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by Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III

Is this courthouse the castle of the king and queen judges who preside there?

(Feb. 15, 2012) — Editor’s Note:  The following letter was written on December 27, 28 and 29, 2011 while Walter Fitzpatrick was incarcerated in the Monroe County jail following his December 7, 2011 arrest.  Fitzpatrick had been released on December 3 from a previous stay in the jail but was arrested four days later for allegedly under-serving his sentence and “Tampering with Government Records.”

Over the last 22 months, Fitzpatrick has shown that the Monroe County grand juries are not randomly selected according to state law, but rather, are populated by the judges’ hand-selection.

Judge Amy Reedy has reportedly sentenced a man to life in prison without so much as the existence of a police report about the alleged murder or crime scene.

Fitzpatrick’s letter reads:

Lady Justice has delivered unto herself a crown.  She crowned herself a queen, a queen judge.

Lady Justice then removed her blindfold and as a seeing monarch, expressing that special intent that comes with sight, falsified the balance of justice by deceit.

The king/queen judges reestablished the doctrines and policies of the monarchical-attainder courts — the malignity of the ancients — by appropriating words commonly understood found in our Constitution and in our laws and quiently [sic], silently and secretly changing their meanings.

We as a people have not been vigilent [sic] allowing corruption to naturally and insensibly grow.  Things not declared wrong have consequently taken on substance, significance, acceptance and permanence that will result in the death of this nation if not reversed immediately.

In our constitutional and common sense understanding and acceptance regarding the assembly and operating scheme of a grand jury, the grand jury is populated randomly, as in a lottery selection.  Once assembled the newly formed grand jurors choose from amongst themselves a leader and spokesman for the group, their foreman.  The foreman is a randomly selected juror like all the rest.  The grand jury operates automonously [sic], independantly [sic] and as an integrated group deciding for themselves what work their grand jury is to be about.  Grand jury members are selected randomly and at at [sic] large from their own communities.  The grand jury is to be open and accessible to those members of their communities from which the grand jurors reside.

But to change the meanings of words by royal directive, perogative [sic] and authority is to change all.  Taking the words and phrases judge, grand jury, foreman and citizen’s arrest [sic] for instance, then applying their medieval meanings in the real-world example discovered this day in Monroe County Tennessee makes the argument nicely.

Apply your constitutional, common law and common sense acceptance and understanding of these words and phrases below to their disguised and cloaked meanings as devised and ratified by royal authority.

Judge:  Monarch, king or queen, supreme leaders who go unquestioned.  Totalitarians who are above the law and beyond its reach.  Dictators, tyrants.

Grand Jury:  An assembly of useful idiots and scoundrels.  A monarch’s hand selected and intentional grouping of fools, synchophants [sic] volunteers, some actors, some unquestioning, some self-serving and some largely illiterate.  Friends of the monarch-attainder courts.  Some who just don’t care.  Unthinking. Lazy

Foreman:  An advocate to the monarch-judges.  A judge advocate.  A coutier [sic].  A judge advocate master who is set apart and above the assemblies of useful idiots and scoundrels.  Impostors.  Directors not leaders.  Vehicles through which the king/queen judges dispense their royal indulgences and grant their royal permissions.  Gatekeepers.  The palace guard!

Citizen’s Arrest:  A riot against the state!  Disordly [sic] conduct!

To acquaint the gentle reader regarding how these old familiar terms, as they have been appropriated and corrupted, operate in the real world of the monarch-attainder courts this report is added to so many others in the Monroe County Tennessee confederacy of Amy F. Armstrong Reedy, Carroll Lee Ross, R. Steve Bebb, James H. Stutts, J. Reed Dixon, Bill Bivens, Jon Kerry Blackwood, Donald Paul Harris, Faye C. Tennyson and Gary D. Pettway.

