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by Sher Zieve, ©2012

Does Speaker of the House John Boehner speak with forked tongue?

(Feb. 13, 2012) — There is a story quickly spreading on the Internet advising that Speaker of the House John Boehner is making or has already made a deal with the Obama Administration to end Chairman Darrell Issa’s investigation of the DOJ’s Fast & Furious debacle.  This investigation began when it was learned that the US Attorney General Eric Holder had ostensibly supported and been behind the supplying of US guns–including large numbers of assault weapons–to the Mexican drug cartel, the Sinaloa cartel in particular.

After multiple ATF whistleblowers came out about it, it was also learned that US gun shops had been forced by the ATF and DOJ to sell guns to the cartels, under the orders of those US governmental organizations.  The Obama administration did not track them and one of these guns was identified as having been used by a drug cartel member in the murder of US Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry.  Others have been responsible for at least hundreds of Mexican citizen deaths.  Therefore, I called Speaker Boehner’s office.

After speaking with a Boehner aide who advised me “there’s no truth to that [story]” I was referred to Speaker Boehner’s Press Secretary Michael Steel who stated:  “Such speculation is absurd and untrue. The Speaker appreciates the hard work that Chairman Issa and many others have done to expose this scandal. President Obama’s Department of Justice needs to be accountable.”  Thank you, Mr. Steel.  In saner and less corrupt times, this statement would settle the matter.  However…

The problem I have is that, in the past, Speaker Boehner said that he would not authorize another stimulus package…but, he did.  Then, he said that he would not authorize the raising of the US debt limit unless and until major spending cuts were made.  I believe he told Rush Limbaugh just that on Rush’s radio show.  But, then Boehner turned around and did authorize raising the debt and there was only the pretense of any cuts, with no real ones being made.

The real issue We-the-People have is that there does not seem to be anyone in politics today, 13 February 2012, who appears to have any ethics–let alone moral fiber–whatsoever.  Most of them now rather routinely and cavalierly tell us one thing, when they appear to need to do so, and then do just the opposite.  This behavior used to be the bastion of the Democrat Left and Obama has created a “new normal” with his usage of it.  However, it has increasingly (over the last several years) become a normal work product for Republicans, also.  So, please don’t consider it to be “absurd” when we ask.  We are asking because politicians have let us down and stretched the truth to the breaking point too many times in the past.  We want to believe what you say but can only do so if you have the courage and honor to stand up for telling and promoting the truth.  And, nowadays, there is more than the usual lack of truth in Washington, D.C. as well as an extraordinary dearth of courage.

Only time will tell if Boehner is to regain said honor.  But, we potential slaves may not have that kind of time left to us.

“A double minded man is unstable in all his ways”–James 1:8.

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  1. I am always suspicious of folks who jump to conclusions.
    Boehner may have had a radical bilateral orchiectomy and can’t help the way he acts.

  2. Boehner is in my opinon, useless.

    When asked about Obama’s eligibility he repiled, “he says he was born in Hawaii and that is good enough for me”.

    Boehner has no credibility and is part of the problem, not the solution.

    1. i said way back that boehner was a wimp… each day proves me more correct.. he needs to go..

      on the obama eligibility i know the reason why

      first we have two high-level people who the repubs are pushing and both are illegal.

      they are so afraid of the blacks and what they think will happen if they go against this messiah ..

      ohh and the fact that it just could be that Romney is himself illegal.. so he lets bygones be bygones and should this get contested later by the demoCRAPS they can point to obama and use his excuses

      anyhow the sooner the elections come the sooner we will know if we have a free country or have been taken over by those idiots… and idiot includes bannerrrrrrrrrr

  3. It is certainly a truism that actions speak louder than words. Since the Speaker assumed his role he has spoken many times, but even then it was in a timid way and almost appeared that he was having an inner cringe moment at being tough and didn’t really embrace the philosophy behind the words. It is easy to detect when a person is playing at being blustery and strong.

    We were amazed and incredulous the times he so frequently became weepy…it was a curious spectacle to behold and it was instinctively repelling because hey, was this the guy who was assigned LEADERSHIP of the house? Personally I think he was shedding tears because deep down he knew he was going to be an impotent leader and really didn’t possess the gumption required OR more importantly, the conservative principles of limited government. After all, he knew Obama defrauded America and Boehner went along. Yes Mr. Speaker, weep for your children and grandchildren. Weep for liberty, the constitution and America! Weep over your part in this tyranny.

    I nearly threw something at the TV a few days ago when the Speaker spoke of his plan to stop the WH from assaulting the 1st amendment on religious liberty and how representatives took an oath to defend the constitution (did you know??)…ummm, did you just awake from a long slumber Mr. Boehner?? I respect my TV so I demurred from pitching a shoe at it. Wish I could feel the same way about the speaker of the house.