence peddling. They have every appearance of being awarded simply because this State, like few others, has the ability to stop an illegal candidate in his tracks, that is, if we had any Political servants left willing to do their jobs and be above reproach.

I am writing you and will BCC many so that an archive of this communication is historically recorded and re-printed.  Your response is urgently requested. Your intervention on behalf of the Citizens of this State is demanded.

The crime of the century is unfolding on your watch…How say you?

With a heavy heart,

Carl A. Swensson
GA resident voter
GA business owner
County Republican Chairman
GA property owner
Proud husband and father

Sent by E-Mail and fax


Editor’s Note:  Attorney General Olens supports a new open records law.

Update, 1:51 ET:  The author of the letter, Carl Swensson, has reported that neither AG Olens’s fax nor email is accepting his letter.  Swensson reported:

Tried several W-Mails and none of them are working for SAM??? Even his fax doesn’t answer. Had to post this on his FB page.

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  1. I have been keeping an informal list of all those guilty of treason, fraud, espionage, misprision of felony, etc etc. I also believe in freedom of choice……. therefore, I intend to send out a questionaire within 45 days to ALL the criminal invaders & co-conspritors — I want to allow them the choice of both the type of rope & the type of tree that WE SHALL honor them from.

  2. SIR: I stand with you, and Wish you Success!!
    However, I am afraid that this will only fall on the Deaf-Ears of a Corrupt Elitist, I see very little possibility that there will be a reasonable conclusion!!
    “WE the People”, have suffered almost four years of Indignation, Riddicule, “You have NO Standing??”-(I feel that a Natural-Born Citizen has STANDING!)- far exceeding that of a Accused Usurper, Fraud, Counterfitter, and Purveror of Socilaism and Communism than the Accused that has Squated in the “People’s House!!”
    May GOD be with You!!