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by Lawrence Sellin, ©2011

Have members of the U.S. House and Senate betrayed the American people by their actions, secret deals, and failure to represent?

(Dec. 23, 2011) — Parliament of Whores was an international best-selling political humor book, written by P. J. O’Rourke and published in 1991. It was a brilliant and scathing critique of the American system of governance from a conservative perspective.

To me it does not seem so funny anymore.

Who would have imagined in 1991 that O’Rourke’s title would have provided an appropriate epitaph for the beginning of the downfall of the United States?

The American republic has entered the first stage of decline. It has become a totalitarian democracy, a political system described by Israeli historian J. L. Talmon, in which lawfully elected representatives rule a nation state whose citizens, although granted the right to vote, have little or no participation in the decision-making process of government.

In every sense of the term, we have a rogue government, which has been hijacked by an oligarchy composed of a self-serving permanent political class, supported by an obsequious press and financed by and beholden to wealthy special interests in order to pursue personal power and profit at the expense of ordinary Americans; the very people who pay the nation’s bills and fight her wars.

Politicians buy votes with our money, steal more money from our wallets and then repeat the process. It is a method designed to reward special interests in return for kickbacks in the form of campaign funding and other benefits in order to maintain themselves as permanent political parasites in Washington, D.C.

Most Americans now realize that Barack Hussein Obama is an empty suit, an individual totally unprepared for the responsibilities of the Presidency, but shaped and directed by others to undermine traditional American values, disrupt our economy and instigate class and racial conflict with the aim of making the United States vulnerable to control by foreign entities and hostile ideologies.

The anti-American forces backing Obama have successfully exploited politicians’ greed and lust for power, their susceptibility to be intimidated by political correctness and their overall lack of integrity and intestinal fortitude.

Members of Congress are not leaders by any stretch of the imagination.  They are frightened rabbits constantly sniffing the air for any scent of controversy that might endanger their comfortable lifestyles and lucrative pensions.

We are experiencing, in real-time, the destruction of the Constitution and a flagrant disregard for the rule of law by Congress, the courts and government bureaucrats, who are deliberately hiding the truth about Obama from the American people.

Corrupt politicians and their collaborators in the mainstream media contemptuously believe that they can conceal the greatest Constitutional crisis since the Civil War with an organized campaign of disinformation and by blocking any legal avenues that honest citizens want to pursue.

Obama is a Constitutionally illegal President (see here and here who has forged his birth documents and his Selective Service registration. He has committed identity theft by using a Social Security Number not issued to him.

Why, for example, has no hospital in Hawaii provided verification that Obama was born there?

Our elected representatives, the courts and federal law enforcement agencies all know the truth.

Yet they have violated their oaths of office to support and defend the Constitution and renounced their responsibility to uphold the rule of law. Some have committed Misprision of Felony by actively engaging in a cover-up of Obama’s crimes.

Congress, the courts and federal law enforcement officials are intentionally preventing an investigation into Obama’s crimes because it would reveal that our government is complicit in this outrageous fraud against the American people, is riddled with corruption and operates solely for the benefit of a selfish and powerful few.

The politically-incestuous, incompetent, faux-leaders in Congress will continue to posture and position themselves, cut secret deals, nod and wink at each other.

When the American people demand accountability and challenge the power of the political establishment through grass roots citizen groups like the Tea Party, the Republican and Democratic Parties join the mainstream media to ridicule or condemn them as “Hobbits”, “racists” and “extremists.”

To the political royalty, Americans are no longer citizens of a republic, but serfs. They not only ignore our petitions for the redress of grievances and treat our views with disdain, but they have declared war on us.

The loyalty of the American people is to our country and our Constitution, not to criminal officeholders, partisan judges and submissive bureaucrats.

They have all forfeited their privilege to represent us or participate in our government.

It is those totalitarian officials, who compel us to stand our ground, not against our Constitution, but against those who pervert our Constitution.

If Obama is permitted to contest the 2012 election, it will be the most deceitful, hate-filled and violent in U.S. history.

It is part of his campaign strategy to mobilize illegal immigrant “voters” as one element of a racially- and ethnically-based coalition supplemented by foreign financing, racist flash mobs, union thugs and anti-American radicals.

