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From: Sharon Rondeau

The Tennessee General Assembly meets at the State Capitol in Nashville

Sent:Wed 12/21/11 10:51 AM

To: sen.stacey.campfield@capitol.tn.gov

Cc: sen.ophelia.ford@capitol.tn.gov; sen.brian.kelsey@capitol.tn.gov; sen.beverly.marrero@capitol.tn.gov; sen.ken.yager@capitol.tn.gov; Mae Beavers (sen.mae.beavers@capitol.tn.gov); sen.doug.overbey@capitol.tn.gov; sen.mike.bell@capitol.tn.gov; sen.tim.barnes@capitol.tn.gov


I am editor of the electronic newspaper The Post & Email (www.thepostemail.com) and have been actively investigating judicial and law enforcement corruption in your state for the last two years.  I have contacted some of you by phone already.

There is smoking-gun evidence on my desk which demonstrates, without a doubt, the corruption of the judges, court personnel and sheriff’s department in Monroe and McMinn Counties.  These are all federally-prosecutable offenses for deprivation of civil rights (Title 42) as well as violations of the TCA.  I am contacting all of the members of the TN House Judiciary Committee and Senate Judiciary Committee to find out if any of you are willing to take action against the corruption.

I have already gone to the TBI and Knoxville FBI, but they have provided absolutely no response.  District Attorney General Steve Bebb’s office does not return calls.  I have also given the TBI credible information about the murder of Jim Miller in Madisonville on July 17, 2010, and no one has ever contacted the source or me about it and instead continue to prosecute someone who is likely innocent of the crime.  The corruption is so deep that I am convinced it will take a federal prosecutor who is unafraid of the criminals to bring those responsible to account.  I am determined to find that federal prosecutor if the Tennessee General Assembly does not act.

The hand-picking of grand juries and trial juries has resulted in scores, if not hundreds, of your citizens sitting in jails and state penitentiaries today who were denied their constitutional due process rights to a trial by an impartial jury.  Moreover, their charges arose from tainted grand juries and were therefore illegitimate on their face.  Their cases must all be retried.

I have reported the corruption to two local television stations which have done nothing.  I have also called the governor and attorney general on multiple occasions, but they do not even respond.  As public servants, they are failing the people miserably, in my opinion, and should be recalled for allowing these crimes to continue.

I have also called the Lt. Governor’s office who is supposedly looking into judicial corruption and received no response.  I have also left messages this morning with Rep. Jimmy Matlock and Sen. Randy McNally, who I am told is recovering from surgery.

The solution is not to alter the Tennessee Court of the Judiciary, but rather, to abolish it and instead empower grand juries to perform the independent investigative work to expose corruption among public officials granted to them by the Fifth Amendment to the Bill of Rights.  If the groups of citizens labeled “grand juries” are nothing but a government-run club which complies with the bidding of crooked clerks and judges to issue indictments against individuals regardless of the evidence, then all of their members have violated Tennessee state law and also need to be brought to account.  TCA 22-2-314 dictates that a juror cannot serve again within a two-year period, yet in Monroe and other counties, they do so repeatedly.  If jury selection is done by “totally automated means,” how could this be happening?

I have the documents in my hands which answer that question and am willing to testify by secure video hookup if necessary.  I have hundreds of pages of evidence, testimony, and affidavits, with more people coming forward every day about the corruption.

Your committee could easily call together a special grand jury to investigate the evidence which I and others have to reach its own conclusion.  Then those responsible for incarcerating innocent men and women, sometimes for life, would be brought to justice themselves.


Sharon Rondeau
The Post & Email

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  1. Now what will they do?

    Well, they will ask for a raise for doing such a fine job of enabling tyranny.

    Expect things to get much worse now that you have tested the allegiances of all law enforcement in a way they could not.

  2. Sharon, Thanks for all you do! MERRY CHRISTMAS. Great Letter. As before I have contacted many of the same people and have had zero results. Unfortunately, I believe that a revolution is now inevitable. We are now in a lawless society.

  3. Sharon, your perseverance looks like it is coming to fruition. I pray to God every day from the pebble to fall that creates the avalanche that brings all of those people to justice. The United States is in your debt. Not even Amnesty International would go look at what is going on in the Monroe County jail. I have never seen any evidence after I contacted them and if they had I’m sure you would know about it and have reported it. Sharon, it is people like you that make me feel hope that things will change for the better not only in Tennessee but the USA. I pray God provides you with his strength and many blessings as you continue to pursue this.

    Semper Fi

  4. Became interested in Tennessee when a single female from California relocated with her parents and siblings to 3 locations consecutively in TN, and while in 3rd locale adopted a 7 yr old boy from Russia through a Washington (State) agency that used a Kentucky organization to vet the single female “to be” parent. During the nationally and internationally publicized event of the adoptive mom airmailing the boy alone back to Russia with a note stating her problems with the child, the reporters covering the incident discovered a second boy close to same age, living in the household. The Russians had not been advised, and they require being told of all family members, extended family members, or others, in the household into which they would allow their orphan to be placed. Reporters could not find identity of the father of the boy or ascertain which female was his mother, if any of the clan. Everyone was waiting for the female to give an explanation to the local sheriff. She skipped out of town, got a lawyer, and the Sheriff said a Tennessee DA had taken over. There was no more news from the DA. There was a short notice in paper that there was a legal argument between the Washington adoption agency and the Kentucky vetting agency as to who was guilty of not showing the presence of the 2nd boy in the household. What happened after that is a mystery. However, the US State Dept Rep told a tv interviewer that he was headed to Russia to get them to thaw the freeze they put on Americans adopting their orphans, because they considered the female that returned the 7 yr old to be a child abuser after their examination of the child. The State Dept Rep said they had not talked to the female and did not intend to talk to the female, there was no reason for them to talk to the female. People were stunned. Something stunk. We wondered who was in control of this situation that blocked all information from the public after the event was revealed by the press. Those who talked with locals and school officials and ministers in the area where the female and clan lived with the unidentified boy and the Russian, were frightened and refused to freely talk. Several of the clan including the single female adoptive parent soon moved back to northern California. Yes there seems to be something seriously wrong in Tennessee. Apparently not just the judicial issue, but a much deeper and even more powerful network. Who are the power players that would have influence in Tennessee? Good Luck, Tennessee.

