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by Dr. Laurie Roth, Presidential Candidate

14-week pre-born baby

(Dec. 31, 2011) — Life is unique,  authored by God and to be protected at all stages by the US President.  I have written in my articles about the importance of life at all stages many times over the years and have shouted out about this on my radio show. I feel it is time to go even deeper for my readers and the country to know just who Laurie Roth is and what I will do out of conviction if elected President.  I don’t plan to play word games.

First of all,  as President my role will be to defend, as the Declaration of Independence states so clearly, ‘the right to life’ of ALL people I represent.  It is a known scientific fact that life is established and starts growing when the egg is fertilized in the womb.  It is not a head of lettuce in the womb but a baby growing.  Quickly,  in the first few months,  the shape of a baby emerges.  As it is now,  most abortions occur between the 2nd and 4th month.

Only God knows in truth how many babies have been literally murdered in the name of ‘choice’  or ‘Government not controlling my body.’  We have annihilated at least 40 million babies if not more.  That is evil and most shameful.

I have been called ‘anti choice’  many times by abortion supporters over the years.  I always have said that I am ‘pro choice.’  Making a choice for life and doing the right thing is also a choice,  a better and moral choice, it is not ‘anti choice.’

Obama is the most abortion pushing and supporting (putative) President we have ever had.  His entire voting record before his election was supportive of Abortion,  including Infanticide, not even wanting the baby who survived an abortion attempt to get any medical attention.  He voted to just let the baby sit there on the cold table and die.

He has made sure in the Obama health care bill, being disputed at the Supreme Court, that paid abortions are also written into this monstrosity.

One of the first things Obama did once elected President was to reverse the Mexico City Policy started by Reagan and implemented by Bush.  Now we get to support and pay for abortions worldwide.

I intend to answer some questions up front so everyone will know where I stand and what I will do on this critical issue if elected as President.

First of all, since scientifically we have established where life actually begins, at fertilization and that the ‘right to life’  is any person’s right at any age, then my first job is to defend that life and I will.  I will stop all federal funding of abortion clinics and aggressively move to shut all abortion clinics down.

Gregg Jackson, author of ‘We won’t get fooled again’  has posted an article at www.greggjackson.com asking key questions for Presidential Candidates to answer.  I agree with all his positions in this article.  It is high time for the games to stop regarding the protection of life.

When does human life begin?  At fertilization of the egg.

Are pre-born babies persons?  Yes, made in the image of God.

Does the 14th Amendment apply to pre-born babies?  Yes.  Since pre-born persons are alive they are entitled to the same ‘due process of law’ and equal protection under the laws’ as all other innocent human persons.  It doesn’t matter their size.

With all that established, let’s go to the ‘mother load’ question’  Gregg Jackson asked that will make 99% of all Presidential candidates run for cover.

Just what will Outsider,  Laurie Roth do about abortions going on everywhere?  I believe according to the 5th and 14th Amendment,  Declaration of Independence and the Holy Bible which defines life, that all abortions state and federal must be stopped.

My first move once elected would be to stop the hemorrhaging of the patient.  I would call on the states to enforce the 14th Amendment and end all abortions in their states.

I believe this is not a States Rights issue but is beyond that.  It will  be my obligation as President to protect all life in the country.

The argument isn’t about ‘going back to the 50s’ and ‘dangerous, private abortion attempts.’  It is a crime and must be stopped.  There are plenty of options for pregnant women to get care and adopt out an unwanted baby.  In fact,  I would make sure,  as the abortion clinics were shut down that many options were supported, funded and available for pregnant women.

If the States failed to close the abortion clinics down I would give an executive order closing down all abortion clinics and support the prosecution of all who continue this practice.

Finally,  regarding this battle I agree with author Gregg Jackson’s opinion that the President must stand first with the law of the land, our constitution,  declaration and ‘Laws of Nature and Nature’s God.’  Regardless of what various courts would rule,  even the Supreme Court,  my obligation as a President would be to lead,  not be intimidated into immoral submission by a faulty court ruling.

Real leaders in our history with a moral core have ignored unconstitutional rulings, such as Adams and Lincoln.   It is time for real leadership on this issue by a President who will support and protect life at all stages.

Join me and speak your mind at www.rothrevolution.ning.com  and listen into my show at:  www.therothshow.com   Find out how you can support my candidacy and sign up to volunteer at:  www.laurieroth2012.com

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  1. 0bama just signed the 2012 NDAA. Wake up, folks. If you don’t help us elect Ron Paul, we’re going to lose our Country. If you vote for Gingrich, Romney, etc…you might as well cast a vote for 0bama.

  2. Dr. Roth wrote:

    When does human life begin? At fertilization of the egg.

    While I completely agree with the spirit of this statement, it is not entirely accurate. Human sperm and egg are human and alive before fertilization. I think what Dr. Roth meant to ask was “When does a new, unique human life begin?”

    Are pre-born babies persons? Yes, made in the image of God.

    This also may not be entirely accurate. To kill another human being on a premeditated whim of convenience is murder in the first degree and should be punished by death per the rule of law. I would ardently support such punishment for mothers and abortionists in the case of newborns (who initially survive abortions) and for normal preborn babies of late term. I would like to see such punishment applied with few, if any exceptions, but I would be very much opposed to meting out the death penalty as punishment for taking a morning-after pill. A fertilized human egg simply is not yet a full person, in my opinion.

    Test yourselves on this issue by honestly answering, “At what point in the development of a healthy human fetus would you be willing to punish its killer(s) with death?”

    I think we must recognize that personhood develops gradually and the punishment for killing such a pre-person should be proportional to how close they are to being a full person. All human life can be treated as solemn and respected without resorting to claiming that a newly fertilized human egg is as much a complete person as a toddler, a newborn baby or even a seven month fetus. Abortion may still be justly restricted and punished proportionately without resorting to such exaggerations.

    1. I don’t agree with Thinkwell. We don’t need to be going down that road when slaves were considered to be three-fifths human as a compromise to get the 14th Amendment ratified. Preborns should be fully human from the moment of conception. Murdering them should result in the same punishment as would if done to any other human. No exceptions should be made as that would only make it more likely that some would still carry out an abortion.