For what’s now moved into a third decade so far as we know the monarch-judges watch what they are doing as they individually hand-select and populate the assemblies of useful idiots and scoundrels.  Chillingly monarch queen Amy F. Armstrong Reedy who’s publicly pledged to sentence one-million man-years during her reign individually cherry picks by name those useful idiots and scoundrels she needs to reach her goal.

Now in our common understanding regarding the scheme in the construction and operation of a constitutionally recognized grand jury, the grand jury is peopled in a random pick selection process that renders impossible the possibility of any human agency.

A law-abiding, constitutional grand jury — once gathered as an integral group — would pick their foreman from among the group.  The newly formed organization would move foward [sic] depending upon their foreman to lead them and represent them as the soul and the voice of their grand jury.

The foreman, as a co-equal grand juror, meets and deliberates with the grand jury.  The foreman acts as a moderator and recorder during deliberations.  And the foreman acts as the grand jury’s spokesman during and after deliberations.

To the public at large the grand jury foreman represents a direct link to the grand jury.  The grand jury foreman is the community’s direct access to the grand jury.

In Monroe County Tennessee government functionaries pretend to select and appoint two constitutionally acceptable grand juries.

However, in reality absolutist monarchs have taken special pains to constitute unto themselves a change in government that resurrects the malignity of the ancients and is cloaked in a place of special obscurity.

The courts of the monarchy, the courts of attainder are the places where constitutional grand juries have gone to die.

Instead of picking grand juries the monarch judges watching what they are doing manually select two assemblies of useful idiots and scoundrels for each year of the past thirty-years [sic] so far as we know.  The practice probably dates back farther.

Each assembly of useful idiots is made up of eighteen (18) people each.  They do not dominate nor do — (Thursday morning, 29 December 2011 — 0740 hours EST about)  — they select from within their two groups their own foremen.

From 1982 through 2010 the monarch judges manually picked Mr. Gary D. Pettway as the judges [sic] advocate and grand master over both assemblies of the eighteen (18) useful idiots and scoundrels.  Judge Advocate Pettway, as the king/queen judges’ courtier and gate guard — controlled fifty-six (56) assemblies in the span of twenty-eight (28) consecutive years.

A nearly eighty-year-old woman named Faye C. Tennyson replaced Pettway in the year 2011 standing before and controlling two additional groups of eighteen useful idiots and scoundrels each.

Neither Pettway nor Tennyson ever deliberated with any of the assemblies of idiots.  The two judge advocates stood separate and apart and above the members of the assemblies in every aspect.

Here we have a profound measure regarding the acquired strength of the monarch’s attainder courts.  Pettway, Tennyson and the others were never grand jurors, but always impostors!

There was an attempt by a member of the community to expose and stop the monarch judges in the execution of a constitutionally ordained citizen’s arrest.  King Judge Carroll Lee Ross promptly decried “Riot” and ordered the offending citizen hauled off to the dungeon.

King/queen judges destroyed our intrinsic and basic confidence in natural law and in the natural jury scheme sixty-six years ago in 1946.  They constituted unto themselves a government of old returning to the days wherein absolute power was accepted as the devine [sic] rights of kings.

Our sensibilities should be shocked in this the twenty-first century.  Instead all we can discover is apathy, inaction and shame.

For any given task there are two parts…and only two parts.  There’s the talkin’ part…and there’s the doin’ part.

The death of our nation is at hand!

The time for talk is over.  And you have all been told in these Post & Email pages what needs be urgently accomplished.

Take back and support our constitutional grand juries.  The posterity of liberty and freedom depend upon it!

Here endth another lesson.

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  1. Please get this info. to Walt, maybe this attorney can help him. This is one of the attorneys who headed up one of the eligibility cases in GA but he’s from TN and I think he’s in Walt’s area. The article is http://obamareleaseyourrecords.blogspot.com/2012/02/how-to-file-pro-hac-vice-attorney.html

    Here are a few *snips*

    Attorney Irion is licensed to practice law and is a member of in good standing of the bar in the State of Tennessee. He was admitted to practice law in Tennessee in October 2005 and has been practicing continuously since. He is a resident of Monroe County Tennessee and maintains an office at 9040 Executive Park Drive, Suite 200, Knoxville, Tennessee, 37923. His phone number is (423) 208-9953. His e-mail address is van@libertylegalfoundation.org

    Mr. Irion is also currently admitted to practice before the United States Supreme Court, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit, the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Tennessee, and the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. He was admitted to practice before the U.S. Supreme Court April 30, 2009.