  5. Thank you, Mrs. Rondeau, for doing what every one of us would want to see done.

    You have spelled it out so plainly and succinctly that anyone in authority who attempts to ignore it will not be able to forget about it.

    Have you followed up your emails with hard copy letters AND faxes? Hard copy is much harder to ignore than emails.

  6. As a resident of the State of Tennessee I have contacted many public officials about this issue. Their cowardice toward this issue is reprehensible. In support of your letter I have sent the below to each representative you included in your excellent letter.

    I am writing in support of the latest article published in The Post & Email titled “Members of Tennessee Senate Judiciary Committee Have Been Informed of the Corruption”. Both my husband and I have contacted several public officials about the corruption and injustice that is taking place in Monroe County. The replies have always been the same “I can’t do anything”. Well, as a successful business person I found out that I was successful because I never said those words. The ones that say “I can’t do anything” actually mean “I won’t do anything”. If the building were burning and the only way out for the person would be to address the corruption on Monroe Country you can be sure the public official would address the corruption.

    The issue with the unconstitutional Grand Jury has been going on for two decades. It is ludicrous to think that turning a blind eye to convictions of innocent people will somehow be righted by itself. If the Senate Judiciary Committee does not address possible widespread corruption in Monroe County then there is no need for the committee to exist.

    I understand that because the corruption has been going on for so long that the problem of addressing all cases is a lot of work. But, is it not the job of public servants such as yourself to make sure Tennessee Citizens are treated fairly?

    While we are celebrating Hanukkah, Christmas and the coming of a New Year with friends and relatives many innocent people are sitting in jail in Monroe County. Anyone that has any kind of a conscience would not be able to celebrate these wonderful holidays in peace.

    I implore you to address this situation and make sure that any public official that has participated in the corruption in Monroe County be appropriately prosecuted.

  7. Sending Sharon a new set of Energizers for Christmas; the old must certainly be running down. Go Sharon!!

    “I wonder, where else do we see such indifference to our Constitution?”
    Here in Georgia, in the SOS office at the capital, in reference to the ballot challenge. Stone walling, omission, exclusion, collusion, etc. etc. and just plain unlawful activity, ignored.

  8. Sharon,
    At this point, since you have proof. It might be time to fight fire with their own fire. Maybe you should give notice to the ACLU & NAACP. I am real sure that some of the crimnals falsely imprisoned are probably Black and could benefit from such an investigation. With their interest and support this could go viral.

  9. Sharon,

    This is an absolutely outstanding letter – succinct, yet fully on point. Bravo!

    It remains to be seen if any of these politicians have even a shadow of integrity or fealty to the Constitution or their oaths of office, but if they do, your journalistic brush of shame has painted them into a very uncomfortable corner indeed. Not only has your letter provided all the pertinent facts in this case and thereby removed any pretense of plausible deniability from these “servants of the public”, but your personal letter is implicitly backed by the full weight of the increasingly substantial readership of The Post & Email.

    Perhaps you have brought these Tennessee humbugs the gift of conscience this Christmas. If so, their souls will rest easier for it (and their hearts may even eventually come to thank you).

    Merry Christmas to you and yours (and all your readers, too)!
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: Thank you, Thinkwell. This is good to know. We will continue to do our best.

  10. Thank you Sharon.

    The corruption in government is so deep no one is left uncorrupted to prosecute the corruption. Just like trying to get anyone to do anything about the criminal usurper in the White House.

    I appreciate your courage and the fact you will not give up.

  11. The scope of corruption in Tennessee is incomprehensible. That the very people sought out to intervene in this abuse and violation of the rights of the citizenry of a whole state are actually assisting in the corruption, as in the tragic case of Mr. Fitzpatrick, can only be seen as a demonstration of the true evil existing in our government. There can be no other explanation but the influence of satan himself.

    I wonder, where else do we see such indifference to our Constitution?

    1. Kevin, where else??? The United States Congress. They have all violated their oath and NONE recognize or understand Article 2, Section 1, Clause 5.

    2. Kevin wrote, “The scope of corruption in Tennessee is incomprehensible.”

      That pervasiveness and the cronyism appear to be factors in corruption becoming an institution in Tennessee. Those charged with judicial oversight may be throwing up their hands, saying, “Everybody’s doing it. Who could we get to replace the corrupt D.A.’s, judges, and LEOs? If we throw out those we have now, that would eliminate the only restraint, however flawed, on lawlessness and chaos in the 10th Judicial District of Bradley, McMinn, Monroe, and Polk Counties in SE Tennessee. Even if we install a completely new law enforcement and judicial system in the 10th Judicial District, we would then have to do the same for the other 29 districts. It’s neither feasible, practical, nor a politically viable option to remove and replace entire law enforcement and judicial systems. We don’t have the authority or the power to do it.”