If we do not confront Obama’s usurpation of power, investigate his crimes and expose those officials protecting him, our silence will be construed as an endorsement of permanent political corruption in Washington, D.C. and an abdication of our Constitutional rights.

The government has placed itself squarely in opposition to the American people.

It is time to heed the words of John F. Kennedy:

“Today, we need a nation of Minutemen, citizens who are not only prepared to take arms, but citizens who regard the preservation of freedom as the basic purpose of their daily life.”


Author’s Note:  The word “whore” is found in the Bible, in particular, the Whore of Babylon, a Christian allegorical figure of evil mentioned in the Book of Revelation (Chapters 17 and 18) sometimes associated with the AntiChrist. Alternatively, “whore” can be translated as “idolatress”, a female worshiper of idols or a person who does not acknowledge God. Some Biblical scholars believe that “Babylon” is an allegory of Rome or some aspect of Roman rule (brutality, greed, paganism).

Lawrence Sellin, Ph.D. is a retired colonel with 29 years of service in the US Army Reserve and a veteran of Afghanistan and Iraq. He receives email at lawrence.sellin@gmail.com

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  1. “The government has placed itself squarely in opposition to the American people.”

    Hence, the problem. How shall we resolve this problem? I just posted the story of the Battle of Athens (Tennessee) on my FB account. I don’t want to have us go there, but some tyrants just don’t understand anything but the use of violent force. Is that where we are headed? Will the government never back down and listen to, and obey the citizens and our rule of law? Are the leaders in government all communist miscreants? Have we no recourse but violent overthrow of the tyrants in Washington? I hope not, but I am not optimistic.

    Thank you Larry, once again, for a great and thought provoking article. We are all looking for the white hats in government but see few of them. Far too few of them.

  2. Brilliantly illuminating editorial. Sobering. It has fallen on ‘We the People’ to decide whether or not ‘government of the People, by the People and for the People’ shall perish from the Earth.’ Those of us within the Tea Party have the numbers to elect whosoever we decide to elect yet, small vocal minorities such as the depraved homosexuals and the lying liberal legions continue to advance their agendas and defeat Christian conservative ‘consitutionalists.’ The percentage of Americans who vote at all is deplorable. We must defeat Obama in 2012. Obama has unlimited financial resources. His Muslim Brothers from the Hood have a method of transferring funds which leaves no money trail. A Muslim anywhere in the world can walk into a Muslim shop, pay a small service fee and deposit any amount of cash that will be paid out by another trusted Muslim on the receiving end. Islamic leaders will provide unlimited financial backing to see that the ‘Manchurian’ Muslim from Mombasa maintains his illegal usurpation of the office of the president of the United States of America; nothing would advance the cause of Islam further than keeping the criminal practicing taqqiya in the White House. Even if you have never gotten politically involved in your entire life; register to vote and see to it that you get friends and family and co-workers and members of your Church, etc…to register and vote for Ron Paul. And for once in your life, if you have not been much of a financial supporter of any particular candidate or political party, donate something to Ron Paul’s campaign and also to Capt. Pamela Barnett at Obamaballotchallenge.com so that she may continue to fight the battle in all fifty states to keep the name of the ineligible Barry Soetoro, a.k.a. Barack ‘King Hussein’ Obama off of the Ballot.

  3. Mr. Sellin, Again I thank you for your frankness and wisdom.You say things so needful for the American people to hear! As you closed your article,you mentioned that”the government has placed itself squarely in opposition to the American people” and you quoted President Kennedy as he said,”today we need a nation of minutemen,citizens who are not only prepared to take arms,but citizens who regard the preservation of freedom as the basic purpose of their daily life” I say, “Amen”!
    JB Williams wrote an article which was similar in objectivity,why is it that we Americans can’t see the writing on the wall,Time is not our friend,we were instructed about this type of situation by the writers of our Declaration of Independence who told us when our government was being destructive to our rights and persuit of happiness,we should move to alter or abolish it.
    I am a little nobody,but I love my country with all my heart! Can I ask a question,how can we the people move to do something about this possibly on a state wide basis and would someone out there like to talk about it[please] and thank you, I live in central N.Y. state