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by Cody Robert Judy, ©2012

Did the Framers intend that a person with dual citizenship be eligible for the Presidency?

(Jan. 9, 2012) — Featured on the FOX NEWS Channel from the Political Grapevine, Barack Obama’s Motion to Dismiss was denied in a Georgia Law Court concerning his eligibility to be placed on the Ballot for President in 2012. Cody Robert Judy, also running for President in the Democrat Party, is on that Ballot Challenge as well as the contest facing Obama in the New Hampshire State Supreme Court.

While the challenges for the perpetuation of the U.S. Constitution’s demand for a natural born citizen have again surfaced in the Presidential election of 2012, indeed so have the desperate ‘racist’ charges reducing Obama as a victim of circumstances beyond his qualifications for president to that of his color.

Pitting Obama’s color as leverage to supplant the Constitution demands that one be born in the United States to Citizen Parents concedes the dangerous ground Obama in fact treads with the release of his long form birth certificate showing his father was indeed a citizen of Kenya at the time of Obama’s birth.

The dual citizenship naturally afforded Obama at his birth is the harbinger of his eligibility mêlée, as the natural born citizen demand is the pillar eclipsing the demands for U.S. Representatives or U.S. Senators designated good-naturedly for the office of the President of the United States.

Understanding the key crucial to National Security and the Sovereignty of the United States, the Framers of the Constitution recognized the pinnacle of power and mobility considered necessary in the position of the President and that as far as nature could afford in the resolute origination of one’s landing on Earth as well as the nurturing establishment of a body’s character from parents, nature and nurture harmonized in the declaration of natural born citizen.

While many arguments disingenuous of the demand for the President to be a natural born citizen occasion stating someone’s loyalty does not have to do with one’s place of birth or effects learned from parents, the principle pillar of fire intelligently placed between the United States and the enemies chariots was two generations.
With relative ease the three legged chair consisting of ‘fondness of one’s place of origination’, ‘intrinsic respect for ones parents as mirror images of oneself’, and the high hurdle of the two creating the third leg; a divide between being able to meet the demand in one single generation provides a natural barrier to the Presidency.

In the case of Barack Obama, if he indeed was born in the United States his father being a foreigner prevents his ascendency to President for only one prong of the two prong test is hurdled; his place of birth. Reversing the order we would say Obama Senior as a foreigner wanted to supplant the Presidency with Obama Junior unswerving of foreign dictates.

The safety of two generations declares that Obama Jr.’s children attesting to their father’s “first generation citizenship” and also being born in the United States become “natural born citizens” as second generation citizens, with a greater intrinsic respect for the opportunity essentially featured in the United States of America, placing two generations between Obama Senior’s foreign dictates and his Grandchildren’s natural born citizenship.

Those foreign dictates have an impossible hurdle to clear given the average life expectancy of 100 years. Naturally Obama Senior has passed on before the grandchildren reach middle life maturity, all the while receiving the positive incentives affirmed of the United States Constitution and ones rights promoted as a powerful individual.

As 13 of 48 pages of the The Constitution of The United States booklet contain references to the President almost obscuring any other right, office, or dicta in comparison by 10 to 11 pages, it becomes frankly noticeable that the protection is absolutely afforded as a national security, the impediment reversely a national threat.

I know of no sound or reasonable judgment that could dispute the natural born citizen demand for our President to be counted as anything but intelligent wisdom and those opposing as adversarial; foolish. As a pillar of strength recognized by the two prong test I have always been of the frame of mind that the ‘natural born citizen’ could also be diluted most simply by a natural born citizen having a child in a foreign land.

This recognition has materialized in heated opposition of military men and women having children outside the United States. However, though the fires rage in insult, there is no escaping the real fact that the child born in a foreign land will always recall naturally the place of first combustion with natural fondness.

In my view, the extremely rare case of a military child becoming President is trumped by the two-prong test of being born in the United States to Citizen Parents. This protects the seat of the Commander-In-Chief within the Constitution and every military person swears an oath to the Constitution. I simply believe if a mother serving in a foreign land desired to secure the rarest odds or likelihood their child was a future president, 1 in 10,000,000, that leave would be afforded to deliver within the United States, or as more likely would be the case, the parents not be unsatisfied with the child being a Congressmen, that has much improved odds.
This was the reason that I sued Sen. John McCain in 2008 because he wasn’t born in the United States, but was born in Panama in the Panama Hospital unlike so many rumors that have been unleashed he was born in a military hospital.