    No court has denied Mr. Irion admission pro hac vice nor revoked admission. Mr. Irion has never been sanctioned, reprimanded, or held in contempt by any court or bar. No authority has ever brought disciplinary action against Mr. Irion.

    Mr. Irion is the Lead Counsel for Liberty Legal Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to restoring original meaning to U.S. Constitutional precedent. Liberty Legal Foundation has over 32,000 members in all 50 states and overseas. Liberty Legal Foundation is currently litigating challenges similar to the instant matter in Tennessee State Court and Arizona Federal Court.

    *end snips*

    1. Liberty Legal as well as other foundations have received Walt’s federal habeas for review.

      It is hoped that an announcement can be made in the near future of an agency that is taking up the case.

      We were sorry to hear that Judge Napolitano had lost his show on FauxNews as he was on the list of folks to ask for help.

      Please contact Sharon with any leads of this type.

      It looks like Walt may be back on line as early as next week. All of his computer equipment was confiscated on December 7th when he was arrested and he lost his internet and telephone connection when his landlord evicted him the week before he was due to get out of jail.

      We all look forward to Walt’s first-person essays again.

  2. The Honorable, Indomitable Lieutenant Colonel Walter Francis Fitzpatrick III – beats a royal title any day! You are warmly welcomed back – thank God – great analogy.

    I had a lengthy conversation with Mr. Miller Meadows before he officially took up his post. He encouraged me to sue, march, squat or anything else I threatened to do “this side of the law”. He said he was not officially able to do anything at that point but promised to take my accusations against Bivens and the judges seriously.

    I was not in a good mood that day and worried sick about Mr Fitzpatrick. Some guy Lewis at the gaol told me Mr Fitzpatrick was doing just fine sleeping on a mat. I found Meadows’ number and laid into him before he could hang up. I was pleasantly surprised that he wanted to know more and promised to look into it. I’m a natural born cynic, but I hope he was genuine.

    Mr Fitzpatrick, you are right sir, worse than the corruption, usurpation, lies and tyranny is the apathy of the tyrannized. They are hoping that they will be able to vote this away. I’m afraid they will all have to be incarcerated for at least a year to get a better understanding of the danger they’re in. No-one is coming for their guns, a shot will not be fired because the polls, the media and the voting machines are rigged. They will overpower and disable you without touching your gun and they will do it with your permission.

  3. Mr. Fitz’ odyssey involving the usurper in the White House led to the exposure of the corruption in the judiciary “system” in east TN. This was a diversion that led in turn to the need for a remedy of that condition.

    The definition of odyssey includes “eventful journey”. The route led from the county to the 10th Judicial district and on to the state supreme court and now to the southeast district Federal court. And it will continue from there.

    Folks are involved from CA to CT, and soon, hopefully, from MI.

    The writ is progressing in Knoxville and it appears that professionals are on the way to help with the follow-on legal work.

    There is a light at the end of the tunnel that seems to be indicating a successful conclusion to the “eventful journey”.

  4. There is an effort to get Fitzpatrick a capable attorney to pursue this campaign in superior courts – and outside the Monroe County jail – isn’t there? Couldn’t a charge of wrongful imprisonment provide a vehicle to bring this travesty of justice to a rightful conclusion?

  5. Walter, SIR: I sincerely hope there be no further “Slings and Arrows” be aimed at you, I have tried to follow you and Prayed for you, my “Commrade-at-Arms”
    “May the Winds be at Your Back, The Seas Calm and the Weather, Fair!!”
    GOD’s SPEED, my Friend!!!