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by Martha Trowbridge, blogging at MarthaTrowbridgeTerribleTruth, ©2011

Attorney Mario Apuzzo

(Dec. 31, 2011) — America, I’m honored and delighted to bestow my first annual MAN OF THE YEAR Award upon Mario Apuzzo, Esq.

If ever there’s an American emblematic of Integrity, patriotism, dedication and courage, it’s Mario.

To protect and defend the country he loves dearly, Mario has endured years of insult, ridicule, and professional attacks. With unflappable grace, routinely, he meets his detractors with respect; at his impressive blog, Natural Born Citizen, he even extends his opponents the invitation to join in fair and honest discussion of the issues of our times.

No matter how tired, each day, he rises, ready to face whatever challenges his country presents him.

What’s more, his courage is sheer inspiration.

Please join me in congratulating Mario Apuzzo as Terrible Truth’s 2011 MAN OF THE YEAR!

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  1. I find Mario has an open mind few have been blessed with the equal of. The importance of Ms Trowbridge’s work is that it well may be fiction but is no less factual in it’s content than the state of HI’s “proof” that BHO was even born there. Her bits and pieces put together resemble the document presented as “proof” of Hawaiian birth. Out of respect for the law, Mario must assume the court has information that compels it to refuse all challenges. In a way he is bound to that approach, I am not. Treason is the charge and government is the guilty party.

  2. Until Martha Trowbridge produces one or more documents to back her up, I fail to find her research compelling. Furthermore, even if Obama Senior is not the biological father (who may be a US citizen such as Malcolm X), Obama Senior is the legal father at birth, per the birth certificate. This is key, for citizenship is established at birth and not at conception.

  3. Hear ye! Apuzzo is certainly deserving of this award. I’d nominate Martha Trowbridge as Woman of the Year for her compelling investigation that suggests Obama is actually Bari Shabazz, the illegitimate son of Malcolm X.