Now in retrospect McCain never did become President and its safe to say in all likelihood never will. What we can say for certain is the non-binding U.S. Senate Resolution 511 declaring him a ‘natural born citizen’ has caused extreme turmoil for the Constitution’s demand for a natural born citizen and the two prong test.

Some say if the first prong of the test is ignored as it was in Sen. McCain’s circumstances that the second prong of the test should also be given a pass as would be the circumstances with Obama’s foreign father. The resulted quagmire has been anyone challenging Obama’s eligibility demanded by the Constitution’s natural born citizen qualification was a racist.

All except for me, I will not concede to the nasty labels of me as a ‘racist’ due to my consistency with the Constitution’s demands with Sen. McCain as well as Sen. Obama in 2008. As long as my testimony stands and America decides to get behind that testimony the ‘racist’ card is not credible and those using it against me are on the paltry sands of libelous defamation of my character and testimony.

The natural born citizen demand of our Constitution is among the pillars of light the darkness will never overcome and that’s why I’ve called the latest commercial to my campaign “Cody Robert Judy Standing Pillars of U.S.C. in New Hampshire and Georgia Obama” the dialogue is as follows:

Hi my name is Cody Robert Judy and I’m running for President in 2012 as a Conservative Democrat.

You hear Republican candidates stating they believe in our Constitution, the pillars of liberty and freedom, but withholding their strength and influence in the demands our President be a Natural Born Citizen; I’m the only candidate running in the U.S. who has prior the 2008 elections.

I know the Constitution is the Supreme Law of the Land trumping any “case law”, however The Law of Nations is actually mentioned in our U.S. Constitution which defines natural born citizen and there is U.S. Supreme Court Cases providing adequate definition regarding one who is born in the U.S. to Citizen parents.

“How shall you know these candidates are pretenders, but by the fruit they have produced and represented?”

I need your help, your contributions, signatures, to help place me on the Ballot in your State for the Revolution of our Constitution and the fight to keep Barack Obama off the ballot as I have started in New Hampshire and Georgia.

I’m Cody Robert Judy and I approve this message.

Cody Robert Judy The Cody Robert Judy for President 2012 U.S.C. Eligibility www.codyjudy.us www.codyjudy.blogspot.com YouTube: CODE4PRES


Editor’s Note:  Mr. Judy’s new video can be viewed at his blog at the bottom of his press release.

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  1. Leo Donofrio (naturalborncitizen.wordpress.com) has a way of explaining legal issues in a way you can understand. His recent posting “Minor v. Happersett Revisited” makes the Supreme Court precedent very clear. http://naturalborncitizen.wordpress.com/

    The court was asked to determine if Virginia Minor was a citizen of the United States. What the court said is:

    1 – ” it was never doubted that all children born in a country of parents who were its citizens became themselves, upon their birth, citizens also.”

    2- “Some authorities go further and include as citizens children born within the jurisdiction without reference to the citizenship of the parents.”

    Mrs. Rondeau replies: Please make sure to provide a link if you are quoting from copyrighted material from another website. Always assumed that the work is copyrighted. Thanks.

  2. It is unusual, but comforting, to see a democrat support the Constitution, especially the natural born citizen part of the document. How can we get other democrats to view life and conformance to our laws the same way?

    1. @ John Sutherland
      For sure Mr. Sutherland, the Constitution should be common ground for all parties in America and the best way to unite parties is of course evident in that common ground.

      I believe the chasm between parties is often played by both parties. When we look at differences instead of bringing up what we see that we do have in common, of course the chasm widens.

      Ultimately we are all Americans and believe it or not Obama only influences a small minority of the party who then influences a little over 50%. Just as our Revolution was fought by a small minority of the population.
      The answer to your question may be in your first sentence.

      The Cody Robert Judy for President 2012 U.S.C. Eligibility Camp

  3. It is beyond belief so many refuse to acknowledge the importance of untainted
    family heritage to establish unquestionable loyalty to the interests and security of
    this once great nation.

    Just like the once great Rome, the barbarians are now at our gates, and they are
    pushed wide open for them.

  4. “I’m the only candidate running in the U.S. who has prior the 2008 elections.”

    The above quote from the article seems to have a word missing, or maybe just needs to be reworded completely?

    1. Agreed, and the sentence was actually taken completely out in the new HD Version of the Commercial you can see at the Blog or on YouTube with this
      Pillars III HD President 2012-Cody Robert Judy Standing Pillars of U.S.C.Obama
      Link :

      Both Versions are still available at the Blog Link Here:

      The Cody Robert Judy for President 2012 U.S.C. Eligibility Camp