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by Martha Trowbridge, ©2011, blogging at Terrible Truth

(Dec. 24, 2011) — America, in a few short hours, we welcome The Sacred Birth Of Jesus Christ. A child born to welcoming, dependable, holy parents – whose lives were dedicated to raising, guiding, and nurturing Him.

How very blessed are children born into welcoming, loving, upright homes!

Sadly, many children are not. As they develop, and their relational needs are unmet or mutilated, they suffer “unthinkable anxieties”, “primitive agonies” [Winnicott]. Seeking relief from their pain, they often choose to travel improper paths, leading to further pain and degradation.

In the spirit of Christmas, I am asking you, America, to consider that “Barack Obama”, for all his great accomplishments, has greatly suffered; and in his suffering, chose paths he now regrets.

I truly believe that if he could do it all over again, he wouldn’t do it.

Please, permit me to introduce you to one of the holiest men I know. A former Mafioso from the Bronx, the man you meet today is thoroughly unrecognizable as the man he was before his spiritual awakening.

Twenty-six years ago, on 23 June 1985, after much agonizing deliberation, from a prison cell – just like Malcolm X  – he turned toward the Face Of God. And not for one living breathing moment has he turned away.

How I wish you could meet him! How I wish you could hear his story.

Last night, I was honored to converse with him. As always, I felt the spirit of Jesus Christ emanate from him across hundreds of miles of fiber optics, right into my heart. The compassion. The welcoming. The peace. It is no mystery why his home is filled with boxes of cards and letters from people whose broken lives have been healed by his witness.

“No matter how complicated your problems are” he counsels, “the solution is always simple: turn to God.”

This man embodies what The Monks Of Weston Priory describe in their Christmas Songs CD.  MP3 Downloads are available at  http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/monkswestonpriory8

“Morning softly awakens all of our deepest longings to be reborn … gifting us his presence, Jesus is born … Into the desert of our lives, bringing truth and freedom, God comes to us.” [“Morning Softly Awakens“].

America, in honor of The Sacred Birth Of Jesus Christ, let us lay down our anger, and find it within our hearts to genuinely welcome “Barack Obama” as he steps forth in Integrity. I sense you’d agree: it will not be an easy step.

Yet, it will be the most courageous step any American, in all our great history, has ever taken.

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  1. “For all his great accomplishments, [Obama] has greatly suffered; and in his suffering, chose paths HE NOW REGRETS”. Really? No evidence of that at all. A compassionate guy, I can forgive someone who owns up to his mistakes and expresses his regrets. With Barack, such an epiphany hasn’t at all happened.

    1. Fair enough, Jim. So if you do see evidence of authentic regret and a desire for real redemption, may I assume you will join us in supporting his ‘doing the right thing’?

  2. Well, Martha, I’ll try to do my best to be as polite as possible since it’s Christmas Eve and all, but, you know, this Obama clown, our de facto president, is a Muslam and his job is to destroy this country, the United States, and he’s doing a great job it, mainly because so many stupid people are giving him everything he’s been asking for.
    Imagine people freely giving up their freedoms for nothing; it’s no wonder our country is sliding into the abyss, from which there is no return. Israel as the sacrificial lamb as the UN proclamations supplant our Constitution, with nary a whimper from our Congress.
    No, no irrational wishful thinking about “he wouldn’t do it” when, in fact, he’s just getting started.
    So even though we wish Peace on Earth, it won’t happen with millions upon millions of pyschos killing unbelievers “Kill them wherever Ye find them”.
    No, Martha, it won’t be an easy step: it’ll be an impossible step.
    So go ahead, lay down your anger, but don’t lay down your gun.

    1. OPOVV: I appreciate your respectful response. Please know that I am as aghast at what has transpired as you. Agreed, such a step by him does seem ‘impossible’.

      But – doesn’t it make sense for all of us to work together to facilitate this?

      It really would be in everybody’s best interest –

      What do you think?

  3. Sorry, but I think the only God that Obama has or will ever be concerned about or will, “turn to”, is the one he believes he is.

    Anything can happen I suppose, but the prayers I have for Obama are much more likely to happen during my lifetime, and the results will be far more believable and satisfying to me than “Barack Obama” stepping forth in Integrity.

    Merry Christmas………..

    1. Merry Christmas, Bob.

      Again, I agree, the odds are against it. But we can still hope and pray – for his sake – for a miracle. Tis the season :-)

      1. Martha,I doubted you at first pertaining to obama,but as you show pictures on Terrible Truth,i recall more and more. I remember my mom saying that evelyn lincoln “wisked him off to a school” i believe he was born 3 months before Hawaii became a “state”. Do you know who the singer/actress was that also went over there with her little boy? I remember asking Mom if he was going to the same Palace as the little black boy went,and her answer was yes. ( Sukarno must have been the black prince mom referred to.) i remember the picture you posted showing surkarno(,and the lady) in the limo saying goodbye. There are others that remember also.