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by Carl Swensson

Will Judge Michael Malihi and others be considered complicit in allowing a man with forged documentation to be placed on the state ballot?

(Mar. 2, 2012) — Yesterday, March 1, 2012 marked a turning point in the battle to discover the truth about Barack Hussein Obama, the putative POTUS and Presidential candidate.

For over three years we, those of us who immediately recognized a problem with the Media’s narrative on Obama, have been trying every way possible to have him vetted, something that, up until yesterday, was never undertaken. Every possible agency of the Government was contacted and warned that a crime was being committed against the people of this Nation by Obama and it was their duty and responsibility to investigate.

One agency finally did. Starting six months ago, Maricopa County, AZ Sheriff Joe Arpaio launched a criminal investigation into the narrative provided by the White House surrounding Obama’s birth and centered on the Birth Certificate posted by the White House on their website. What they uncovered (officially) and documented was what many of us have already discovered.., the documents provided, as evidence of Obama’s birth in Hawaii, are fraudulent. The Selective Service Registration Card proffered by the White House is a fraud. Not probably or possibly but definitely fraudulent. Maricopa County now recognizes that the crime of fraud has been perpetrated against its Citizens and the Citizens of the State of AZ which also means everyone in this Nation and finds “Probable Cause” to pursue a criminal investigation.

Now we come to the issue of the ballot challenge brought forth in GA and pursued by SOS Brian Kemp through the hearing at the OSAH Courtroom of Judge Michael Malihi on Jan 26, 2012. With the defense team of Obama refusing to show up and provide proof of the candidate’s eligibility to be placed on our ballot, the Judge, after hearing only the Plaintiffs testimony and the Defense council in a clear Default ruled that there was no evidence of value provided, that, in his opinion, and again, without any substantive evidence, Obama was born in Hawaii and that regardless of what the Minor v Happersett SCOTUS precedence was, concerning natural born Citizen, it was his opinion that Obama was a natural born Citizen.

Never before has a case been lost by a Plaintiff when the Defense refused to show up yet that’s exactly happened. Many are now saying this Judge crossed many legal lines to issue his ruling but few are asking the salient question. This hearing was all about proving, one way or the other, that this candidate deserved to be placed on our ballot. Obama did not, yet he is on the ballot. Why?

 Now couple this with what Sheriff Joe Arpaio uncovered in his investigation and what others have uncovered that proves, beyond a shadow of a doubt that we still have absolutely no idea who this candidate is or where he was born or even when he was born and any reasonable person would conclude that this POTUS candidate has no right to appear on our ballot or have any delegates assigned to him from this State.

A crime of immense proportions is being perpetrated on the people of GA and being allowed to continue by Nathan Deal, Brian Kemp, Judge Malihi  and GA Atty. Gen. Sam Olens. Any one of these players could intervene on behalf of GA Citizens but, to date, have not. The crime has and is being committed and these elected officials are now on record as being guilty of aiding and abetting in this crime of the century. Not one of these people can prove to the Citizens of this State that Obama can legally be on our ballot. Not one, yet there he is and there he remains as a constant reminder that the bigger the crime, the less likely you are to be prosecuted and that our laws governing  who gets on our ballot and the rights of Citizens to challenge their placement, are absolutely meaningless. We have crossed over into uncharted legal waters where rules and precedence are being made, on the fly, by Judges with an agenda.

We now know, by virtue of Sheriff Joe’s work, that there is no, I repeat no Prima Facie evidence that can be shown that proves who candidate Obama really is and therefore must be removed from our ballot immediately. Criminal charges must follow this dereliction of duty on the part of our elected unless they proceed with haste to rectify this problem. Send them your Emails  ASAP. Show that you are tired of this nonsense and that the positive action of removing BHO’s name on our ballot is the only acceptable solution to this.

These two links are all you’ll need to be brought up to speed. Watch and understand the implications from the first and read the second for the final nail.



May I suggest everyone send an E-Mail or letter to Deal, Kemp and Malihi reminding them of their complicity in this matter and issue your own demand that justice be served.


Carl A. Swensson


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  1. Deal – 404-656-1726, 404-657-7332 FAX

    Malihi – kbeal@osah.ga.gov, 404-657-2800

    Kemp – gaelections@sos.ga.gov, 404-657-5380

    Call some of these folks and amaze yourself with their level of tyranny.

    When I asked the chief of whatever in the governors office today why the governor would not order a Title 45 investigation of the office of the secretary of state for violation of state statutes, he said the governor had not directed that to happen. I directed him to my letter of early January where I had pointed out that the SOS had failed to qualify Obama before putting him on the ballot, as required by Georgia law. The staff weenie said the governor wasn’t going to do it and I could take legal action if I wanted to. Cool!

    1. I sincerely Thank You, Sir, rest assured even though I am “out’a State” they will definitely be receivings “GREETINGS” but NO Salutations!!

  2. Mr. Swensson, would it be possible for you to make an Addendum to your article that furnishes the Email addresses, and/or the Postal Mailing addresses for the parties you mention?? I, for one, will gladly and willingly do both to ALL of the Officials??? that you mention.
    I have been with P&E since it’s inception, think very highly of the Publication’s policies and the Fortitude of Ms. Sharon Rondeau.
    Patriots that frequent this Website have the Duties and Responsibilites, as called out in the “Declaration of Independence”, i.e.: WHEN, in the Course of Human Events, it becomes Necessary~~~~(from the most Powerful and Instructive Paragraph ever written)-for these Patriots to “Close-Ranks”, take ONE Step forward and be Counted as Patriot Citizens of the “United States of America!!