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January 24, 2012

Friends & Patriots:

A Patriot’s light has been dimmed, yet not extinguished. His deeds inspire us and his challenge shall long outlast the great USURPER, Barry Soetero, AKA Barack Hussein Obama. A true “hero” and dignified gentleman has run his race to the end.

On Jan. 12, 2012, Lt. Col. Stefan Cook succumbed to pancreatic cancer in a hospital in Tampa, FL.

I witnessed, first-hand, the horrendous, destructive application of the corrupt, unconstitutional use of Federal powers under the hand and direction of the great USURPER:

In September 2009, I attended a hearing in the Federal Court Building in Columbus, GA. Then-Maj. Cook brought charges against Barry Soetoro to certify his eligibility to be “President of the U.S.” and refused further assignment until his “legitimacy” was certified in a court of law. I met the gentleman and his attorney, Ms. Orly Taitz, briefly.

I was witness to what happened “inside” and “outside” the court room. The “FIX” was in and he never had a chance at REAL “due legal process”.  The Department of Defense threatened his civilian employer, a private defense contractor, with suspension of all military contracts, unless Maj. Cook was terminated from his “civilian” job. His ex-employer confirmed, no less, that fact.  He was terminated!!

Outside the courtroom, prior to proceedings within, my party had walked across the street from the court house to a very small coffee shop while waiting for the court house opening.  We were seated at about 8:30 A.M. While seated, to my complete surprise, in walks none other than the U.S. Attorney General, Mr. Eric Holder, without escort. He quickly received his order and left promptly, as if desiring to be incognito. He never appeared in open court to participate publicly in the proceedings and was never to be seen again…..the question is why??? One has to think hard about the relationship of a “Federal Judge” and a visiting AG of the U.S.

My affidavit attesting to these facts is presented herein as an attachment and was filed with Attorney Orly Taitz.

I extend my heartfelt condolences to Lt. Col. Cook’s family. I shall dedicate myself to NEVER, NEVER, let this man’s sacrifice be in vain. I shall attend the hearing before the Chief Administrative Judge, Michael Malihi, in Atlanta, GA on January 26. The subpoena to the great USURPER is attached.  To those who have the courage to step forward, please help me in achieving that goal.

Affidavit from Robert Douglas stating that he saw Eric Holder in the proximity of the courtroom where Maj. Cook's case was heard in 2009
Enlarged text of affidavit
Bottom part of affidavit
Subpoena issued from the Georgia Administrative Court requesting proof of school attendance, birthplace, and any aliases used
Enlarged text of top part of subpoena
Middle part of subpoena
Bottom part of subpoena requesting Obama's documentation

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  1. “That I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States”
    LTC Cook stood alone, and yet every single military employee in the Pentagon, and every soldier, sailor, and airman, from every base and every outpost around the world, SHOULD have and COULD have either joined him in his lawsuit against Obama, the sorry excuse masquerading as our president, or else given LTC Cook their wholehearted support.
    If any military person felt intimidated by stepping up to the plate and openly giving their support to Cook or Lakin, that’s all the more reason for why they needed to step forward and followed through.
    Unfortunately, we seem to have a military of cowards, starting with the Joint Chiefs of Staff for failing to uphold the UCMJ in LTC Terry Lakins’ Court Martial. The subsequent silence about Judge Lind’s kangaroo court (from the rest of the troops) is unacceptable.
    I’m a Veteran and have walked the walk in my younger days, and that gives me the license to talk the talk today. LTC Stefan Cook also walked the walk, which gave him the license to bring the lawsuit against the usurper Obama. But where have all the other so called brave men and women gone to? Do we have any Patriots among our military or are they all going to roll over and follow illegal orders from a CIC who is, in reality, unqualified to hold that office due to 1) not a qualified candidate because his father was a Kenyan citizen (not native born), 2) Obama is an illegal immigrant, 3) Obama is not a legal US citizen, 4) Obama gave false information registering for the Selective Service, 5) Obama is a felon for using multiple Social Security numbers, 6) Obama is currently using a Social Security number that was not issued to him.
    LTC Cook will be remembered as a Patriot, but only if we win the battle against the dark forces that are doing their best to overthrow our country.
    All of you servicemen and women reading these words must search your conscience and ask yourself if the Oath that you took to “protect and defend” was the same as what LTC Cook and Lakin swore to, and look into your own future, ten, twenty, thirty years down the road and ask yourself if you’ll be able to look at yourself in the mirror with pride having served your country (by defending the Constitution, for that’s what America is, the Constitution, it’s what separates us from Mexico and Uganda). It’s a question only you can answer. Take this advice from a man who has been around the block: make a daily effort to minimize your regrets, and if I were you, start supporting your brothers and sisters in arms that are willing to save our Constitution BY WHATEVER MEANS NECCESSARY.
    In respectful memory of Lt. Col. Stefan Cook.

  2. “WE the People” MUST NOT let this Warrior’s “Flag of Honor” Fall to Earth, “NO One Left Behind!” His Honor, Courage and devotion to “Country” must be continued, at ALL Costs!
    The 1871 DeFacto, Illegal CABAL that is infesting the “District of Criminals” must fall to the Duties and Responsibilities Admonished in the Declaration of Independence~”WHEN, in the course of Human events~the beginning of the most powerful and Instructive paragraph ever written explains what the Citizens of the Republic MUST do to “Preserve, Protect and Defend the Constitution of America from ALL Enemies, both Foreign and Domestic!!” Those words admonish U.S. all to “Answer the Call!”
    Citizens of America, Wake-Up~WE are but one step away from becoming
    ‘Da United SOCIALIST States of AmeriKa!!”